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Chapter Five

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The truth is out, and I'm scared to death! This is all my fault...

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Chapter 5:

I blink numerous times, trying desperately to remove the irritating burning sensation in my eyes as I stare at the ceiling. Not very interesting I'll tell you. The lighting in here as a way of making you want to close your eyes and sleep. That's florescent lighting for you. Or maybe it's just Chiron's medicines kicking in. Either way, it sucks right now.

I can only guess, but I'd say it's been about three hours since our battle with my father, but it feels like minutes. There aren't any clocks here in Chiron's study, so I couldn't tell you for fact. After pops had flown off like a giant turkey vulture, Jay and the others hauled me and Atlanta into Theresa's car and headed here to the school. Turns out that, in the fight - if you want to call it that - I had had about five ribs busted, and a couple of my vertebrates had been knocked out of alignment. Other than that, nothing else had been broken, for which I am eternally grateful. I'll have a wicked bruise on my chin for the next week or so, and my neck looks like I painted polka dots on it in dark purple paint, courtesy of my dads fingers. Bastard. And I can blame him for being cold now as well; Chiron had to take off my hoodie and shirt so he could wrap my chest.

Blinking again, I turn to my left to where Atlanta is laying. She still hasn't awoken from the fight; I have been told that when my dad punted her out of the way, her head hit a rock on the way down. Also, the impact broke her right forearm, and it now is laying over her stomach, wrapped in a tight white cast. With the white bandage around her head, she looks, to me, like an angel. All she needs is a pair of wings, and I swear she could put the entire cherub population to shame. Gods, she's gorgeous. Eyes closed, she seems so at peace, which is something we haven't had for a long time. Reaching a hand over the small space between our sofa's, chairs, whatever they are, I lay a hand on her upper arm. I frown as I feel her skin cold beneath my fingers.

Slowly, and painfully I might add, I lift myself up and onto my feet. Looking about I quickly find what I'm looking for. Walking about a dozen steps behind my chair, draped over the claws of a giant statue of a dragon, is my hoodie. Scooping it up in my arms, I walk slowly back to her, so I don't wake her up. Draping it over her bare arms, I do it as carefully as I can so I don't bump or move her arm. Almost as soon as I take my hands away, Atlanta gives a soft moan, and snuggles closer to her new blanket. I can't help but smile. I wish I could take all her pain and troubles away, but I know I don't have that type of power.

Glancing at the bandage wrapped around her head, my mind goes back to the recent fight. I had said before that I wouldn't call it a fight, really. We both got our asses whooped! It was completely one sided. The only think that did him any damage was the huge ass rock that Herry chucked at him, and even that didn't seem to faze him. I can't help but think this is all my fault. He's my father, and I should be the one who has to deal with him, not Atlanta. Not my friends. Running a hand through my hair, I slowly sit down on the floor next to Atlanta's makeshift bed, listening to her soft and even breaths.

"Ah, I see you're doing better." I look up to see Chiron entering the room, his hooves making hard clicks against the tiles. I nod at him, not ready to begin talking just yet. He had told me not to anyway, and I would hate to make the centaur mad. He's done a lot for me and the others in the past, and I hold a deep amount of respect for him. Not only is he extremely intelligent and resourceful, but he also had a school like this one long ago, where he actually helped train a few of our ancestors, including Jason and Achilles. He knows what he's doing!

"I'll be back in a moment, young sir." He says, giving his tail a quick whish. "Your friends have been worried sick, and I'm sure they would want to know you're up." And then, as though he hadn't even been here, he's gone. I'll tell you, the first time I saw Chiron was the first time I started thinking everything that was happening to me was real. Sure, a bunch of people can claim to be Gods, but you don't see a centaur every day.

A few minutes later - again, no clock, so don't quote me - I feel the presence of new bodies in the room and I look up. Jay's walking through the doorway, the others filing in eagerly behind him. Wow, look. Hanging around Theresa for so long has granted me ESP or something along those lines. Chiron's absent, but I'm sure he had something to do.

"Hey buddy!" Herry calls at me, hurrying over. Standing over me, I can tell he's about to give me a hug! Please, someone stop him!

