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Chapter Three

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Oh, crap, the truth is, partially out! I hope this doesn't come back to haunt me!

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Sorry about the wait for this chapter. This week was midterm week. I had three midterms in two day!!! How utterly unfair is that? I shiver at the thought. Anyway, eleven reviews for two chapters? That's better than my first fiction! I love you guys, and thank you for all the nice words!!

Disclaimer: I do not own CoTT. By the way, Crossroads was awesome!!! Good job Brad!

Chapter 3:

Staring up at the figure, I note that his appearance has changed since I last saw him. Tall and muscular, he has short, dark purple hair and a moustache. Deep set green eyes glare down at us, and a smirk, almost like a grimace, is sketched across his face. Some would say he looks like some sort of Russian mobster, but he's nothing but a cheap, loathsome coward in my eyes.

Suddenly not wanting to sit anymore, I jump off the couch. I'm so mad I barely feel the stab of pain as my heel protests. I can't believe it! What the hell! Not really thinking about what I'm doing, I look up at the ceiling and flip off the powers that be. Not the best thing to do in a room full of God's, but who the hell cares!


Great move, Arch. Now everyone's looking at me, and everyone knows something's wrong.

Ares comes around the couch and grabs me by the shoulders. "Why don't you sit back down, son?"

Son? Son? I just laugh at the sheer irony. Shrugging off his hands, I glare at him. "I am not your son, and don't daretell me what to do right now!"

"Let him be, Ares." Hera's commanding voice interrupts. Ares looks towards his mother, then back at me with a look of indignation before doing as he's told.

Wait a second...that's why Ares is here. He's the only one, besides Hercules, that has the physical strength to hold me down. Which means...

"You!" I point an angry finger at the queen of the God's. "You knew about this! You knew who he was to me!" I turn my finger to the floating figure above. "So what? Did you not have the decency to tell me in private? You had to embarrass me like this in front of everyone?"

Jay, irritated that I just told off his mentor, stands and stalks forward, laying a hand on my shoulder. "Buddy, calm down!"

I slap his hand away before getting into his face. "Calm down? Do you have any idea of the hell that man has put me through? Of the pain he's caused me? He destroyed my entire life, so don't tell me to calm down." I whisper the last part as my emotions begin to get the better of me.

Jay takes a step back, looking shocked and slightly afraid. It may be because of the tears that are now running down my face, but I don't know. I'm not usually one to show my emotions out on my sleeve like this, but you'd cry too if your world had just come crashing down around you.

I don't know what's going on, but his features just changed, become sympathetic, which ticks me off a little. I don't need, nor want, anyone's sympathy.

"He's your father, isn't he?" We both look over to the couch. Theresa and the others are standing, waiting to do something. I just nod.
Funny it would take a psychic to break the truth to everyone.

Hera walks over to us, looking deeply concerned. Behind her walks her devoted peacock, following it's master. She sighs as she reaches us, then squares a look at me that makes my back stiffen. "You will have to tell the others eventually. This involves all of them now."

She knows. How? Well, Hera is a God. Even though she's right, I shake my head. Truth be told, I'm scared to death! Not just because of the figure in the air behind me, but what the others will think after I tell them. "No. This wasn't supposed to happen!" I yell. I suddenly find my world spinning again. "I put him in jail! He was supposed to stay there! He was supposed to rot in prison for what he did to me and my family! And now he's loose, and threatening my friends?" Turning to Jay, I manage to whisper, "None of you were even supposed to find out."

Without waiting for him to reply, I dash towards the twin doors, throwing them open. I'm gone in seconds, running by a surprised Aphrodite and towards the shimmering blue wall. I can hear the goddess complaining before I'm even through. "Uncouth deviant!"


Hands shoved deep into my pockets, I just stare at the ground as I walk. I have no real destination, but as long as I don't have to face my friends, I don't care. My heel is killing life just sucks right now. "Is there anything else that can go wrong today?"

A low rumble off in the distance catches my attention. Stopping, I look up and find out three things; one, I am in the park, which I don't find surprising, two, night is falling, and three, there are storm clouds gathering to the west. It looks like it's still over the ocean, but I won't count on it staying there too long. Those nine words I uttered are like a curse! They should come with a warning label or something.

A cold wind picks up off the water as the storm begins to near the shore, ruffling my hair. It feels a bit calming, and I can't help but close my eyes. I never knew how great mother nature is for relieving depression. That is until you get hit by lightning, a tornado tears up your house, or a hurricane floods your neighborhood. Great, now I'm depressed again.

Thinking of angry god's places a picture of Cronus in my head, and I growl. Stupid bastard and having to ruin my life. I just got the crappy end of the lineage stick. Then again, I would have never met my friends or the God's, and I certainly wouldn't have had such an exciting lifestyle if it weren't for the God of Time, so I can't blame everything on him alone.

