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jake wakes up and gets a surprise himself

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Okay, this is gonna be short do to writers block but I also relies that I have not updated this story for quit a while please don't hate me because of what I'm doing to the characters.
When I woke up Tara was gone, I was tied up. Agnon, wait how did I know that name. Was watching me. What does Cornus want with me? I'm just some weak kid.

"Ah, I see that you are wondering why I need you. Well it's because of your inner power, a strange one at that." Cronus said calmly.

"What sort of inner power?" I asked getting annoyed.

"Well your kindness comes from the power that Fiona has placed deep in your soul." He answered.

"What kind though?" I asked annoyed and surprised.

"Well love of course. I need it so badly too and I relies the only way I can get it is to have you. But I know you won't join me I'm willing to give you that one girl you desire ever so much. She will love you forever too." Cronus answered nicely.

"Who else has magic like this." I asked.

"Well Theresa is the descendent of Freeonna, queen of the Ancients and has fire magic. Oh and Jay is the descendent of Mykko, Freeonnas second born child and water magic. Atlanta is the descendent of Nikko, Mykkos first born and has ice magic. Athena beside her goddess ability she is seven seas, she has magnificent power. But will you come with me." He asked.

"I may I may not. Let me think." I answered.

"Very well" Cronus answered annoyed.

I kept on thinking and thinking eventually I got my answer I decide on........
Ha-ha I left you hanin' again but at least I got this up.
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