And my savior today is Jay, as he lay's a hand on Herry's broad shoulder, pulling him back. I give a sigh of relief, which everyone finds a bit funny. I can't help but give a chuckle as well. I guess now is when Herry spots the white bandages around my chest, because he gives shakes his head. "That was a close one."

Ever the doting mother of the group, Theresa comes to sit next to me while giving Atlanta a long, sideways glance. She smiles as she spots my hoodie draped over the red head. "How are you feeling?"

Okay, um, pen and paper anyone? No? Alright then. Sorry Chiron. "I good." Oh, man. I don't even sound like myself as I mumble my reply. Theresa and the rest notice as well, and all are giving me worried looks. I shake my own head, and divert my eyes towards Atlanta.

"Damn it!" We all jump at Jay's outburst. "I knew it was a bad idea to begin with!" He's now started to pace back and forth, which is never good.

"You know it was our only choice, and it was the best one." Odie tries to reassure the leader, who doesn't look convinced. "You're just doubting yourself."

"Yeah, dude. Just chill. It's all good, I mean, we all made it here in one piece." Neil says taking a seat on my old chair. Herry and Odie follow suit as Jay continues to pace around. Finally, I can't take it anymore. If he passes by me one more time, I'm gonna freak!

Standing up, with a bit of pain involved, I walk over to him and grab his arm. "Sit down and relax." I'm starting to sound like myself again, which is giving a bit of meaning to my words. "We're going to be fine."

He does so, on the edge of Atlanta's seat, and runs a hand through his hair. He's been doing that a lot lately, and I'm starting to wonder why. Oh, well. We all have our habits. A long, awkward silence passes us by before someone breaks it. Wanting to work my voice back to normal, it's me who does so. "So Herry," I ponder, "where did you find that rock? It was huge!"

We all give a laugh, trying to find humor in our situation. "I honestly can't remember." he tells me. "I just saw the situation, and grabbed whatever I could."

I give a nod. "Thanks buddy."

I suddenly feel a presence by the door, and I glance over. Hera's just entered, with Chiron on her heels. So that's where he went. They both look a bit pale, which reminds me; I have to ask Chiron to turn up the heat in this room. Not that I blame him for not noticing; the guy has fur and hooves.

"Ah, children!" she exclaims, coming our way with open arms. "Athena had told me what had happened at the dorms, and I am grateful you are all safe and sound. It's also good to see you up, Archie." For some reason, I don't know why, but I don't believe her. Her eyes are asking me for something. I know what she wants from me, and I have a feeling Jay is going to ask me very soon. Of course, I have enough brains not to tell a Goddess she's full of shit, so I keep my mouth closed. I do give her a nod, though, which she seems to accept.

"I know this must be hard for you." She's still looking at me. Oh, you have no idea, lady. "I am not sure how he was able to find-"

"It's because he's psychic." I interrupt, gaining a collective gasp from the others, and a glare from Jay.

"But that cannot be possible." Hera states, as simple fact. "The only reason Theresa is psychic is because Theseus was Poseidon's son, and received his powers."

"Yeah." I use my hands to personify my words. My voice is completely back now, though my throat still hurts like hell. "Theresa's psychic!" I'm up on my feet now, mad and fearful of my thoughts. "Oh, and the reason we didn't beat him was due to the fact that he had Atlanta's speed, and Herry's strength."

I can see the lights come on in a few eyes around the room as they begin to get my drift. Jay's staring at his feet as though a rattlesnake sat between them and Theresa has a mouth covered, looking as though she's going to vomit. "With all the battles we've fought with Cronus, or his minions, he's been taking notes." I continue. "He knows our strengths and weaknesses, and that includes our powers. He's granted those same powers to that son of a bitch who beat the shit out of Atlanta and I in the park."

Sitting down hard on the floor, I try and relax. I'm completely tensed up, which isn't helping my injuries any. The others are looking scared and lost, not knowing what to do next. That is until Jay stands up again.

"He's made a bad mistake." The guy's actually smiling. I think maybe he's finally cracked! "If anyone knows our powers better than anybody, it's us. We'll use it to our advantage to take him down, along with Cronus."