Glancing back up at the sky, I notice the storm has traveled pretty close. Wouldn't it just suck big time if-


Aw, shit!

Like Cult sang it, here comes the rain! Though in this case, I don't love it. Pulling up my hood as the sky lets loose a torrential downpour, I dash under a nearby tree... What? I know they say this is dangerous in a lightning storm, but this is a rain storm...with lightning. Big difference.

Leaning against the tree's thick trunk, I slide to the ground. The grass here is still dry, thank the God's. Watching the water fall from the clouds, I can't help but think about the past's events. Man, I am pathetic! The world is out to get me, I swear. In all retrospect's, it is, too. I mean, I have ancient, satanic monsters, giants and an evil, hell-bent-on-ruling-the-world God out to get me and my friends. Fun times. I really don't want to spend my life miserable, but it seems someone up there just doesn't want me to be happy. They've even sent me water in a droplet form. How kind.

Thinking hard about my woes, I can just laugh. At the same time, I scare a mother and her son as they run to a nearby bus shelter for...well, shelter. Now that I'm laughing, it's all pretty funny when you think about it all. The God of Time, wielder of the mystic hourglass, and father to the king of the God's, can't beat a bunch of teenage kids armed with bolos and nunchuk's, so he has to call upon the help of a mortal - my father - who has to be the biggest idiot on this planet. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my life in a nutshell.

Since my thoughts took over, It's gotten pretty dark. The light's along the trail I'm next to flicker on as the night closes in, but I'm in no hurry to get up. Suddenly a light flashes from my pocket, and my PMR goes off. The next thing I hear is none other than Atlanta, her voice carrying out through the intercom.

"Hey, Archie, are you there?"

Who am I to keep a girl waiting? Grabbing the item from my pocket, I flip it open, if a bit hesitantly, and answer. "Yeah, I'm here."

"Arch, we're really worried about you! Where are you?"

Looking out at the water dripping off the tree's foliage, I sigh. "I'm in the park."

"Come back to the Brownstone before you get soaked. I know you can't get sick, but still."

Still what Atlanta? There's a psycho on the loose with a knife with my name on it? Why don't you just come out and say it? "Alright." Flipping the device closed, I stand, pulling my hood up to keep out some of the rain.

Stepping out into the dark night, I begin to jog back in the direction of the Brownstone. Why am I even going back? I'm probably a major threat to them all. I know he'll want to come after me first. But then again, running from my problems is the lazy man's way out. My mother always said to face whatever challenges I may have without fear. Too bad that didn't work out so well for you, huh mom?

And what should I be afraid of? I know what's coming. I know how to prepare for it. Hell, I know the guy inside and out, and to leave my friends is something he would do. I will never be like him. Ever.

The jog isn't too long, as I have no one else on the trail to compete with. Everyone has gone home long ago. Me, being stupid, decided to wait it out. Come on Arch. Where's the brains today? Another loud clap of thunder makes me jump a bit, but it's all good. I can see the dorms from where I am at the moment, and soon I can get out of these wet clothes and take a shower.

Slowing into a fast pace, I reach the steps of the dormitory. Before I reach to grab the handle, though, I suddenly feel a pair of eyes on me. Looking over my shoulder, I can't see anyone, or anything for that matter, out of the ordinary along the dark wet road. Another gust grabs my hood and pulls it off my head, soaking my hair, and blurring my vision with rain water. Even then, I still don't see any trouble. I think I'm just letting the day's events play with my head. Taking another look around just to be sure, I shrug and head inside.

Oh, sweet desirable warmth! How I've missed thee! I now realize just how cold it is outside, and I shiver, causing goose bumps to raise. Slipping off my sandals, I walk into the foyer, and I'm forced to stop abruptly. The reason I can't go any further is due to the fact that all my friends are standing in the hallway. Waiting up for me?

"Arch!" I can't distinguish one voice from another, as they all say it in unison. That's a bit creepy. I wonder if they were practicing that before I got here...Before I can say anything, I'm getting smiles and back pats from everyone. A blur of red suddenly enters my vision, and I can guess what's coming.

"You really don't want to-" Do that. Too late. Atlanta's grabbed me around the waist, my wet clothes making a weird squelching sound as the water is practically wrung out. Wait, Atlanta? I though Theresa was going to give ma a lecture or something! Atlanta's hugging me! Notch one up for the A man! If you could see my inner self now!

Being unable to help it, a deep blush flares across my nose as I return the favor. Oh, man, her hair smells amazing! Smells almost like...strawberries! Interesting it should be the same color as her hair...and her brilliant green eyes are like the stem, and...oh, good Lord, I'm referencing her to a fruit! Zeus help me!

