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Everything Changes

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What if Pony had been seriously injured in the fire as well as Johnny? Will the gang be able to cope with it? COMPLETE!

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Everything Changes

Steve's POV

I regretted leaving Soda all by himself. I'm still afraid that he won't be able to handle it. He told me that he would be all right, but he just doesn't want to admit how scared he is about all of this. I don't care for Pony that much, but I know that Soda and Pony are close. If Pony was seriously hurt, I don't think Soda could deal with it. He can handle Socs and everything like that, but he couldn't stand to lose someone else. Soda had a break down when his parents died, and I don't think I could stand to see him like that again. I had already told the boss what was going on and he let us both off for the day to work everything out. I was on the way to the movies to find Two-Bit. Two-Bit told us earlier that he was going down to the movies to try and pick up a girl. I could hear Two-Bit's crazy laughter and found him sitting with a good-looking blonde.

"Two-Bit. We need to talk."

"Talk about what Steve? Did they find them two little rascals of ours?" Two-Bit said with a laugh. He never could be serious. That's probably why he fit in with us so good.

"They're both in the hospital, along with Dally. We're supposed to meet Soda and Darry there as soon as we can."

"Why are they in the hospital?"

"I don't know, but Soda and Darry really need us man. Let's get going. Okay?"

"Car's parked round the corner. Let's go."

It didn't take us long to get to the hospital, but finding the room was a different story. The lady at the desk gave Two-Bit the directions to the rooms, which explains a lot. Two-Bit never was good at directions. We finally spotted Darry and Soda in the ICU hall. As we approached them I noticed that Soda had been crying and Darry looked like he was about to.

"Are they okay? Have you heard anything yet?"

"The nurse and doctor are with Pony right now. They said that he is coming to and that we can see him in a minute," said Soda with his voice shaking.

"What about Johnny? He okay?" Two-Bit asked.

"His back is burned really bad. The doctor said some physical therapy and stuff should help him walk again."

Two-Bit's face went pale. He loved Johnny and Pony like the little brothers he never had. None of us had ever imagined something like this would happen. We all had it pretty rough, but this was too much.

"What about Pony and Dally?"

"Pony's face is burned real bad. They won't know how bad he really is until he wakes up though. We haven't gone to see Dally yet."

Soda began to cry again. Everyone in the gang knew how close they were. Soda took Pony with us where ever we went. I always told Soda to get rid of him, but he never did. I wish that I had someone who cared for me like that. We all turned around when heard the door to Pony's room open.

"He is waking up and you can come in if you'd like," a nurse said softly as she stuck her head out the door.

We all got up and filed into the small room. I looked at Pony and I was shocked. His face was burned worse than I thought possible. I glanced over at Two-Bit and he looked like he was going to be sick. Pony was hooked up to all kinds of machines and at that moment I would have let Pony tag along with us whenever he liked if he would just be okay. Pony was beginning to wake up, which relieved us all. But when he opened his eyes and looked around he showed no sign of recognition.

"Hey, Pony. We're here for ya now. Everything's going to be all right," Darry said in a soft voice.

"Darry is that you? I can't see you anywhere."

"I'm right here," said Darry as he reached for Pony's hand.

"We're all here for you buddy," Two-Bit said with a wavering voice.

"I can't see any of you. Can someone turn the light on?"

"Pony the light is on," I said trying to remain calm. What was wrong with him? We were all standing around the room in plain sight. Why couldn't he see us?

"I need to speak with all of you outside please. The nurse will take care of his needs right now," said the doctor as he walked out the door.

We all walked out silently. Soda was leaning heavily on Darry, while me and Two-Bit walked beside each other glancing back at Pony.

"I should have told you earlier, but I wasn't sure until now," the doctor said.

"Tell us what?" Soda asked full of concern.

"Your brother is blind."

We all stared at him like he was crazy. Pony can't be blind. Not Pony. As I glanced over at Soda I saw the look on his face. His face was full of shock and fear. Darry and Soda walked over to a row of chairs and sat down with tears streaming down their faces. How can everything change so fast? Why is it that bad things always happen to greasers?

"If it helps, they were caught in a burning church trying to save some kids. Your friend did the right thing," the doctor told me.

"If it was so right then why is he going to be blind for the rest of his life? Pony deserves more than that. He's young. He doesn't deserve to live this way."

"Maybe not. But he wouldn't have gone into that church if he didn't have a reason. He chose to risk his life for those kids and as his friend, you need to accept his decision. He needs you now. Help him get through it."
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