"How can we take him out when we can't even touch him?" I ask aloud. Not to make anyone down here, but we have to think this through.

"That time will come when it comes." Hera stated. "Now I suggest you all sleep here in the school until he is defeated. I will have Hermes and Arte-"

She stops as a groan echoes through the room. Eight heads swivel around, as Atlanta gives another soft moan and shifts about, slowly coming to. As fast as my feet can take me, I book it across the expanse and kneel down next to her, just as her eyes flutter open.

"Hey Atlanta." I say as our eyes meet, the color of her eyes standing out strongly with her vivid red hair. I can feel the familiar burning on my cheeks as she gives me a smile. It doesn't last that long, though, as she suddenly clutches her head, cursing under her breath. Chiron is at our sides immediately.

"Please don't move about too much." He warns her, everyone else watching attentively around him at us. "The medicines may not effect you for a few more minutes, so just lay still."

She barely gives a nod, not wanting to move her head too much. I'm really worried about her! What if she had a concussion? With the way she hit the ground, I highly doubt she wouldn't. I try hard to control my features as she looks at me again, she eyes a bit squinted. I'm completely taken by surprise, though, as she reaches a hand out towards my face, gently tracing the ugly bruise on my chin with a finger. I know I have to be as red as a tomato right now, but I am loving every second.

"Hey, dork. Glad to see you're alright." Aww, thanks for killing the moment, 'Lanta. Well, not really, since she worried, but, you know. Even after the 'dork' comment, I have the sudden urge to scream out my deepest feelings for her right now. Unfortunately I'm afraid she may not remember what I said once the meds are done with her. Yeah, that's my excuse, so sue me.

"So, uh, how are you feeling?" I ask, trying to contain the blush of all blushes.

"Like I've been run over by Herry's truck."

"Why my truck?" Hercules' descendant asks her over my shoulder. He looks a bit sad as he thinks about the possibility.

"Because it's a tank." she giggles softly, then winces painfully. Looking down on herself, she looks away as she takes my hoodie off her chest, and brings her arm up for an inspection. She gives a long, pitiful groan, and I don't think this one is from the pain, as she glares at the white cast on her arm. For some reason her face is a bit red. I hope she's not coming down with anything! "Aw, man! This is my shooting arm! How can I wear my wrist bow with this thing on?"

"Ooh!" Neil exclaims. "Can I sign it?"

She gives him a disbelieving look, then looks to me as if I have all the answers laid before me. I can only shrug. "Guess it's back to the bolos for a while. I mean, it could be worse."

"It could be much worse." Hera agrees. "From the story you've told us, Archie, you may have both been killed. But the incident is in the past, and we must move onwards." Clapping her hands, she looks at me once again. "Now, since everyone is awake, I believe it is time for you to inform us all of what type of person we're dealing with."

I stare at her, not sure if I heard her right or not. I know what she's hinting at. "Excuse me? They've seen what type of person he is! Look at her!" I gesture down towards Atlanta, bruised and broken. "What makes you think me telling my life's story is going to give them any more proof?"

Hera, an annoyed look on her face, raises an eyebrow at me. "It's not only to reveal what this man is capable of, but also to allow your friends a glimpse of you. You have had a wall around yourself from day one, and though you have opened up a bit to the others, that wall has remained."

"Yeah, Arch." Odie exclaims from behind me. I turn to face him. "Other than you have a weird heel, and you've never been sick, that's really all we know about you."

"I for one would like to know why you and your father hate each other so much." Jay pipes up as well, his arms folded across his chest. "Anything we can learn about him could help us defeat him."

"Yeah. Come on, pal! I think we have time for a story." Herry chips in, looking eager.

"What about school? It must have started about an hour ago." I try to make up any excuse, just to worm my way out of reliving my past.

"You have all been excused for the day, considering the circumstances of this morning." A cheer from our group goes up at Hera's words, excluding me. On the inside, I am really wanting to be in English Literature right now.