She pulls away, taking the exotic scent away from my senses, much to my utter dismay. I try not to let it show, of course. I don't want to wreck things between us with something so dumb and trivial as her shampoo brand. Smiling up at me, she sighs. "We were worried! You shouldn't just run off like that! What if Cronus had found you out alone?"

"She's right." Jay agrees. Thanks buddy, but if you haven't noticed, Cronus is ranking a bit lower on my issues list at the moment. I have to admit, though, they do have a point.

"You okay, Archie?" Odie piped up from my left. "I've never seen you rattled like that before."

"Yeah. It was pretty freaky." Herry adds, a hand on my right shoulder.

"I'm fine." I assure them. "I just needed some space to think. Think things through, you know?"

A few of them seem to buy what I've told them, namely Herry and Neil. The other's though, who enjoy pondering things over, still seem a bit unsure. Jay especially, who had a front row seat to my blowup back at the school. Alright, let's go to plan B.

"Let's just say me and my dad don't have a great history, and it's something that's pretty hard to talk about. To have all that come back so suddenly was a bit hard to take at first."

"Well, duh. We noticed that much, Arch." Neil comments, checking his feature in his three sided gold mirror. I shoot him a glare, which he doesn't even notice. Big surprise there.

"You should take it easy for a while then, pal." Odie says. "A big shock like that one can really put a strain on your mental, and even your physical, health."

"Thanks Odie. I'll keep that in mind." As if on cue, I try, but fail to hold back a yawn. Being contagious and all, the others start to do so as well.

"Well, now that Archie's had his homecoming, can we please go to bed?" Neil complains loudly, still doing a physical inspection of himself. "I have a rigorous sleeping schedule to keep you know."

This gains a laugh from everyone, even me. Jay just gives a nod of approval, and the gang start heading in numerous directions. Before leaving Atlanta flashes me a thumbs up, but stops with an odd expression on her face. What? Do I have a zit or something?

"Archie, are you feeling okay? Your face is a bit red."

Damn blushes. Jay gives a snicker as I try to hide the truth. "No! No, I'm good. I can't get sick, remember? It's just really cold outside."

"Alright, then. Goodnight." With a wave, she's gone. I can almost feel a part of me leave along with her as her red hair disappears around the corner. I'm barely able to register Theresa's goodnight as I'm so out of it right now. When did love become so complicated?

Now it's just me and Jay, who's still smiling like a lunatic. Getting sick of the looks, I turn to him. "What is it?"

"Nice save, buddy."

"Thanks for your confidence in me. It's really reassuring."

He gives a friendly laugh. "No, I'm serious. A few months ago, you'd be tripping over your tongue. But seriously, are you alright?"

"Yeah." There's not much more to say to a guy who knows you're lying through your teeth. I'm getting a bit uncomfortable with all the questions. I just want a shower and some sleep.

Going to leave, he grabs me by my sleeve. "Look," he says. "This guy must have done something horrible to make you react the way you did. I'm not going to push the subject on you any further. Please just tell us when your ready."

Ah, Jay's a great guy. Level headed, smart; he should run for office! He could do great things with this country. But seriously, I'm glad to have made a friend like him. "Thanks a lot, Jay. It means a lot."

"Don't sweat it. What I do recommend you do is take a shower, before laying down." He gives me a pat on the back before beginning towards his dorm room.

My thoughts exactly. They say great minds think alike. Oh, wait. I almost forgot. "Jay."

"Hmm?" He turns to face me.

"Outside the dorms, I felt a pair of eyes watching me. I don't know if it's just nerves, or what, but I thought you ought to know."

His features turn suspicious as he listens to me. "Thanks for telling me. I'll let Athena know. The others can find out in the morning. No point in bothering them now."

I nod and he leaves for his room. Quickly finding my feet again, I walk to my room. Softly closing the door once I'm in, I begin to change out of my wet clothes. As I'm doing so, I just can't get my mind off those eyes. They had to be real; I could practically feel the daggers they were shooting at my back. Having picked up a few tracking tips from Atlanta, I'm sure I would have been able to spot them if anyone had been there...not saying that they weren't, but I didn't see anyone around...Now I'm just confusing myself. Pulling my white t-shirt over my head, I walk over to my laundry hamper and toss it in.

Suddenly a shadow flies by my window, causing a ripple in the light from the street lamps outside. Walking over, I take a long, hard look through the glass pane. The water streaming down the windowpane makes seeing much of anything difficult, much less allowing any eyes to see in. A little disturbed by my thoughts, I throw my curtains closed, just in case.



The extremely irritating sound is abruptly halted as I slam my fist down on the little black box. God damn alarm clocks. Who the hell in their right mind would ever want to wake up to that? If I ever find the creator of said box, and every one like it, I think I may just have to kill him, or her, but not before an enormously long lecture about 'what the hell were you thinking?'.

