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It Will All Be Okay

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What if Pony had been seriously injured in the fire as well as Johnny? Will the gang be able to cope with it? COMPLETE!

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It Will All Be Okay

Steve's POV

"Hey, Soda! You workin' register today?" I asked as we walked up to the DX.

"Sure, I'm still feelin' a bit sore."

"Face it, Soda. You're more than a bit sore. Those Socs worked you over pretty good. If I was you, I'd have stayed home."

"Yeah, but Darry doesn't need to know that. We need all the money we can get in order to pay off all the hospital bills."

"I know, but it won't help if you end up in the hospital again," I said, not wanting to see anymore of us in the hospital again. I hated hospitals. It always seems that every time we end up there, something bad happens. I just don't want to see my best friend there again, even if he wasn't hurt that bad.

"I know. Don't worry 'bout it. I can take care of myself," Soda said giving me one of his fake smiles.

"All right, but I'll be doing fill up today if ya need me," I said before heading over to the gas pumps.

"Okay, I'll catch ya later," Soda said as he walked towards the register.

The day went on as normal, but I noticed that Soda was rather slow and gritting his teeth a lot. I was going over to tell Soda to either start taking it easy or go home when I overheard a conversation between him and a customer.

"Oh, Soda! What happened to you? You used to be so cute," the girl said to him sounding dissappointed.

"Can I help you ma'am?" I asked trying hard to be polite.

"No. I was just talkin' to Sodapop, about getting my car worked on," she answered curtly.

"Well, next time I'd prefer it if you'd keep your mouth shut around my friends."

"Fine," the girl said snobbishly as she walked away to her little T-bird.

"Thanks, Steve. But I got everything under control."

"I dunno. You ain't lookin' too good."

"Don't look now, but look what's comin'," I heard Soda hiss under his breath. Two Socs were comin' our way and not lookin' too happy.

"What do ya want?" I asked them as I recognized them as two of the Socs from last night.

"We just want to now how this greaser here, likes getting his butt kicked," one of them said motioning toward Soda with a laugh.

"I think you had better leave," Soda said eyeing the Soc up and down.

"I don't think so greaser. I can do whatever I want," the Soc said giving Soda a big matter-of-fact grin.

"If you really want to stick around we can give you that make over you've been needin'," I said flicking out my blade. As I glanced over at Soda I saw that he was shakin' a bit. If he hadn't have gotten the brunt of the fight last night we could take these guys on, no problem. But he was beat up real bad.

"We'll let ya slide this time greasers, but we'll get ya soon enough," the Soc said as they turned around and walked away.

"Soda, you really should go home and take it easy. I'll cover your shift as best as I can," I said noticing how pale he looked.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Go ahead and get back to work. I'm gonna go ahead and go home."

"You be careful, ya hear? I'll see ya when I get off," I yelled after Soda as he began the walk home.

It didn't take long to get off work and head over to the Curtis'. When I walked inside the house I found Soda fast asleep on the couch. I couldn't see Dally, Johnny, Pony or Two-Bit anywhere. They probably went to go catch a movie or somethin'. Not wantin' to wake Soda up, I sat on the floor and fell asleep right away. I woke up later to the sound of the rest of the gang comin' through the door. Dally was smilin' about somethin' and messin' with Johnny's hair. Two-Bit looked a bit worried as he helped Pony through the door.

"What's botherin' you Two-Bit?" I asked him still half asleep and looked over at Soda who was slowly opening his eyes.

"We were just over at Buck's place talkin' to Tim Shepherd. He heard about last night and thought that a heater might come in handy. He gave it to Dal," he said glancing over at Dally.

"Do you really think that's necessary Dal? We've only had one run in with them lately," I said as I looked over at Soda. Even if we've only had one run in, the outcome wasn't that pretty.

"It's necessary. Johnny and Pony could've been killed if you hadn't have come when you did! All I know is that I'm not letting them outta my sight and I'm not taking any chances!" Dally shouted at us sounding rather aggravated.

"But you kill people with heaters!" Two-Bit argued.

"You kill them with blades too! I won't use it unless I have to. The Socs deserve to go to hell anyway! If it wasn't for them Pony would be okay. They deserve all that they get and more!" Dallly said almost shaking.

"Dal, I chose to do what I did. I know it's not fair for me to have to live like this, but those kids didn't deserve to burn to death," Pony said trying to convince Dally that everything was okay.

"No, it's not okay! You're useless, Pony! Don't you get it? You can't even see! You can't do anything! And nothing can ever change that!" Dally shouted angrily at him as he jumped up from the couch.

"Don't talk to him like that!" Soda said as he also shot up from the couch, but ended up on the floor, due to the sharp pain in his side. Me and Two-Bit rushed over to help him up, while Dally tried to apologize to Pony.

"You're right. I'm not worth it. What good am I to you? A blind boy who can't even walk in a straight line. I would be better off dead," Pony stated so calmly that it scared us all. We watched Pony slowly make his way to his room and shut the door.

"Pony, wait! I didn't mean it! I was just upset! Pony, please," Dally pleaded as he walked down the hall after Pony.

"Dal, we know you didn't mean it. Give him some time to think. He'll be okay," Johnny said trying to calm Dally down. It will all be okay.
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