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Chapter Six

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We can share a lot of things, me and Atlanta. Tears, laughs, good times, and bad.

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Chapter Six:

Okay, as I heard on television once, there's ugly, then there's crypt ugly! Looking into the mirror in the boys washroom, the bruise on my chin has reached borderline crypt, if you get my hint. The ones on my neck have started to go that nasty yellowish black color...gross. After managing to cry my heart out in front of my friends, forever losing my bad-boy image - crap! -, I decided to hit the washroom and drown the rest of my sorrows down the sink. Reaching over to the taps, I twist on the cold. Cupping a pool of the icy liquid in my hands, I splash it into my face. It feels good on my injuries, and it nearly puts me back into shock! Damn that's cold.

Grabbing a handful of paper towels, I dry myself off, then take a step back to asses myself. Okay, lets do a rundown. Body in one piece? Check. Purple hair? Check. Bruises everywhere else? Check. Presentable again? Check that one off. Okay, I think that'll just about cover everything. Damn, that bastard did a number on me. Right now, though, I'm more worried about Atlanta. Chiron said she may have a concussion, which I wouldn't doubt. I didn't see her walk over to me during my story, but when I got up to leave for the washroom, she stood up and nearly fell over. I had caught her and helped her back to her chair because she couldn't walk straight...and because I wanted a chance to hang onto her without making it seem awkward. Now I'm even more worried. Throwing the paper towel into the trash bin, I walk back out to Chiron's study.

Walking through the door, I see everyone still there, including Hera, all seated around Atlanta. Chiron's there too. Thank goodness, I wanted to talk to him about my foot. My heel is starting to Hold the fucking phone! I knew there was something wrong as soon as I started walking. The familiar click of my brace was absent, since my sandals are gone too...huh?...and fearing the worst, I look down at my right leg. My gold brace is gone! Okay, don't panic! Maybe Chiron had to take it off when he was treating us...but what would my foot have to do with my chest? Don't think like that, Arch! Maybe he was checking it for any injuries. Yeah, that's it! It's a good thing there wasn't anything to knock t against on the way to and from the bathroom.

Walking over to the others, I take a seat at the end of Atlanta's chair. "Chiron?" Said God of Beasts is standing over by his bookshelf. "Did you take my brace?"

Please say yes, please say yes, please say..."No. There was no need to. Why do you ask?" oh, SHIT! This isn't good. Holding my foot up for him to see, I even wiggle my toes for emphasis. "It's gone."

Chiron nearly jumped. "But that's impossible! You had it on when you and Atlanta were brought in."

Hera, on the other hand, seemed fine. Hey, this is my life here! If it were Jay's brace, she's probably go into cardiac arrest. "I don't see any reason to worry just yet. I'll simply have Hephaestus make you a new one. Please don't panic; there's no way anyone can get in here without an amulet."

"That didn't seem to stop Campe." I point out, a little nervous.

"You must remember a few things, Archie." She replies, frowning at me. Hey, you aren't my favorite either. "Campe is the guardian of Tartarus Prison. You're father is merely human. She has powers over him."

Not anymore, I think. Damn, there goes the whole 'aloud problem' because everyone heard that one. Some day's I figure a muzzle would do me some good. Now everyone's depressed, nervous and maybe even on the verge of freaking out, and it's all my fault. Atlanta's hurt because I couldn't protect her, my teammates lives are in danger and even Chiron's study is doubtfully safe, all thanks to me. I guess I am better off alone. All I've brought all of this upon everyone, and they would be safer if I weren't around. It's my problem anyway. I should deal with it myself. Then again, if I leave, then Cronus could strike at any moment, and they wouldn't be the full seven prophesized. Suddenly needing some fresher air, I stand and walk towards the door.

"Archie." I look back at the all too familiar voice. Atlanta's still laying on the couch, my hoodie held in her good hand. Neil has taken the responsibility upon himself to see that her cast is well decorated, thus she has a bit of an annoyed look to her. At least, I think it's thanks to Neil...where'd he get the marker? Don't tell me he carries one of those around too?

"Yeah?" I sigh. Waiting for an answer is always a long wait, especially when you're trying to leave.

