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The Evil One

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theresa's evil twin wow who new she had one

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ok this may so stink ok so dont hate me
Theresa wakes up early in the morning. Think about what happened before all of this, also thinking if she will survive this horror or not. She thinks no one will come busting in on her after all it is only 3 a.m.she was wrong.

"Theresa Hera wants to talk to you now, oh I didn't know you where awake" Athena said

"what for" I ask

"I don't know" she replies

I get up and follow her to the school to find out what Hera wants. In the school I see someone who looks exactly like me but she's wearing black pants, a red top and red and black boots. I think oh god what is she doing here.

"Theresa as you know your twin Tara" Hera said to me

I see Athena's jaw drop. I am so dead not her she is so evil. Hey wait she streaked her hair black, god has she sure changed.

"This is what you have been doing this entire time god you really think you're so special don't you" Tara said to me grinning an evil grin.

"Uh.....what do you mean I think I'm so special I didn't choose this"

"well Athena go wake the rest of the team. It sure looks like you 2 don't get along very good" Hera said with that calm voice of hers.

Athena comes back with the team.

"is it just me or am I see double" Jay said

the rest of the team say in harmony" We see it too"

"wow he's cute" Tara replies looking at jay.

I guess I must of looked mad or something cause' Tara said back

"let me guess he's all yours like everything else, right"

" he's not mine he's single" oh stupid me I had to say that

"anyways, Tara here has the ability to become the fighter of the team and thesus's descendent good luck you are going to be competing against each other after a week of classes with Ares. Theresa will you explain and show Tara around" Hera said


Tara just roles her eyes at me. I think great just great she is so going to win jay cause' she always does win the cute ones. I show her around of course I have you share my room with her great. Still I'm thinking what to do with a total evil twin that knows more then me I will so get pushed away from the team I know it. But still I have a certain magic that she doesn't and its not my sixth sense that's nothing compared to this.

/ok realy weird i know but there will be more of course i cant leave you hanging there its just i kinda got writers block at the ending how you liked it need ideas plz review and go easy on me this is my first on/
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