"Fine!" I cry out, defeated. With a flick of Hera's wrist, about half a dozen chairs appear, one for everybody, including herself. Atlanta remains laying where she is, and I get my old chair back, laying down on it as though I'm in a session with a psychiatrist. With everyone's eyes on me as I do so, I might as well be. I wait until everyone is seated before I start reminiscing my hell.

"Where to start..." I mutter to myself. I look up and find myself the centre of attention. God, I hate that. Give me a dark hole to hide in and I'll be fine. "Well, I guess I could answer half of your question, Jay. I'll start with why I hate my dad so much." I look over to Hera, whose taken a seat next to me, almost as if for comfort. "Permission to stop if it gets to be too much."

"Of course." She smiles and nods. This time I know the smile is authentic.

"Okay. Well, I came from a small farming town way up north. It's a really beautiful town, encompassed by rivers to the east and west, and a lake to the north. Everyone knows everyone, you know? Well, me and my family lived right on the east side, along the riverbank. The street we lived on connected directly to the bridge which was just down the block. I loved it there." Already I could feel myself getting a bit emotional as I describe my home, but I manage to keep a level tone.

"Me and my family were fairly normal. My dads folks lived about a mile out of town on a farm, and my other grandparents lived right in town. My father was actually a constable in the towns police force, and my mom worked part time in a bakery. Things were good until I was about six. It was about a week or so to Halloween when we received a call from my dad's boss, the local police chief. There had been an accident out on my grandparents farm, and they had both died. I guess they say faulty wiring in the house set a fire in the night. They didn't even have time to get out of bed before the place went up."

Theresa gives me a sympathetic look. "I'm so sorry."

"Thanks. I did take it pretty hard, but it was nothing like my father. He went into a bad bout of depression, and even when my mom gave birth to my little sister Angela a couple months later, he still didn't come out of it."

"Cool!" Herry pipes up. "You have a sister?"

"Let him finish, guys!" Thanks Jay.

"Anyway, as you could guess, my dad had been really close with his folks, and after they died, he started drinking. He was constantly sick, either with a hangover, or by accidentally mixing his antidepressants with his booze. Either way, he became hell to live with, and he eventually lost his job. It was like that for about a year and a half, before it started turning ugly. That was when he started to take out his pains and anger out on me and my mom. If you got in his way, you were in for a pounding. My problem was that I couldn't stand seeing him hitting my mother, so I would intervene and get the worst of it. My teachers would always ask me why I had so many bruises, black eyes and the like and I was ashamed...ashamed to tell them the truth. I'd say I would get in fights all the time, and my reputation as a good student went down the drain. I started wearing hoodies to cover the bruises on my face, and everyone though it was just me being a punk. I started to resent the people around me, especially my father for the person he had become."

"My sister got out lucky, in a way. He never laid a hand on her, except one day, when everything got out of control. I was eight then, and my sister two. I remember I was reading on my bed, trying to block out the yelling downstairs as my parents fought. She had been scared, and came into my room. I immediately noticed the skin around one of her eyes darkening, and I just lost it. We had done nothing to deserve the shit we were being put through, and it was bad enough he was hurting my mom, but now my little sister?"

The adrenaline running through my veins is being heated by my hatred for the man, and I stand up from my seat. My teammates all lean back a bit, fearful of the fire that has to be burning in my eyes. I can't help it in my rage, and a tear manages to escape, followed closely by more. "I stormed downstairs. It wasn't a scene that was new to me; my father was piss faced and my mom was trying her best to calm him down. I can remember it all like it was yesterday..."


"You son of a bitch!" I scream, knocking my fist across his face. My dad stumbles backwards into the kitchen table and trips over a chair. I grin widely as I watch him fall.

"Archie!" I turn around as my mom screams at me. "You know you shouldn't have done that!"

"And he shouldn't have hit you or Angela." I yell back, mad that my mother wouldn't bee cheering me on. I watch as her bright blue eyes widen in shock at the mention of my sisters name. "You should see her mom! She's in my room and already has a black eye."

"Oh, God, no!" My mom whips around and heads back upstairs, her dark blue hair falling about in waves as she runs. She has to be the prettiest woman I've ever seen, which makes me even more mad that my slime ball father would hurt her.

