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Chapter 5

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Sorry for not updating too often, my loyal readers ^-^, but yeah i do have a lot of committments (though still no boy friend, lol) and a lot of stories going (if you haven't noticed, lol), but i'll...

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(NOTE: ok, 10 hours from Chicago to Forest is a rough estimate, I know very little about US Geography, gomen -.-)

"But, we really can't keep you from your next performance. Think of the disappointed kids," Honey said, her voice echoing her name. This statement was prompted from Blood's concrete glare.

"That's a good point, Honey," Blood said from Joe's Death Grip, glad that someone else was thinking with her head, not her emotions. Fox's face dropped, but she quickly disguised the disappointment.

"Well...what if you guys just swing by our place when you head through Virginia next?" she offered quietly, as though afraid of suggesting something so absurd. She was eyeing Blood warily, completely mindful that she was possibly setting herself up to be the next moving target for criticism. Blood stared and tugged on a chunk of her red locks, and Linden cocked his head.

"Well...if you could manage it and there wouldn't be a scheduling conflict..." she was caving. I could see Pete's invisible cat ears perk up.

"Really?" He shot a look at me and winked once he got my attention. I went from wanting to kiss him to wanting to sock him. "What do you think, Patrick?"

"I that," I stammered, catching Fox's eyes. "A lot." She smiled.

"So, it's settled? We're going to stay in a hotel tonight, and you guys are going to make a detour next time you're around Forest?"

"Yes, yes. Okay, here's my email, and here's my cell number..." Pete grabbed his autograph pen out of his pocket and scribbled the information on a napkin, and tucked it into Fox's guitar case. Fox and Blood traded their info with me and Pete, and on our way out, Pete chucked his empty Styrofoam at the worker, she had fallen asleep.

"Wha-what?! Oh, hey thanks. You just saved my ass, woulda been fired if boss had found out..." the girl mumbled.

"NO PROBLEM!" Pete cheered. He was so happy, he skipped to the curb and sang the entire taxi ride back to the bus.

Fox's POV

I can't wait! In only about 10 hours we'll be home! And maybe in a few days I'll see Patrick again! It tuns out, I wouldn't even need to wait that long.

We pulled up to the old farmhouse and I could see Cedar under a tree holding a sleeping Deodar. Ice and Indigo were halfway up the same tree, and Baby Doll was yelling at them to get down and play with her. Ah, the family's back together again.

I got out of the Clandestine Suburban and stretched, then went to the back to fetch my suitcase and guitars.

"FOXGLOVE!" Baby Doll charged at me, her arms open wide for a hug. "ICE AND INDIGO WON'T PLAY WITH ME!" she wailed as I set down my stuff and scooped her up. I shifted her onto my back and picked up my cases again and headed inside.

First thing I saw when I first walked in was Amaryllis trying to keep Miracle and Flair from killing each other. Flair was on the ground laying on her stomach, and Miracle was on her back, yanking Flair's head up by her blonde pigtails like the reins on a horse. Baby Doll slid off of my back and ran over to Miracle and pushed her over, giving Flair a means of escape, which she took gratefully and hid behind my legs. The three girls are identical, I suppose thanks to being triplets, but only our family members can tell them apart. Miracle was the bossy one, especially for a five year old, and if things didn't go her way you're bound to hear about it. Flair was really shy, probably due to Miracle's consistent bullying, and Baby was the supporter of the underdog, the little crime fighter who stood up for the little people, the happy medium. She was the most Libra of the three, I guess. Mom came into the living room.

"Hello, Foxglove. Where are your brothers and sisters? How was Linden, did he make any advances?" She was kind of worried about Lin, he was much too introverted according to her. I frowned. There was nothing wrong with him, just because he wasn't like me that makes him weird? Hell, I'm weird by most people's standards.

"No, Momma, he's fine. We met Fall Out Boy." Her eyebrows rose.

"Really, now. That's quite something. How was it?"

"They're all really cool. Patrick and Pete said that they were impressed with my guitar playing." I could barely contain my glee. Momma smiled.

"That's wonderful. Go put your stuff away and we can all sit down and eat lunch together." I picked my suitcase and guitar in one hand, and with the other lifted Flair up and under my arm. She giggled and started protesting, but I just shifted her onto my hip and climbed up three flights of stairs to my room on the fourth floor. I kicked the door open and dropped Flair onto my futon, and took my guitar into the rec. room next to the bedroom Honey and I shared.

The rec. room was Flowers In the Attic's practice room. And my outlet. My music was in there, our various instruments and art mediums were organized into sections. Honey's second-hand drum set sat in the corner on a small platform that Cedar and I made out of scrap wood out by the barn. An old beat-up amp and a few dented mics were scattered around the platform, and on the other side were a couple of easels, a potter's wheel, and a large cabinet holding paint, clay, glaze, blank sheet music, pencils, and other random items that we've collected over several years. I wonder what Patrick's doing right now...
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