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Chapter Two

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Being summoned to Hera's solarium is never a good thing. This time is no exception.

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Chapter 2

Sliding into Herry's pickup, I lean my head back on the seat. Why am I so tired all of a sudden? Maybe it was my quaint little jog down memory hell that has me all worn-out. Or maybe it was that weird smelling sandwich Herry gave to me this afternoon at lunch. Looking back on it now, I was just setting myself up for the fall! Note to self; do not trust Herry when he says something is 'good'; he would probably eat a brick if you said they were edible.

The ride to the school isn't too long, and we soon find ourselves in the school's student parking lot behind the building. Oh, and when I say we, I'm referring to Jay, Herry, Neil and myself. The girls probably have Theresa's car, which I don't see parked anywhere. All the better; I just know a lecture will be coming my way when the said ginger haired girl stops in.

Crossing the football field, we enter the school, soon coming across the 'mystic janitors closet of the God's', or so I've dubbed it. Every school should have one of these things! Not only is it a handy little storage room for the local custodians, but it'll transport you into a magical place full of god's, magic powers, and weapons! Everyone's happy!

As we all step inside, Jay takes the lead; pulling his gold pendant from beneath his shirt, he places the gold object into the niche on the back wall. In a misty transition, the wall becomes a glassy blue veil of...something. I dunno, but it's pretty cool. Walking through is even better. It's sort of like lying on the grass on a warm day; just refreshing. I know, that was a weird way to put it, but it was either that or 'like water', and we all know how I feel about that stuff! Just wouldn't have worked.

Upon entering the hidden portion of Olympia High, I always take a look around. The vast entrance hall is amazing. How they managed to hide all this from the contractors, I'll never figure out. Walking a bit further, me and the gang enter a large inner chamber. Taking yet another turn, we throw open a pair of doors and find ourselves in Hera's solarium. Everywhere you look there are tree's and plants, all covered with brightly colored birds. The singing of the tiny critters makes it feel like a rain forest. In the centre of the room are a pair of twin sofa's and a ornate little table. Further away from us is a large gazebo. On a raised platform, the entire room would be visible from it. Standing on the opposing side of the table from us is the queen of the Olympian God's herself with her prized peacock sitting next to her. Hera may look a bit frail, but believe me when I say you would be completely wrong! I have seen the Titan Wars first hand, and she knows how to kick some ass!

Standing next to her, looking just as big a pain in the ass as the day I first met him, is her son, Ares. And you thought I had problems? I've got nothing on the God of War. He takes his title a bit too seriously if you ask me. He's given me a new respect for the term hard-ass. It was just my luck that I got stuck with him as a mentor.

Wait a moment...what the hell is he doing here? Don't get me wrong; I mean, the guy does live here, but he's never been present during one of our meeting's with Hera. Come to think of it, he hasn't yelled at me yet. And to check another point on the weird chart, he isn't glaring at everything that moves! In fact...holy shit! He looks slightly upset! Now I am really starting to freak out!


Coming out of my reverie with a jump, I spin on my heels to see the girls standing behind me. Maybe spinning wasn't the smartest way to do it, because my heel just gave out on me. With a brief cry of surprise, the world around me starts to fly by as my balance goes down the tube. Falling backwards, all I can do is grit my teeth and close my eyes for impact...

I suddenly feel a pair of arms grab me and, with surprising strength, keep my back and the wall from becoming acquainted. Still gritting my teeth just in case they decide to drop me anyway, I open an eye, and find myself staring into the beautiful green hue that are Atlanta's eyes. Still in a bit of shock at the whole thing, all we do is stare for a good minute. Oh, merciful God in heaven, don't let me blink! I want to savor every second I can! Finally I guess she thinks this is a bit awkward, either that or she can no longer hold me up as I am parallel to the floor, she laughs and lets go. Still a good two feet off the floor, the bone jarring thud of me hitting rock bottom sounds a bit too loud for my ears.

Atlanta's laugh reaches my hearing, though it has to fight it's way through my pounding head. "Smooth move, dork."

Ouch. You just wait until I can breathe again! Then I'll really let you have it, missy!

I feel pathetic. I don't want to get up right now. This is the second time in a day that I've found myself eating carpet - in this case tile - by self inflicted stupidity. Can someone just put me out of my misery already? Watching as Atlanta, still smiling, walks out of my line of vision, I have the urge to go hide in a small, dark hole.

"Good job, Archie."

Can my day get any worse? Theresa, who obviously loved what just occurred, has taken Atlanta's place in my visual field. Her light ginger hair, being as long as it is, is swaying inches from my nose. I want to bat at it, but I can't feel my arms right now.

"Because you amuse me so much, I'll forgive you for hanging up on me."

I'm honored.

She then does something that surprises me a bit; extending her hand, she grabs my arm and helps me to my feet. Theresa really is an alright girl; she just pushes my buttons sometimes. "Yeah, about that." I reply. "Sorry. I may have over reacted a bit."

