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The good one

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who knew jay had a twin i sure didnt know(i suck)

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ok secound chappie yeahhhhhhhh hoooooooooo in only my first story(why does a fruit fly keep flying over my screen)
Jay gets his surprise when Hera calls him and the team down around noon (including Tara).

"everyone meet Jake jays twin" Hera said

wow the only difference was that he was wearing blue and had short curly hair other then that he looked exactly like me.

"I didn't even know I had a twin" I said in a hushed tone but unfourtunaly they heard me.

"you mean you didn't know about him wow what a surprise" Tara and Theresa say at the same time.

"Freaky twin speak" Herry says sarcastically.

"ok same as with Theresa there will be a week of training and then a week of competing do I make myself clear" Hera says in that calm, sweet voice.

"God will you ever talk a bit meaner" Tara says rather loudly.

"shut up" Theresa says for first time with the team.

"Um..............I don't think I belong here" Jake says out of nowhere.

"It's ok Jake those too just don't know how to stop fighting. That's the only problem with those two maybe more with the team who knows" Hera says sweetly.

"there she goes again being all sweet to everyone she meets" Tara says rather mean.

"Can you just shut up for once" Theresa says angrily.

"How did you two ever live together" Atlanta says sharply.

"We just always fought dad never really noticed by the time we where 14 we just gave up on each other and she moved out to live with mom" Theresa says rather sweetly like Hera just to bug Tara.

"There she goes too" Tara said.

"should really leave I really don't think I belong here" Jake said.

"Jay will you show Jake around and tell me a little bit about this place" Hera said as if she didn't hear Jake.

"Um...................sure" I said rather weirdly.

ok how is he supposed to fit in I have a differnt type of magic that only certain people have how could he have been chosen he looks and acts like total goody good.

ok kinda of dumb but im only introducing them plz reveiw i need i deas(that darn bug keeps flying over my screen)
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