"Don't go outside alright?" Aww, now here I was hoping for a don't-leave-me-alone-I-want-to-be-with-you-forever, but I guess that'll suffice. Giving her a nod and a smile, I walk out of the room, and, surprisingly, no one comes to stop me. Maybe knowing I won't do anything dumb. Ha, as if I haven't done stupid things in my life.

Completely disregarding Atlanta's request, which is killing me inside, I walk through the portal back into the main wing of the school, and walk out the front doors. A warm gust of wind greets me as I make my way down the steps and into the track field. Thank the God's it's nice out, because I just realized I didn't grab my shirt on the way out. It is starting to get dark, so I better not stay out for too long. That, and other reasons.

I slowly make my way over to the bleachers that face the track ring, careful not to hit my heel on anything, and sit down on the top bench. I'd go for a run, if I had my brace. You never know how important the damn thing is until it starts screwing around with your lifestyle. And I forgot to mention the lack of heat issue to Chiron. My mind must be elsewhere in the cosmos at the moment.

Running my hands through my hair, I think on the situation. If I leave, I could deal with my dad and not have my friends hurt, but Cronus wouldn't turn down such an opportunity to get us. If I stay, Cronus won't come after me and my friends, but my dad will be haunting our every move, with everyone on the team in danger. When did my life become such a soap opera?

"What's wrong?" I scream higher than an opera singer on speed as a voice next to me asks the oh so popular question. Trying desperately to pull myself together, recognize that the person beside me does not have black or purple hair, and that if it were either of those two, they wouldn't be asking me what was wrong, I come to the conclusion that I scream higher than Neil. Looking up from the bleachers a few rows down from where I had been, now on my butt, I see Echo sitting pretty on the bleachers. She's laughing openly at my scene moments ago, where my manly nature flew out the window. Falling the few flights has really irritated my ribs! Ow! I hope I didn't break anything else!

"What the hell, Echo?" You could say I was mad, then I could tell you you're understating the fact. "Don't do that!"

"Can't help it! It's what I do." she rambled. "Aren't you one of Neil's friends? I remember you from the cage in Cronus' lair. How is he? I know I broke up with him and all, but you have to admit he is a walking dream! He looks so much like Narcissus! How is he? He's-"

"You asked that already." I inform the nattering nymph. "The question is, what are you doing here?"

"I came to say hi. From what I've been picking up on my sonar receiver, you guys are in a bit of a pickle." She said that so fast, I caught sonar, guy's and pickle...not a boat load of sense. She's still going, so maybe I should pay some attention. "And that's the reason." Never mind.

"Alright, so how do you think you can help?" I ask, still a little lost, considering I didn't understand a word of her last statement.

"Sonar, duh!" She states it as if I was supposed to know. "I can listen in on your dad, and let you know what he's up to! This'll help you, and I can also be around Neil-kins at the same time!"

Wow, that's actually a good idea! But wait..."How can you be around Neil and still listen in on my dad...?"

"Geez, you ask too many questions!" And you don't shut up! "Of course I won't be around him all the time, but I have a reason to be around him!"

"Gotcha, but-"

"Oh, now I remember! You were the one with the pretty gold brace weren't you? And here I thought it was the only one around."

"Well, I-wait! Hold on, what do you mean the only one around?" Now I am really confused!

"Oh, I saw this weird looking creature thing walking away from the school with one that looked a lot like yours."

"WHAT!" Now it's the nymphs turn to jump. "What the hell? Why didn't you tell me before? What did it look like?"

"Like I said before, you ask too many questions. It was really weird looking thing. It was sort of like a harpy, except it was all black. It looked like a winged cat..." A cat? I thought it would have been my father when she mentioned harpy. "Like I said it was all black except for its eyes. They were bright gold, but not a pretty gold. More like a dark, rusty color. But I have to admit it was kinda cute! It had a tail and claws and-"

"Alright! Thanks. I get it." Alright, let's get this straight. There's my dad, Cronus, and now a freaky cat thing after us. Hold on...I remember something about a cat in Greek mythology. There's a tale that tells of a woman named...Galenthias- that's it- who angered a God once. I'm not sure who she pissed off, but she was turned into a black cat. She later became the High Priestess at the Temple of Hecate. That's why, on Halloween, black cats are said to be evil and associated with witches. So now we can add Galenthias and Hecate to my list. Crap, I am totally screwed.

