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i suck at titels so this will have to do and i agree with greektitan bout' the charicyers i like Jay Morrow and Theresa Sheridan but anyways in this chapter i have switched them around but ill have...

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sorry its been taking me so lone to update i keep getting writers block and that seriosly sucks cause' if i keep getting it its going to mean cutting the story short and making it sound stupid. but im not going to.
"oh my god tara are you ok"i asked in a shy and low voice.

"no im not ok i dont know where we are i cant see anything so how am i ok,does that sound ok to you"tara replied harshly.

"well,well ,well jay and theresas twins who knew well i sure know jay didnt"a voice came outof nowhere.

and like jay i am also up on mythology only because i grew up in a orphange in greece so what do you i squinted my eyes to see who it was.

"chornus. i thought you where dead"ok i think i said that rudly for once cause' the next thing i know im lieing on the uncousios(can someone tell me how to spell that).
i started to get scared for the first time in my like as i was looking at the unconsios body of jake lying on the floor......

"ah tara i can sence hatred for theresa runing though join me and i can make anything happen to that sister of yours and i will give you the one guy that you desire"chornus said to me.

"um.......can i get back to you on that"i said rudly.

"well ok if you want to end up like him now so what is your answer"chornus said to me harshly.

"can i think about it then"i said rudely.

"well i suppose"he said back.

i didnt know what to say so i did think about it and my answer is.........(sorry about that guys and girls but its asurprise)
"you mean she does oh thank god ill try to reach her"i said gladly.

"ok theresa but hurry"hera said to me again sweetly.

i called the signal was dead or at least i thought it was until she walked right up in front of me.

"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"i yelled as hera came running in.

"i cant find jake either....where have you been tara...theresa can you contact jay"hera said in some weird mixed sentance but of course nicly and rather sweetly.

"again with the sweetness hera"tara said harshly

i contacted jay he and the rest of the team were down there in a secound well atlanta was.

"where is jake geesh he looked so fragile what do you expect he could be dead"jay said in a hurry.

"calm down he probaly went out for a walk.....freeonna can you sence anything unusale"hera said again with the mixed sentence.taras eyes locked down on freeonnna so she didnt say again with the sweetness.

"i got a differnt source of magic and jake is not on earth i dont realy know where he is"freeonna said focassing.
sorry to vut short but i got school
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