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Day One Of Tara's Training

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yes its taras turn anf this time its jay telling the story or theresa its tara what in the wotld does her mind think of these days

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ok here i go i realy like this i could probaly write a ton to this story so keep checking back
i wake up that moring and look across the room at my stupid twin sister.i look at the clock its 7 a.m hera told me to meet some persoponie girl at that time,why so early i get up to find me black pants my red top and my rockin' cool see the difference between me and theresa is this her shirt is an red orangy color,her pants are some bluey color and arent full length,and her shoes are white flats.oh and i streaked my hair our eyes and faces are the same our hair is even in the same shape and i just get up and get dressed and quitly slip out of the room.i run in the kicthen sneak past athena and grabs an apple and again sneaks past the time i get to the school hera was actullay waiting for me.oh thats just great really first she wants up really eary in the morning and now she cant even trust me well thats nice.

"there you are i was begging to think you wouldnt show"hera said realy sweetly.

"stop being all sweet and next ill get her on time"i groal out at her.

"really you still havent relized that im not going to give the sweetnis for long time,you will never get me talk or be mean in anyway tara,oh hi freeonna nice to see you again i see your armor is still screwed because of chornus"hera said to sweetly this time.

ok who in the world is freeonna,oh my god her hair its blazing red she has the face of a young girl and that must be where armore goes on her right cause' it looks so fragile.

"um........what happend to your arm and how old are you"i ask rather shyly.

"well my arm has been like that since i was born but if i tell you anything about this your gonna have to promise not to tell anyone"the girl answerd.

i nood my head in aggreement.

"my age..........(sorry guys but i have to put this down because i dont know the number exactly)well i was born in the sky on somewhere i just came from i am an immotal ancient and as for my age i was 10 when they put me on earth with iris and some of my brothers and sisters and some of iris and some random people"freeonnna said calmly.

"dont talk so nicely with.but why do you look so youg for being so old"i said a little bit surprised.

"well i have my magic for that one with out it here i would somewhat look like hera....."

"yeah yeah blab your mouth all day you have to meet theresa up at the dorm remember"a voice came out of the braclet on her upper arm.

ok this is what the braclet looked like it had one red but then again it was a dragon with its head turned and its tall wrapped itself right around her arm and then it stops around her middle finger.heras laughing.

"sorry bout' that just my dragon here has a thing for hold ups.well cya"freeonna said and then left the inormal part of the school.

"sorry that i was laughing so hard its just that it usally never talks,well theres persponies room off you go"hera said sweetly.

"again with the sweetness"i said rudely.

"hello"i say entering persopnies room

"oh hello im only going to see if you have the sixth sence or not ok"persponie said

"uh.........ok"i say weirdly

it turns out i in this lesson basicaly all that happens is this.she teaches me about the magic and how to cotrol stubid dumb things really its kinda freaky i sent this little guy flying into the wall.i felt like bashing him around more but i didnt.
ok how was it did i do good hurry and review oh and i still need so more ideas
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