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A Small Bit Of Info

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a little bit of info for the team would be helpful

Category: Class of the Titans - Rating: G - Genres: Crossover - Published: 2006-11-08 - Updated: 2006-11-09 - 269 words

just a short chapter cause' im getting tired and i cant seem to find my story in the class of the titans page weird huh
"tara where have you been"hera asked me.

"oh just out for a walk in the park"i answed rudly.

"well have you seen jake"she asked me.

"no oh would i know where that creep is"i answerd in a atitude tone.

"come on tara you got to be a bit more helpful please we realy need to know where he is"my twin sad in a bug like tone.

"well i didnt see him ok"i aswered again meanly.

"your lying'a voice said it scared me as theresa turned around.

"freeonna how can you tell if shes lying"theresa said.

"i have good magic and i am not that fond of liers tara where have you been and what happend to jake"freeonna said harshly.

oh no they where on to me what was i to do i cant tell them i wont i cant i will never tell them.i tried to run freeonna was faster she caught up.

"why do you run"she asked.

"uh........cause' i have to be somewhere.

well that was true i did need to be somewhere.

"very well i need to talk to you later ok"she said to me.

i nodd my head and quikly run out of there before she changes her mind.
yes i know way to short but i am realy tired and sick so i seriosly also have a bad writers block comeing up so its gonna be short sorry
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