"A bit?" she raises an eyebrow.

"Okay, a lot. Again, though, sorry. And thanks." Taking a step forward, I almost find the tile again as a pain shoots up my heel. Damn, that smarts! I really did a number on it this time! I manage to regain my balance in time and begin my hobbled, embarrassed march over towards the couches. Theresa's staying next to me, probably to make sure I don't end up killing myself. The others are already seated and waiting for us by the time I manage to find my journey's end, seating myself between Jay and Atlanta. Theresa takes the seat on Jay's other side, and the others are seated across from us. Odie gives me an encouraging thumbs up, which I return. Herry, on the other hand, is smiling and shaking his head. Hey, you think this is funny? I literally get dumped by the girl I love, mess up my foot, and he's amused? It's better than Neil though; he's openly laughing.

"Oh, shut up, Neil!" I bark.

"Yeah, Neil. Give the guy a break." Jay warns. Holding his hands out defensively, Neil just shrugs before reaching into his back pocket and withdrawing his three paneled mirror. Shaking his head, Jay rolls his eyes, then turns to me. "How's the heel?"

"Messed up right now." I tell him, laying it on the table. Noticing the look on Hera's face, though, she's ready to speak. "I'll deal with it when we get back."

Nodding, our leader goes silent, and allows Hera the floor. The elderly God, smiles at us, but quickly grows serious. "Now that you are all here, I am afraid I have some disheartening news."

"I don't like the sounds of that." Theresa remarks, earning a saddened look from Hera. What is with the God's and depression today?

"Before I continue, though, there is someone I would like you all to meet. Hermes?"

Like a bullet from a gun, the skinny messenger God flies into the room, propelled by the tiny wings on his sandals and hat. Hovering next to her like a giant fly, he awaited her orders.

"Please bring in our guest."

"Righto, ma'am!" As fast as he came, he's gone again. I swear that guy has ADHD, or schizophrenia. Never sits still, anyway. I'll have to ask Odie.

A moment passed in utter silence. During the time, Ares moves away from the queen and comes to stand behind me, which is a bit annoying. Hovering over a person spells trouble where I come from. Maybe that's the reason he does it...I think I'm onto something.

With a small cough, our attention is diverted back to the entrance hall. Hermes has just returned with our 'guest', and I can feel my chest tighten as the heart attack takes it's tole. Hearing a clatter as Neil drops his mirror, I feel glad I'm not the only one going into shock. Standing next to the winged youth is the scariest person I have ever seen! I swear! Almost dilapidated skinny, the man is sporting a red jacket and greenish khakis, which practically match the color of his skin! Green glasses, a bit like Odie's, cover his eyes, and he's carrying himself in a hunched way. He has to be some sort of God, or else Hera would have never brought him here. But still, jeez! He looks like he should be buried six feet under on a remote alien planet! By the looks on the other's faces, I'd say they all came to the same conclusion.

"Children, I'd like you to meet Oracle." Hera waved him in. "He was the one who prophesized your destinies."

"He's also been helping the enemy as well!" Ares barks from behind me, arms crossed. Alright, good! He's still mad! Now everything seems a bit more normal.

"You've been helping Cronus?" Neil exclaims. "What is up with that?"

"Hey," Oracle barks back. "I serve anyone who wants me to." Walking over to the couches, he purposely takes a seat next to Neil. The model, being who he is, grimaces and shuffles away. Probably thinks his looks are contagious or something.

"Wait, don't you sell newspapers on the street?" Real smooth, Herry.

"Oracle," Odie pipes up, "why would you help Cronus? You of all people should know he's an evil God."

"He wanted to know the prophesy, so I told him. That is my job, you know."

About to ask about the morality of his job, I'm interrupted by a cough from Jay. Speaking of which, I find it weird he hasn't mentioned Oracles historical background yet. It'll probably come later, though.

"Now then," Hera states. We all give her our undivided attention. "I have gathered you together for a very important matter. It seems there have been a few new...developments that must be discussed to you immediately."

Now I'm really not enjoying the situation. Whenever we gather, it's usually important, but to have her state it openly means something really big. I still don't get why Ares is here though...

"I believe it is in everyone's best interests that we allow Oracle to tell you." With a wave of her hand, Hera has given Mr. Creepy the floor. Without a word, the God takes off his glasses, and all I can hear is Neil's shriek. I swallow hard at the sight. His eyes aren't eyes exactly, but two bright glowing green orbs. At least he has the satisfaction of knowing he will never have to buy a Halloween costume.

"By mortal hands come immortal dangers. The world will collapse in offset fashion while in a dark, unclear world, one shall fall."

Wow. At hearing the God's voice, a cold shiver runs down my back. Folding my arms tight to my chest, I try and ward off the chill in my body, but it isn't working. This guy really knows how to set the mood.

