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The Truth

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The winx girls and their new friend, Akira, have trouble. Akira's sick, and no one can figure out what's wrong until a teacher steps in. ((Mentionings of Rape... non-descriptive flashback))

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A/n: If you haven't noticed, Akira's eyes keep changing colour... Blue is for anxiety, green for sadness or anger... you get the picture...

Chapter Three: What truly happened

"A baby?" Musa asked, "But how? It was only one time."

"That she told us about..." Stella added, "And we haven't met Odeon yet either."

Flora stepped away from the others, murmuring something to Lockette. The pixie opened the door, and Flora stepped in, leaving the pixie of portals outside. She saw the weeping Akira curled up on the faerie's bed, her head buried in a pillow, and her sky blue hair still pulled back by the vine the nature faerie had brought forth mere moments ago.

"I can't be pregnant... I just can't." She sobbed, "Uncle Ron will be so disappointed in me... Aunt Donna will be even worse..." Although she didn't notice Flora was there until she sat down.

"Hey sweetie." The older girl whispered, causing Akira to look up, "It'll be okay."

"How do you know?" Akira managed, "Only Ms. F knew..."

"We put two and two together." She responded, "Ms. F asked if you had said anything related to morning sickness or to abnormal weight gain..."

"Which I pointed out."

"The point is," Flora started, wrapping her arms around the younger girl's shoulders, "We'll be here for you... You just have to tell us what happened."

"It... It isn't Odeon's." Akira whispered, "We used protection."

"Then whose is it?" Flora asked, looking into Akira's emerald eyes.

"Flora..." Akira started, her voice quivering, "I was raped."

Flora's eyes widened, as she looked to the other girl. "By who?" Her voice was quiet, not wanting to alert anyone else.

"That's the thing..." Akira murmured, "I don't know. It was when we went back to break for pre-finals break... Aunt Donna let me go to that party with my old friends... I lost track of Odeon and everyone else... I had gone to the washroom, leaving my drink on the stairs. When I came back, I took a sip, then went back to dancing, excusing myself when I felt tired..."

"And someone came to you?" Flora answered, receiving a nod in response.

"I didn't have any control... after five minutes, I couldn't move." Akira said, defending herself.

"I understand sweetie," Flora whispered, as she held Akira close, "That almost happened to Musa once... but why didn't you use magic? You can use any of the powers the winx club have..."

"This person didn't have powers... I have the power to copy any type of Winx. That's how I can use Dragon Fire when Bloom is around, call on plants when you are around... I'm useless unless there's another faerie around." Akira sobbed, as Lockette opened the door yet again, everyone else entering.

A/N: Sorry for the short chapter... I thought it was kinda cute. R&&R... you know you want to. (R&&R is Rate and Review!)
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