"We have to get back to Hera and-"

"I'm on it!" Wow, that's the shortest sentence she's ever said. Wait, she just laid a hand on my-

Woah! I am now in the school, on my ass in the main lobby of the Gods wing. As someone said before, I will never get used to that! At least last time I stayed on my feet.

"Oh, there you are." Jay's just come around the corner. He's giving Echo a surprised look, but I don't blame him. I've given her a few already today. "Anyway, where were you?"

Oh crap. "I was, uh-"

"He was outside talking with me!" Echo you are going to die. Jay's now looking at me with a surprised look.

"You went outside? Alone? Are you insane?"

"Uh, no, but I needed some fresh air." Ouch, that sounded so lame, it almost hurt coming out. It is the truth though.

I feel like a three year old whose just been caught with a a hand in the cookie jar. Jay has a mean pair of eyes when he's angry, let me tell you. The last time I felt like this, my mom and Angela were still alive.

"Look, I'm sorry, alright? I needed to think and being outside has always helped me think."

Jay's looking at his shoes, arms crossed. There's a moment of silence, then, "I'm bound to give you the benefit of the doubt, as a leader to you and the others. Just let me know exactly where you're going next time. These aren't the times to go around on your own, you especially."

Hey, it's a great little speech but I still feel an inch tall. He is good! Wait, where was I before? Oh yeah. "Thanks, man, but listen. I think Galenthias stole my brace." I know you know what I'm talking about, buddy.

Now he's surprised again. "Archie, last time I checked, Galenthias wasn't prowling around jacking teenagers possessions."

"Galenthias! That's her name! I thought I recognized that thing."

"Yeah, but the last time I checked, Galenthias didn't have wings."

"What?" Now the poor guy is really confused. Wow, what a confusing day. "Galenthias has wings?"

"We have to see Hera about this, Jay."

The boy just nods and the three of us make out way back to Chiron's study.


"So, you're both telling me a cat stole your brace." Hera has an eyebrow raised. Not a good thing. I'm sitting back on my chair, Chiron giving me a look over thanks to my freefall a few minutes ago.

"Yeah, but this isn't any cat. It's Galenthias! The priestess of evil!" I wave my fingers in her face. Not smart, I know, but fun to do nonetheless. "The question is why?"

"I do not know." She's giving me the look, the one she taught Jay oh so well. "And I am still doubtful it is Galenthias. She doesn't have wings."

"I thought so." Jay, your so funny.

"Yeah, well neither did my dad last time I saw him!" Well, he didn't! "Maybe Hecate sided with Cronus, too! That would explain Galenthias."

Hera rolls her eyes. Hey, it would explain a lot. Fine, non believer. "In any case, you'll be staying inside the school until all of you can find a weak spot."

Here there are several groans and complaints, especially from Atlanta and myself. We practically live outside! She can't do this to us! Well, at least there's a track ring in here... "Now, it's time to see Hephaestus. Archie, if you'll come with me..." She asks like I have a choice.

"Aren't you worried as to how Galenthias got inside the school?" Atlanta asks, exasperated. Neil has yet to finish the deco on her cast. Echo had found him as soon as she entered the room, and is now latched to his arm like a padlock. The squeaks from the marker must be driving both the girls crazy! "She just walked in and took off with Archie's stuff! Doesn't that mean anything?"

"If it was Galenthias, she won't dare come near us Gods. We were the ones who cursed her, and she knows our wrath. If you stay near us, she won't be a problem."

Is it just me or is Hera in a non caring mood of late? It's like this whole situation isn't even worth looking twice at! That isn't like her, and by the look on Jay's, and even Herry's face, there's something going on. I mean, for that to happen, it is really obvious. If Neil starts to see it too, I am asking a lot of questions! For him to see anyone but himself, it has to be bad.

Doing as I'm told, my chest aching so badly it's hard to inhale, we make our way through the God's wing down to Hephaestus' work room. 'We' being Hera, myself and the gang. Even Atlanta, much to Chiron's dismay. I'm a tad disappointed to see that she's left my hoodie behind. Oh well. It great to know they're worried about me.