Said slime gives a groan from the floor, and slowly begins to pick himself up. Blood is seeping from the lip I just cracked open. "You little piece of shit! I'll make you pay for that one!"

Hands extended, he starts towards me. I presume a fighting stance, ready to take him on as I have numerous times before, but he never reaches me. A loud bang echoes through the room as my mother, appearing from out of nowhere, cracks him in the head with a glass vase. The glass shatters on impact, making a soft chiming as it hit's the floor in pieces, along with my dad, whose clutching a bleeding head. I'm amazed he's still conscious after that!

"How dare you!" she spits at him. I suddenly feel a pair of tiny hands wrap themselves around my waist. I turn and find Angela at my side, her bright emerald eyes teary and fearful. I lay a comforting hand on her light purple hair as my mother growls at my dad. "I love you more than words, Robert, but I will not let my children experience any more grief. I though it would be best for them to at least grow up with a dad, and I thought Angela could change you! Oh, I was so wrong!" She then turns to me. "Go grab anything you need, and we're leaving. I have Angela's bag ready."

She turns back to my father, and delivers a swift kick to his side. He cry's out, and as my mother turns to leave, he grabs her by the ankle, pulling her down. She gives a cry of surprise and pain as she hit's the floor.

I quickly turn to my sister, whose started to cry. "Angie," I tell her, calling her by her nickname, "go upstairs and grab your bag. Then go get my necklace, okay?"

For being at the age she is, she's really quite bright. Giving a small nod, fingers in her tiny mouth, she heads upstairs as fast as her little dress will allow. I turn back to my parents, who are grappling on the floor. My dad, being an ex cop had the upper hand, and has my mom pinned to the floor. He's screaming in her face as he lays on top of her, "You can't leave! You're nothing without me and you know it. I won't let you!"

Dashing forward, I kick his square in the face, which aggravates my wonky heel somewhat. I hear something crack and I think I broke his nose. Rolling off my mom, he clutches his bleeding face, screaming cusses even I've never heard before. Regaining herself, my mom grabs me by the arm and hurries me towards the door, just as Angela is heading back down the steps. My mom wastes no time and plucks my sister from the steps. From my moms arms, the little girl passes my gold necklace. My grandma from in town gave it to me when I was younger. It's really neat; it has my initial on it and everything. I'd hate to leave without it.

Hanging it around my neck, we run for the door just as a loud bang rips through the air. Angela screams at the sound, and me and my mom jump. I've watched enough television to know what a gunshot sounds like.

"Oh, God!" My mom screams, ripping the door open and dashing outside. The cool night air tugs at my legs as we run for my moms tiny red Oldsmobile. My heel is really hurting, but I ignore it as we run. I'm so scared I can feel my heart in my throat!

"You can't run from me, Meredith!" I can hear my dad cry out as we reach the vehicle. I tug open the backseat for my mom and she hastily places Angela in her car seat as another shot rings out. The metal on the door above my head sparks as the bullet misses me by inches, ricocheting off into the dark.

"You asshole!" My mom screams, ducking down and finishing off my sisters chair. The little girl is bawling now, her cries tugging at my heart. Grabbing my shirt, she opens the drivers side door, and ushers me inside. I crawl over to the passenger side and throw on my seatbelt as my mother fiddles with the keys. Yet another shot is heard and milliseconds later a bullet bounces off the cars hood. Finally sliding the key in the ignition, the car starts with a roar. Throwing it into reverse, we take off down the driveway with incredible speed.

"Keep your head down, baby!" She warns me, and I do. From the corner of my eye, I can see my dad running towards us down the drive with the gun in his hand. His eyes are bloodshot, and his head is covered in blood. It has to be the most frightening thing I've ever seen!

Hitting the main road, my mom flips the car into drive, and the tires scream as she hit's the gas. A small ting is heard as another shot flies our way, but by now we're leaving him in our dust! Turning in my seat, I can see him running after the car in vain as we head out of town.