Suddenly Odie gasps. "That was a prophesy! The prophesy has changed, hasn't it?"

All eyes turn to Hera, who nods solemnly. Oh, man. I was expecting everything but this. Exchanging a troubled look with Atlanta, I can see she's as worried as the rest of us, but there's an odd light in her eyes. She always was one to take a challenge head on.

Herry scratches his head, looking confused. Nothing new. "But how can a prophesy just up and change? Isn't it supposed to be destiny?"

"The first prophesy is still true, Herry." Jay answers him, looking very worried. "We still have to defeat Cronus, but now the circumstances have changed."

"Oh, okay."

"But what do we do?" Teresa speaks up. "You said one of us is going to fall. Fall as in die? We can't defeat Cronus with only six of us!"

Oracle shrugs. He is taking this way too lightly, and it's starting to piss me off. "Half the stuff I spout I don't understand."

"Well, you're a real help, aren't you?" I say more to myself, but loud enough for him to hear. I remember well when Odie was killed. Even though it was an altered timeline, I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I didn't want to think about anything like that happening again. A hand clamps down on my shoulder, hard. Grimacing, I look up. Ares is shaking his head at me.

"Now, I wasn't done you know!" Oracle exclaims, taking us all off guard. "Have some patience, for the love of Zeus."

"So we're waiting already!" Atlanta pleads, wanting to hear more.

Shrugging, Oracles eyes begin to glow brighter. A moment passes before he actually starts to speak again. "The past can be a fickle thing, but for one the past is haunting. To avenge a broken heart, to rectify all that is past, present and future, the stars must shine alone."

And that means...what? I am so confused it isn't even funny. The others look just as mystified. Atlanta is glaring at him, probably for being so under the rug with his explanations. I feel like decking him, but I probably wouldn't be able to walk over there without some form of help. Odie, on the other hand, is looking thoughtful, while staring at his shoes.

"Oracle," the God looks over at the boy. "You mentioned mortal hands and immortal dangers. What could that be about? Cronus has thrown immortal creatures at us time after time, and we've managed to defeat them all. What danger could a mortal be?"

"Again, for the last time, I don't know. What I do know is what the mortal looks like, just like I knew all your faces when the time came."

"Perfect!" Herry stands up in excitement. What I like most about the guy is that he gets straight to the point. The problem is, he doesn't take the time to think things over. "All we have to do is get to the guy before Cronus can."

"I'm afraid that is impossible. Cronus reached him early this morning, so I've been told. You would not have been able to reach him anyway. The man had been incarcerated." Hera remarks. A collective groan comes from the group, including myself. This just sucks! Can we ever just get a break? Hold on. The dude was in prison? What's he going to do? Kill us all with a sharpened toothbrush?

"Then you know who he is?" Theresa asks her, and gets a nod in reply. Then she looks at me. If it's because I have my foot on your coffee table, I do have a liable excuse. Glancing at the others in turn, I guess it's just a habit of hers.

"So, what does he look like?" Jay asks, turning to Oracle. "We have to start watching out for him, and a picture would be helpful."

Oh, was that a bit of sarcasm in your voice Jay? I guess even he's getting tired of this weirdo. Looking at the God, we wait as much as our patience will allow. Slowly, he gets up and walks over to Hera. Placing a hand on her forehead, there's a flash of green light, then nothing.

"Well, I have thing's to do, items to sell." Adjusting the collar of his shirt, and without another word, he heads for the doors, disappearing around them and out of sight.

"Never the most talkative person." Hermes quips, watching him go. Wow, I almost forgot the little guy was still here! I really have to be more observant. Hold on...

"What about the description?" I protest, about to get up and follow the alien-like old man. Half way out of my seat, Ares grabs my shoulders again, pushing me back down.

"Patience, Archie." he yells. Why always so loud? Speak normally for once, man! "Hera has it covered."

"Oracle gave me the mans image before he left." the queen reassures me. Our eyes meet, but she quickly looks away. What is going on?

"This is the man who's after you." She speaks soft and low, eyes on the ground. Waving her hand in the air, a foggy image begins to form in mid air. As the picture grows more and more clear, I now know why she looked at me earlier. It's like a hand has come and punched me in the stomach as the picture finally clears. My heart feels like it's been ripped out and stomped on as my body starts to shake with rage and fear. That face I had been telling you about earlier? The one I could never get out of my head? It's now floating in front of my eyes, the smile taunting me.

"No," I whisper. Maybe talking will help me find my breath. "No fucking way!"

Atlanta and Jay must have felt me trembling, either that or my explicit whisper, because they're looking at me with concern. Neil, completely oblivious on the other side of the room is inspecting the mans image carefully.

"You know, Arch, he kind of looks like you." He comments.

I'm going to lose it! I give another loud swallow; it's all I can do to keep myself from throwing up.


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