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Alittle surprise

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now its in jakes eyes but he doesnt even get to training when something weird happens,he should of listend to hera

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ok i finnaly got to updating sorry i couldnt update earlier i have a slight writers block right now but that doesnt matter and still my spelling is messed.the reason i couldnt update was the fact that i went to a friends house sorry
i wook up around 8 a.m oh no this isnt good im an hour late i better hurry up. i still couldnt believe i had a twin brother i glance across the room,where is he?i quikly jump out of bed i think i was to see ares today,yeah that was it.i quikly get dressed and go into the kitchen.that girl is talking to jay everyone else is there 2 i still dont know anyone but tara and jay.

".....and she was gone i guess she might of got up earlier then me to head done to the school"the young redy orange haired girl said to everyone else minus tara.

"weird i think jake was supposed to be at the school at the same time but he didnt get up,thats not a big surprise"my twin jay said.

"um..........i am right here jay"i said sweetly.

that redy orangey haired girl started to laugh.

"um..jake why dont you head down to the school im sure hera and arse are looking for you'the red haired girl said to me.

"uh yeah i guess ill head down there now"i said.i guess i turned a little red when i was looking at the redy orangey haired girl.

"um you should take a peice of toast with you first and ill come with you i need to talk to tara anyways"the girl said to me looking embrassed.

jay didnt look to good,i didnt want to be rude so i was in the kind of moment when your asking yourself ask her her name or dont ask her her name finally i decided ask her her name.

"um...excuse me"i said as we were walking towards the school.

"yes"the young girl said back.

"i never got your name"i said kind of shyly.

"oh its theresa"theresa said to me.

we reached the school as soon as we stepped foot inside hera told me to go to ares but for some reason i thought something was wrong so i pretended to leave.

"theresa is tara at the dorm because she forgot to go to ares"hera said to theresa.

"no i was asleep when she left,does she have a pmr?"theresa asked.

"yes she........"hera started

i started to get scared i paniced something happend i wasnt at the school anymore where was i,i never heard what hera said after that so where could i be if i couldnt see anything,wait what was that i heard a wimper i squinted my eyes to see who it was,it was tara.
sorry to cut it short i never realy knew what to put in this chapter its a little bit better then the rest of them theres some excitment cause' you dont know where they are but i guess i need to leave you hanin' there for a bit not to long i hope.
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