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Confessions of a game of Truth or Dare

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The winx girls and their new friend, Akira, have trouble. Akira's sick, and no one can figure out what's wrong until a teacher steps in.

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Hey all! This is my first story one Ficwad, so please, no flames.

Discalimer: Don't own anyone or anything but Odeon, Akira, Aten, and my imagination.

Chapter one: Confessions of a game of Truth or Dare

Silence, as sky blue eyes stared out the window...

"Akira!" A voice interrupted, as a fire-headed girl entered the room, "Akira, what's wrong? You've been distanced for days... not even talking to Odeon!"

"I'll be fine... It's just that I've been thinking about something my aunt said the other day..." Akira, the blue eyed faerie responded, as she looked to her friend, "And the party's in our room, right Bloom?"

"Yah, but you get your own bed... You've been on the floor the past month." Bloom responded, "And I've noticed that you've not been feeling the greatest."

"Chillax Bloom." A voice answered, as Musa entered, looking at the other two, "Akira seems fine to me, even ask Techna."

"My primary assessments have concluded that Akira has shown no signs of illness, nothing abnormal but a bit of weight gain." The Faerie answered from where she sat against the wall, "Just let her do what she wants."

"And if Akira doesn't want her bed, I'll take it!" Stella adds, as she walks in and sits beside Akira, "Besides, what could your aunt have said that freaked you out so much?"

Flash Back:

Akira sat on the couch, looking to the woman across from her, waiting for her to say something. "Akira..." The woman said, "You know I'm not your real mother, right?"

"Yah..." The teenager had responded, "You're not related to me at all, aren't' you... I noticed they way Mila and Michel haven't gone to Alfea or Red Fountain."

"True." Akira's aunt replied, "Or to Cloud Tower. You were found on our doorstep, and we saw a young girl watching on the other side of the street, I think she was making sure that you'd be safe."

End flashback.

After the explanation, during wich Layla had entered, followed by the pixies, everyone fell silent.

"Wow Akira..." The princess of Tides said, as she sat on the floor beside Flora, who had entered with her, "I never knew that... no wonder you're so down."

"Okay girls! This isn't a pity party... who's up for Truth or dare!" Stella interrupted.

"I'm in. I could use the distraction." Akira answered, and was followed by a chorus of "Yes!"

"Alright. Akira first." Stella said, as she looked to the newest member of the Winx club.

"Okay. Stella. If you could have one thing from Brandon, what would it be?" Akira asked, smirking a bit.

"I wonder what that could be?" the Sun princess asked sarcastically, and the rest of the girls laughed.

Several questions were asked, because everyone knew not to choose dare... only the guys ever did that. Finally, it came back to Akira.

"Akira." Stella asked, "Have you and Odeon ever... you know, done it?"

"Stell... I... well... yeah." Akira answered, burying her head the pillow that rested on her lap, grinning, although none of the others could tell. She was responded to by squeals and odd looks from the pixies.

"Well, if she isn't going to say anything else, we'd best get to sleep." Stella said, as she moved to go onto Akira's bed. "You sure you don't want this?"

"I'm sure." Akira answered, looking up at the older girl, "But next time I will."

"Alright...Night girls!" Flora called, and was responded with the same.

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