As far as the workshop is concerned, it isn't hard to find; if you listen real closely, you can hear the hammering of steel on his anvil. Just follow the smashing...and the cursing? Reaching the God of Fire's workplace, we can hear a line of words rated M for mature echoing from inside. I think he dropped his hammer on his foot again.

Hera doesn't look too flattered. In fact, her face is beat red. I guess the whole 'no swearing in class' rule applies down here too. As she throws the doors open, we all poke our heads around her, trying to catch a glimpse of the chaos that is no doubt about to begin.

"Hephaestus! What in Zeus' name?" We all give a snicker as the stout little man gives a jump, looking at her wide-eyed. Yeah, dude. You should know by now that she can appear out of nowhere.

"Hera! Sorry about that. Meant no disrespect." he holds out his hands, one holding his gigantic hammer. "Just dropped the darn thing on my lame foot." Ooh, double whammy! I can hear a verbal wince come from the others. Yeah, I sense his pain. Wait...hey! I'm psychic! Told you he dropped it on himself.

All the guy can do is shrug. Hera, looking a bit pained for him as well, merely nods. "How long will it take to make a duplicate brace for Archie?"

Heph looks down at my foot, and frowns. "Don't tell me you broke it again?"

"That wasn't my fault! Blame Hecate's giant pigeon!"

The big guy gives his beard a tug. "Well, last time you broke it, I had the pieces. Where is it?"

"Uh...about that. Someone stole it."

Wow, again with the look! This one is of disbelief, though. It must be a family thing. "Someone stole your brace?"

What is it going to take for someone to believe me?!? Gods! "Yes, someone stole it!"

"Probably doesn't know what the darn thing even is." He sighs. There's been a lot of that going around. "Well, since I don't have the remains, to make a new one from scratch will take a few days."

A few...a few days? How the hell long is that? "How the hell long is a few days?"

Again I am christened with The Look from Hera for my poor language, but Hephaestus finds it amusing. He chuckles. "At least four or five. The gold alloy your brace was made of is a difficult substance to forge. Got a bunch of tough metals in it. Then there's actually making it..."

"Why didn't you just say a week?!?" I can't believe this! What if we have to go into battle? More than likely. Without my brace, I am now a liability! Damn everything!

"That's why Galenthias stole your brace, Arch!" Atlanta's thinking in my direction. How I wish I could just read her mind. "Without it, you can't fight! Well, not without getting seriously hurt! And that drags our numbers down to six!"

"With only six people, Cronus is bound to come after us." Odie finishes for Atlanta. "This isn't looking good."

"I'd like to know how she got in." Herry muses. "And he has to know where we are. How else would Galenthias have found us?" Wow, Herry. That's an idea and a half! Good job.

"He used her for her stealth and cunning." Hera informs us. "He's gotten more intelligent in his old age."

I can't help but give a snicker. Look who's talking!

"Aw, the guy's a big a wind bag as ever." Heph states solidly. "Sorry I can't do more for you guys. I might be able to find something I can melt down in here, but as you can see..." he gestures around the huge mess that is his workplace, "that in itself might take a while."

Jay gives his eyes, then his temples a stout rubbing. "Thanks, Heph. Let us know the minute your done, alright?"

"Will do!" Without anything more to say, we make our way out of the room. The hammering picks up again a few moments later, this time without the cursing.

"I can't believe this!" Man, Atlanta's cute when she pouts. "This just sucks!" Looking closely, she seems a bit haggard. I wonder why?

"Alright." That's right Jay. Take charge. "If we stay inside, we're good. Archie, your dad is only human, so he would need a medallion to get in here. And the place is shielded against Cronus. All we have to worry about is whether Galenthias is going to show up again. In the meantime, we have to make a plan. We have about a week to come up with something while Archie's brace is being made."

"Well, I think the first thing we should do is take a good look at ourselves." Odie pipes up, which earns him a few odd looks. "With Archie's dad-"

"Robert!" I yell. I don't mean to, but I hate how he keep's being referred to as 'Archie's dad'. It just reminds me of what he is to me. "His name is Robert."

"Sorry, man." Odie apologizes. "With Robert having our powers, he must have been given weaknesses too. All strengths have flaws."