Glancing at the cause of my ringing ears, the red numbers are flashing a bright 6:15 AM. Ugh. Excuse me for a minute, folks, as I try to catch my brain up with reality. I can't recall much after my hot shower. It was something like 'oh-look-there's-the-bed-', then nothing. I'm amazed I made it to my bed! Wow, I am good.

Crawling out of the warmth that is my covers, I locate my dresser. It never moves, but I always find it hard to spot it in the mañana. Grabbing a clean white shirt and my fave pair of shorts, I grab my jacket off the peg near my door as I leave. Walking down the hall, the delicious smell of pancakes reaches my nose, and I am forced to follow.

Letting my nose make my decisions for me has always proved to be the best route, as I soon find myself in the kitchen. Well, who the hell would have guessed that? Food? Good smells? It had kitchen written all over it. Athena's busy working over the stove, making homemade pancakes in a frying pan. Cutting a huge slab of butter with her xiaphos, he places it on a plate, and sets it on the table. Sitting at said table is the rest of the gang, already up. What, did I oversleep or something? I'm usually up before anyone, usually having to go to school early to get in some training with Ares. Looking at the clock, it still isn't six thirty yet. Okay...

"Why is everyone up so early? Classes doesn't start until nine." I remind them. As if they need reminding about their lives, but hey, I'm confused here!

Neil shot a glare over towards Jay, who took a sip of his coffee nonchalantly. "Mr. I-have-to-make-everyone's-lives-suck over there dragged us all out of bed so we could check the perimeter of the place." Turning to Jay, he wails, "You know if I don't get my eight hours, I'll get bags under my eyes! Hideous dark bags!"

I nearly burst out laughing as the model pulls out his mirror, carefully inspecting his face. Theresa rolls her eyes and gives me a groggy "Good morning."

I return the greeting, as well as the others that follow. Sitting down at the empty place between Theresa and Herry, I gratefully accept a heaping plate of pancakes from Athena.

"I hear you had a rough night last night." She informs me, looking as motherly as ever. It's a bit hard to take the Goddess of War seriously sometimes when she wears that apron. "You alright, kid?"

I just give her a nod, a tad mad that she had to bring up the subject. Fortunately for her, that hint of anger disappears as I take a bite of my breakfast. Holy sweet mother of Hera, these are amazing! My face stuffed full, I just flash her a thumbs up. She returns the smile, then goes back to the stove.

Swallowing my bite, I turn to Jay. "So, any weird killers out at six in the morning?"

Atlanta, Theresa and Herry start to snicker. Jay, a bit offended by my sarcasm, just gives me one of his 'I-know-you're-being-smart-but-I'll-ignore-it' looks. "After what you told me last night. I though it would be the best plan of action."

Turning back to his coffee, he leaves me to fend off the five glares I'm receiving from the others.

"How did I know you had something to do with this?" Atlanta growls through a yawn. "And why didn't you wake him up?" she asks Jay. Thanks Atlanta. Now all the glares are back to where they should be. I still want to hide under the table, though.

"With his dad out on the loose, I didn't want them running into each other at this hour. Arch can barely lift a fork, let alone use a whip."

Fork halfway to my mouth, full of fluffy goodness, I glare at him. "I can use a fork just fine, thanks. And what? Don't you think I can take care of myself?"

"That's not what I meant."

"No fighting at the table!" Athena calls over her shoulder. I give him a glare, which he takes in stride. Cool as a cucumber, huh Jay? Well, guess what? I'm not a big fan of cucumbers.

The sudden chiming of the door bell interrupts our little spat, which I am a bit grateful for. That guy could reprimand me to Ares, who can take me down without even touching me. Have you ever been reprimanded before? Well, working with the God of War as your boss, you wouldn't want to be either.

"I'll get it." I finally say, rising from the table since no one has moved. I think they're too tired to move. Everyone but Herry, whose shoveling down his food faster than Atlanta can run. He's also eyeing my plate now, too. Down boy! Crap, I had better make this fast. I'm enjoying those pancakes too much to have Hercules' descendant eat them on me.

Walking towards the front door, the bell goes off again. Jeez, buddy, calm down. You're going to wake up the entire building! And who the hell would be coming to a dorm at six thirty in the morning? Looking through the peep hole, I get my answer. Deep set eyes, moustache, dark purple hair...



Hehehehe. Cliffy! I love suspense, always have. I thought you might too. Or is that a bit much? Sorry, but you'll have to wait. I hope to have the next chapter up fairly soon, but I still have more tests coming up. I only have two more, so it should go by fast. Reviews are always welcome! Until next time.

- Clandestine Fire
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