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Chapter 6

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Regular POV

"Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we-"

"Patrick, shut up, dude! Someone needs to call her, and we aren't even to Otterville Road yet!" Pete turned from the road to the middle seat of their van, slowly coasting into the lane next to them. The guy he nearly hit pulling that maneuver blew his horn and Pete jerked back into their lane. Patrick stared at him. Pete glared back in the rearview mirror.

"I'm hungry," Joe commented from the last seat. Pete sighed.

"We'll eat after we get to her house, okay?" he was sick of arguing, he just wanted to get there, see Fox and her siblings, and get back to their bus. Hmmm, Fox. She was definitely worth going about a thousand miles out of their way and back. Her and Patrick really hit it off, though, and he didn't want to, like, steal her away from him or anything. So he was going to have to act cool.

Andy was sitting in the driver's seat with the map, and told Pete to take the next exit. He did, and Andy said that we should be about half an hour from Forest, and took the Nokia from the ashtray, where they kept it, because none of them smoked anyway. He flipped through the addresses, and found Fox's cell number. After a while, he said, "Hey, Fox. This is Andy, you know, from Fall Out Boy? Just wanted you to know that we're about thirty minutes from your house, so, uh, call me back when you get this, okay? Bye." He hung up, and looked at Pete.

"Didn't answer, huh?" Pete said. Andy shook his head. "Oh well, she'll call back," he said confidently.

"I wonder what she's doing..." Patrick muttered from the backseat. He took off his seatbelt, completely aware that with Pete's driving that that isn't the smartest move, and slung his legs onto the rest of the seat, pulled his hat over his eyes, and caught a quick nap.

Fox's POV

"How is he?" Honey called out to me from her place on the white fence. I turned Onyx for the next jump, and he took it with perfect form, landing softly for his size, and taking off for the next one. Instead I gently leaned back to slow him down and walked him to the fence.

"How did he look?" I asked, grinning so wide it hurt. Onyx was coming along nicely, and hopefully I could enter him in a Jumping course at the next county show.

"Hey, for a Percheron he's absolutely perfect. Honestly, I have never seen someone try to enter a draft horse in a Jumping event. They're all too scared that they're too heavy and can't heave themselves over it," she said.

"But that's exactly why they're perfect," we said in unison. We often thought along the same lines when it came to horses. I pulled away from her and trotted up to the start of the course that everyone helped make. Several of my siblings and I took woodshop and we decided to make our own jumps. Some were made of large, plastic barrels with a wooden bar above them, some had hedges, and others were just poles that fell when they were clipped. We painted them with red, green, or blue and white stripes, and kept the field trim. It looked like a professional course.

I clicked my tongue and got him going at a canter, and took the course, jump after jump. I heard a car pull up, but was too focused on the next obstacle to look. When I finished, Onyx flicked his tail, as though he knew that he was better than most show horses.

"Oh, look. Onyx's head is getting too big for his body," I remarked to Honey without looking at her. Instead I stroked his forelock.

"That must be quite a feat for him. He's huge!" That wasn't Honey, that was Patrick's voice. I turned my head so abruptly I got a quick case of whiplash. I slapped my neck with my hand and hissed in pain.

"Oh my God! It's nice to see you guys!" Pete was just staring at Onyx.

"Wow, he's really big," he commented.

"Yeah, he's a Percheron. Gorgeous, isn't he? This is Onyx." Again, I kept my cool and tried not to jump off of him and onto Patrick. Joe and Andy were with Honey over by the paddock with our other horses Azrael, Tassel, and Cincinnati, as Honey introduced them.

"Well, those are just their barn names. Their show names are Azrael, Gatekeeper of Hell; Tassel's Sweet Strawberry; and Cincinnati For The Win" she said.

"Tassel is pretty," Joe commented. Tassel was a strawberry roan. Maybe that's why. Cincinnati was a chestnut Morgan, and Azrael a startlingly beautiful black Arabian. She was named 'Azrael' a synonym for death, for her birthmark in the shape of the sign for Pluto, the planet of death, in white on her chest.

"Do you guys want to go inside and meet the rest of the family?" Honey asked. "Our brother Cedar and Amaryllis, our sister, are up and they brought their spouses and children. It's a full house! RACE YOU!" and with that she took off, with Pete, Joe, and Andy tearing after her. Patrick hung back, and looked at me and Onyx a little sadly.

"Hey, do you want me to give you a riding lesson?" I offered shyly.
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