Reaching back, I grab my sister backpack and pull out her favorite stuffed animal. It's a small white bunny I gave her for her birthday. I hand it over to her as the car starts across the bridge. "Don't cry, Angie." I try to reassure her. "It's going to be-"

I'm cut off harshly as the back window is shattered by a slug from my dads weapon, throwing pieces of safety glass everywhere. We all give a scream of surprise, and then we hear a loud bang. This one isn't a gunshot, more like an explosion. I feel the car give a vicious jerk as the back tire is blown clear off the axle. The car begins to fishtail wildly and my mother tries in vain to keep the car steady. With a jolt, the steering wheel is thrown from my moms hands and the car swerves to the right. Looking through the windshield, all I can see is the bridges guardrail descending on us. Oh, shit!

The rail crumples like paper as we hit, and the car goes flying off the bridge. My stomach, heart, and every other organ in my body leaps into my throat as the weightlessness overtakes me. I give a scream as the black water comes at us with terrifying speed. I throw up my hands as absolute silence converges on us before the water and the car finally meet. The silence is shattered with the sounds of crunching metal and breaking glass. I'm thrown forwards as the car hit's the water, sending up a plume of frothy water and spray. Black water rushed into the vehicle through the gaping hole where the windshield once sat, and I finally give a gasp. My arms are on fire from where they hit the dashboard, and I can barely move my fingers. I'm so scared! I look over to where my mom is sitting, and scream as I see her face covered in blood. She's not moving, and we're sinking!

Bringing myself into reality, I yank at my safety belt, but it isn't budging. The strap is digging painfully into my side, and I fight to break free. The dark liquid around us creeps higher up my body, and it soon climbs over my head. Taking in a deep breath before the car pulls me under, I battle with my restraints. And they say these things are supposed to save your life! Finally, with a vicious tug, the strap tears away from the metal, and I throw it away. By now my vision has begun to grow fuzzy, and it isn't due to the blood in the water. Feeling lightheaded, I pull open the car door, and turn back to get my mom and sister. They're both unconscious, and I go for my sister in the backseat first. The world is spinning as I try to undo the complicated series of buckles holding her inside. I'm so close! Just hold on a bit longer! Yes! Finally free, she begins to float upwards. Grabbing her arm, everything is starting to grow dimmer. I manage to swim out of the car with her in my arms, planning to place her on shore, then come back for my mom, but before I can even reach the surface, the light of the full moon above me fades away and I black out.

-end flashback-

Tears are rolling down my face shamelessly as I finish my tale. I can't stop it, and I don't care. It's been too long since I've wept like this for them. I feel guilty for not doing it every waking day. "When I came to, I was on the riverbank. A fisherman had found me, and was able to revive me. The bodies of my mother and sister were never found, as the river had swept them away. I never even got the chance to them a proper burial."

Hands on my shoulders make me look up. Sometime during my story, they had gotten up from their chairs and came to sit with me, even Atlanta. Everyone I see has tears in their eyes as they console me, not with their words, but with their actions. Gentle hands on my shoulders, arms and back let me know they're there for me, which is something not a lot of people have ever done for me.

Wiping a few tears from my eyes, I grab a hold of someone's hand resting on my shoulder. I don't care whose it is. "A few months later, after I checked out from the hospital, I stood trial against the man who killed my family. Thanks to the noise, there were several witnesses able to try against him, but because it had been dark out, they couldn't verify if it had been my father. I was the key witness, though, and my testimony threw him in prison. He received two accounts of first degree murder, as well as a charge of attempted murder. He was supposed to stay in prison for the rest of his life, and then some if the courts had their way. That's why he hates me. I put him away. Later I went to live with my grandparents, that is, until I came here."

Looking back to the person whose hand I have clenched in my own, I give thanks to the Gods as I see Atlanta's tear stained face smiling down on me.

"I just don't want anyone else to get hurt because of me." I whisper, unable to meet her eyes any longer. The bandage on her head causes more tears to fall, and I try to wipe them away. For some reason, they just won't stop.

"You don't have to be afraid." Atlanta's voice echoes in my ear, and I can feel her hot breath on my skin. I turn and look at her, our faces so close, I can't see anything else but her. "We'll put him back where he belongs...together!"


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