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Onto The Finals

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The winx girls and their new friend, Akira, have trouble. Akira's sick, and no one can figure out what's wrong until a teacher steps in. ((Mentionings of Rape in chapter 3... non-descriptive flashb...

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Well, 'tis just a filler chapter, but this is where we meet Odeon... another creation of my mind. Feel free to comment on him, and anything else you may have questions about.

Discalimer: You want the winx club? Go sue someone else... All I've got are Akira, Odeon, and my plot.

Chapter four: Onto finals

Akira looked to the girls who had walked in, adding once more, "I'm useless."

"You're never useless Akira." Lalya said, as she walked over to Akira's bed, sitting down, "You have a power that no-one understands... not even Ms. F."

"And when we're around, you're unstoppable!" Musa added, going over and sitting on the floor at Akira's feet, "We'll always be here."

"You weren't there that night." Akira whispered, "You were smart enough to stay at my aunt and uncle's house. You weren't drugged... or raped."

"Akira, it wasn't your fault... or ours." Bloom reminded the younger faerie, "It was some idiot who wanted the best of you!"

"I do hate to interrupt girls," Techna puts in, "But we do have finals today."

"Awe man... I wish the boys were here... they'd get us out of this mess." Stella said with a groan, "Especially since we still havn't met Odeon... That'll be interesting."

"Well, they aren't... oh my, classes start in five minutes." Techna added, ignoring most of Stella's comment.

"You up to going to class?" Bloom asked, as Akira nodded weakly supplying the answer.

"But I may have to leave half way through, with the way I'm feeling."

"I'm sure Ms. F already warned the teachers." Layla supplied, "She saw how bad you're feeling."

About ten minutes later, the Winx club entered, their class, taking their seats.

"Class," The teacher started, as he had been waiting for the seven girls to join, "Since we have missed the first five minutes of class, we will go right to the test."

The Winx club moaned, as a lengthy test appeared in front of each faerie.

Half an hour later, Akira looked up from her test, an odd look on her face. "Flora..." She murmered, "I don't feel so good..."

Sadly, the teacher noticed, walking over to the two teens. "Is there a problem, or are you merely cheating?"

"I don't feel so well..." Akira started, and was backed up when Flora added,

"Yeah... She was quite sick this morning. Techna and I had to get Ms. F."

"In that case, Flora, will you please accompany Akira back to your dorm room, then return? You will have ten extra minutes to finish your exam." The teacher responded, as Akira and Flora stood, leaving the room.

A few minutes later, Akira found herself in her room, sitting on her bed. "If you need anything, send Aten or any of the other pixies to get me." The nature faerie whispered, just before leaving.

"Okay." Akira responded, laying back. Her now pale pink eyes closed, as she fell into a light sleep.

She woke with a start, her eyes now a bright green again. She looked to her door, seeing a tall, tanned man standing in the doorway. "Odeon..." She whispered, tears coming to her eyes again, as he came to sit with her.

"What's wrong Akira?" The hero-in-training asked, as he watched the faerie in front of him begin to weep once more.

"Odeon..." Akira managed to whisper, "Do you remember that party back on earth, the one my aunt let us go to?"

"How could I forget?" the hero asked, as he wrapped his arms around Akira's small shoulders.

"That night... I was raped. I didn't tell anyone until now..."

"Why?" Odeon asked, "I'll hunt down that hero-wannabe..."

"Because, Odeon..." Akira started, "I think I'm pregnant."

As Akira said this, Flora and Bloom entered, although they left Akira and Odeon alone.

The only sound was Akira's sobbing, as she leaned in, her tears falling onto the man's chest.

The next moment, Stella entered, followed by Musa, Techna, and Layla. "Who're you?" She asked, surprising everyone else in the room.

"I'm Odeon." The man said, offering his hand to Stella, although he didn't get up, "And you must be Stella."

"Darn right I am!" Stella responded, "And how did you get Akira to start crying like this again?"

"It's not his fault." Akira's small voice came, as she sat up, "I just started crying when I told him..." She fell silent once more, as Techna leaned close to Stella's ear, whispering,

"Hormones. If she's pregnant, she may get more emotional than normal."

"Oh..." Stella said a bit too loudly, causing Akira to smile once more. "We'll leave you two alone." She added, her voice calm once more, as everyone who had entered left, leaving Odeon and Akira alone.
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