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Ok the song WAS going to be Thoughtless by Korn, but since my computers a piece of crap, I can't go on for the lyrics to make sure I make no mistakes. Sorry! This isnt' going to be a son...

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"Delilah, don't," I pleaded, not wanting her to get hurt.

But Delilah didn't answer me. She was blind with rage. I knew her, and I could see it in her piercing brown eyes.

"How'd you know I was here?" I asked her with I finally got some strength back and I knew she wouldn't listen to me.

"I called Al." She explained. "And Ice, you pissed me off for the last time!"

Ice snorted.

"Jealous?" Ice asked. "That your husbands with me?"

"SHUT THE HELL UP!" Delilah screamed.

I jumped. Never in my life did I ever heard Delilah say those works. It wasn't like her.

"You hurt Julius, you hurt me," Delilah said, pointing at Ice.

"Good. If I hurt him, it's two for one."

"Don't you dare!"

Ice came towards my ankle. Oh, not again...

Delilah went as fast as she could, kicked Ice from touching my ankle, then she untied me. She looked at my ankle, and realized I hurt it.

"One moment, please," She said to me before running to Ice. "Where's the super computer, ice queen?"

She laughed. "Meh, I just made that up to have some fun. And look where it got me."

She pointed at me. Delilah and Ice went into a big fight. I wanted to help so bad, my ankle hurt so much that I couldn't get up without any help. The Ice did something unexpected- she showed Delilah a gun from her jacket. (a/n: not unusual in my stories, lol)

"Delilah, look out!" I cried.

Delilah gasped. It was torture, not being able to help her. She pointed it at Delilah. No, anyone but Delilah. But Delilah was a quick thinker...she tripped Ice, who dropped the gun, then picked the gun up herself. Now that's smarts. Then she pointed the gun at Ice. Ice flinched. Delilah was about to pull the trigger.

"Don't you ever, hurt me, or my family, you understand?" She screamed at Ice.

Ice didn't reply.

"Answer me when I'm talking to you!" Delilah continued to scream.

When Ice just shivered in fear, too scared to move, Delilah put the gun to Ices head.

"Delilah, stop!" I cried out.

Delilah didn't answer. She was about to pull the trigger.

"Delilah, don't let yourself become Ice!" I screamed out.

Delilah gasped, then she dropped the gun.

Ice made her get away while Delilah fell to the ground, crying.


"Don't look at me, Julius..."

"Why not?"

"Look at the monster I've become! I almost murdered someone! I let myself become Ice!"

"Delilah, you were enraged when we were both at risk. I felt it, too. Sometimes emotions get the best of us. Now let's just go home."

"Maybe you're right, Juls," Delilah came up to me.

She put my arm around her shoulder to help me walk. "Emotions can get the best of us."

"By the way, where's Krissy?" I asked her.

"Noseys babysitting her. I was too worried about you."

I smiled. That's Delilah. Protective of everyone. I gave her a kiss on the lips.

"Is that a good idea, letting Nosey babysit Krissy?" I asked her.

"For one night it shouldn't hurt," She commented.

"And besides," I said. "We have the whole future to look forword to."

"You're right," She said, smiling. "A whole future together. Forever. Just Krissy, you, and me."

*** **

*** **


*** ***


*** **

(a/n: Man that took awhile to do, lol...OH CRAP! Sorry guys, when I posted it it looked awesome and read "The End", but I guess it doesn't work. GRRR....old fashion way...)


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Sorry if this story was a bit short. Working on lots of stories at the moment...Uhhhh....In The Stalkers Shadows, My Sanctuary,, yeah, sorry it's short. Thanks for reading!
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