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Chapter 4

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"So do you all get along? It's gotta be hard to live with your siblings then host a show with them," I asked.

"Yes, we all do get along fairly well, we've grown out of that jr. high stage of ignoring who's bothering us and talking about our feelings. Seriously, if someone pisses the other off, then they're gonna hear it," Fox explained to me. I looked over at Patrick, and he was just staring at her, her guitar still in his lap because he was signing it, red on the pristine glassy white surface. Likewise, she was handling his with great care, trying to find a spot to sign.

"Oh, wait!" Patrick exclaimed. He gently took the guitar from her and pulled his trucker's hat off and handed that to her instead. "Sign this." He grinned widely, showing off an amazing collection of white teeth. I felt my eyebrows pull my eyes open wide.

"Wow, now that's a compliment. Patrick hates anyone touching his hats. Very protective," I informed her. Fox looked absolutely gleeful.

"Really? That's so cool! I feel so special!" she signed it just left of the I ♥ Bingo logo. I know the look that Pat's giving her. He's fallen head over heels for this girl, but doesn't know the first thing about her. If I were to quiz him, right now, and ask what's her favorite color, food, music; he couldn't answer. I'm thinking that it's purely lust at first sight, but you can never tell with him. He must really see something special in that girl, that spark. I've only seen that look in his face once before, and that was with his former fiancé Sarah.


This girl, she's amazing. I want to know more about her, about who she is. I want to know how she reacts to certain situations, what kinds of things irk her, and get under her skin. What goes on in that pretty head of hers? Why is she so happy, but worry and sadness flit across her face?

Then again, why do I care so much? Her music and way move me, that I know, but right now I'd give anything to protect her from the sadness that coats her eyes. I must have been staring, because she asked me what was wrong, and I was caught off guard.

"Oh, no-nothing," I stammered. Smooth. "I was just wondering, um, w-where are you from? It sounds like Chicago is far from your farm." Oh shit, why did I have to belittle her and make it seem like I got the impression that she's a small-town hick? She smiled understandingly and told me Forest, Virginia. "But I've always wanted to live on the water." A flash of several small children on the beach, overlooked by her and I over took my mind for several seconds. I fought the image back, and forced a grin to cover that any such thought had entered my head.

"Hey, it's getting late and we should be back at the motel to rest up for getting back home tomorrow," Blood said, plunking her empty mug down on the table. Fox's face shot back to me and her eyes met mine, I didn't want to see her go, and it looked like she didn't want to leave me either, or was I just letting my ego get to me?

"Could we stay a bit later? Please?" Fox pleaded with her sister. Blood shook her head.

"Absolutely not, Fox. We need to get back home to help Momma tomorrow, or did you forget our promise?" Fox hung her head and muttered a no.

"Well, maybe we could escort you to your hotel. Or do you guys want to go out with a bang and stay at my house?" Pete offered. I almost kissed him. He wanted me to get together with Fox. He was egging me on!

"Yeah guys, how about it?" I asked eagerly. Blood glared at me.

"No, thank you but we seriously need to rest." No one else seemed to agree with this, especially with the faces that Honey and Teak were making, acting like six year olds.

"FAMILY VOTE!" Fox jumped up. "Who wants to go to a smelly motel?" No one moved. "Now who wants to spend the night with THE Fall Out Boys?"

"HELL YEAH!" Joe immitated Fox, leaping up and wrapping Blood in a hug that she didn't refuse.
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