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The winx girls and their new friend, Akira, have trouble. Akira's sick, and no one can figure out what's wrong until a teacher steps in.

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Chapter two: Realization

Akira groaned slightly as she opened her bright green eyes, sitting slowly up. Her lavender top was wrinkled, and her right hip sore. She moaned quietly, as she quickly made her way out of the room, weaving through the other girls who had stayed on the ground.

She ran towards the bathroom, kicking Flora on the leg, causing the other young woman to wake up, just in time to see Akira run to her destination, opening the door. She didn't have time to close it, as she rushed over to the toilet, paying her respects to the Porcelain God.

Flora quickly followed, rushing up behind the sick Akira, pulling her long, sky blue hair out of the way. Her hands trembled, as she created a small vine to hold the girl's hair back. As Flora turned to leave, she heard a whisper of "Thanks Flor..." Before Akira resumed her previous activity.

Flora went back into the bedroom, quickly shaking Techna awake, and the digital faerie groaned. "Techna, wake up... Akira's sick." Flora whispered urgently, and was greeted by Techna opening her eyes.

"Where is she?" The other faerie asked, standing quickly, waking the pixie that had been asleep on her shoulder. As Flora walked out of the room, Techna followed, and as soon as they were in the living room, Flora explained what had happened.

"I wonder why she's so sick... she seemed fine last night." Techna replied, "I think someone should go check on her..." The faerie added, as Aten, Akira's pixie, flew into the bathroom. "I do believe Aten has that covered then."

"Yah..." Flora responded, "I think we should tell Miss. Farigonda. As long as I've known her, Akira hasn't been this sick, and from what she's told us, she hadn't been this sick before."

"Let's go then." Techna responded, as the two left.

"Girls!" The headmistress greeted, as she saw Techna and Flora in the hallway, still in their nightgowns, "What's wrong?

"Miss. Farigonda." Flora started, "Every Friday we have a sleepover in one of the bedrooms, or in the living room, and this morning, Akira ran out of the room, kicking me, and I saw her run into the bathroom. I followed..." Her voice trailed off, and Techna continued.

"She was quite ill. I heard her as soon as Flora woke me up, and suggested we go to you. As far as we know, Akira has never been this sick before." The technology faerie stated, and the three started off for the Winx Club's dorm rooms.

As the three entered the common room, the other girls had woken up. "How is Akira?" The headmistress asked, as she walked over to the others, trailed by her two companions.

"We heard something from the bathroom." Layla supplied, "Aten saying something to Akira... Then gagging noises."

At that, Farigonda took off, whispering a spell, and the door opened, to ravel Akira still kneeling at the toilet, although she was not doing anything. "Akira." She said, walking up to the girl and kneeling beside her, placing one hand on her shoulder. "Are you okay?"

What Techna had said the previous night had gotten to her. Abnormal weight gain... sick, but usually in the morning...

"Oh no." Was all Akira said, which earned her an odd look from the teacher. "Miss F." She started, "Is weight gain... say about five pounds or so, normal for a girl my age? In a month?"

"In a month? Why, not really, but it depends on the girl..." The headmistress started, then looked Akira in the eye. "What are you trying to tell me?" She then asked.

"Ms. F..." Akira started, standing slowly, "I think I might be..." She didn't finish the sentence, but run into the room she shared with Bloom and Flora, locking the door.

The headmistress Stood, brushing her knees off. She flushed the toilet, and exited. "Girls." She started, "Has Akira told you anything that may be related to sickness in the morning? Or sudden weight gain?"

"She did tell us last night that she did it with Odeon, but she didn't say when..." Stella supplied, "Does that... Oh my gods!"

"That does explain how." Farigonda replied, "But not why. Did she say if she used any protective spells of any sort?"

"Knowing Akira..." Bloom started, "She wouldn't have thought to. I know that on earth, we have to take pills or wear patches, but I doubt that those would work on magical beings..."

"You are correct Bloom." Farigonda said, smiling to herself, "And if I am right, Akira will figure it out on her own after a while... I do believe she already has. If you want to talk to her, I suggest you either get Aten to open the door, or have Lockette un-lock it."

As the headmistress left, the winx girls looked to eachother. "What did she mean by that?" Musa asked, looking around.

"Judging from what I heard..." Chatta began, but was cut off by Flora, saying, "Chatta, were you evesdropping again?"

"Yah, well this is important. Akira said that she was expecting something... does anyone else think that it could be a baby?" The pixie of chatter asked, looking around, but all was silent.

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