"So you're saying that we should study our own powers to find the hidden weak points." Theresa concludes. "It's the only logical thing I can imagine. It's just..." she gives a pause, "finding out your weaknesses makes someone feel vulnerable. Do we want to do that to ourselves?"

Jay puts a hand on her shoulder. You know, they really would make a good couple. I think it's off to a good start too, since Theresa's face is a tad redder than normal. "It's all we have at the moment. Besides, by finding those flaws, we can expand on them and make those areas stronger."

"Like you said, Jay, there's no one who knows our powers better than we do." Odie has a grin on his face that means he already has a blueprint in his mind.

"It sounds like you all have a plan." Hera smiles at us. "I believe I shall depart. If you need me, you all know where to look." Your forest of an office, we know.

"Hello? What about me?" Neil pipes up after Hera leaves. The guys been pretty quiet the last while. It's probably Echo, whose still clinging like a leech. Or he was just too interested in Atlanta's cast. Now finished, he puts the cap back on his marker with a pop, and pockets it.

"What about you?" Jay asks, confused. Like I said, confusing day.

"I obviously have no flaws!" The blonde grins his million dollar smile. Pulling out his three paneled mirror, he begins to play around with his hair. "It would be useless for me to partake."

We all roll our eyes, and who wouldn't! Sometimes I wonder why Narcissus was ever considered a 'hero'. The guy died looking at himself and turned into a flower! Real manly way to go. We all decide to just walk away. He never even notices, still infatuated with his reflection.

As we meander down the hallway, I pull out my PMR and flip it open to check the time. Holy mother of-! This day has just flown by! Wow, it's almost ten! It didn't seem that long ago that I was outside with Echo. It couldn't have been over seven then. Oh well.

"Hey, Jay!" The teen, who was walking ahead of me, stops and turns. "It's almost ten o'clock. Should we start the planning tomorrow?"

Not believing me, I can only guess why not, our leader pulls out his PMR and looks at the time. I can see his eyes widen slightly, and I know he must be as surprised as I am. I would have never guessed, mainly because I'm not that tired.

"Good idea." He nods at me. Guess he's forgotten the whole me-going-outside-and-worrying-him scene. Better for me anyway. "Besides, you and Atlanta need to rest." He points at me.

Almost confused, I look down at me. Oh yeah, bandaged, injured, right. Chiron's painkillers must have a slow rate of release cause I can't even feel my injuries. Atlanta though, looks dead tired now. You could never tell if you didn't have my eye for details. All these long months of staring at her when she wasn't looking have given me a permanent image of her features in my mind...what? I am not a stalker. You can't be a stalker if you live in the same building, practically down the hall...right? Anyway, her normally squared, confident shoulders have drooped a little, her eyes aren't as sharp as they usually are, and her hair is out of place. You wouldn't think the last one is relevant, but she likes to have her hair spiked back and neat. If it's a bit messy, like it is now, she doesn't care. When she doesn't care about her hair, it means she doesn't have the energy to put it back.

"Yeah, right." I try to make myself look weary as well. Why? Because I know that their beds would have been set up in the gym, and me and Atlanta are in Chiron's study. Alone. Get all dirty thoughts out of your heads, you sickos! I mean this way I can stare at her sleeping and no one will be around to catch me...huh. That sounded creepy even to me.

With a wave, and a few 'take care's, the others head towards the gym, just as expected. My plan is officially in motion. You can't see it, but I am grinning inside! Quick! This calls for action!

"Atlanta, you coming?" I look over at her, and she nods, walking my way. Great action. Stand there like an idiot and make others do the work. Well, hey. If it can work for major CEO's, it can work for me. Up close, she really does look tired. From a distance, you can't tell, but she has telltale dark bags under her eyes. I've never really seen her like this before, and I'm a bit worried.

"Are you alright, 'Lanta?" I don't know why I just don't call her by name. A nickname with only two letters missing is kinda lame.

"I'm so tired!" she mutters, almost under her breath. "Chiron's...meds...taking hold."

I give a laugh, which catches her off guard. Probably thinks it's at her. "And to think we took them hours ago."

She laughs, which to me is soft bells on a snowy winter's night. Vivid, yeah I know. I write poetry. What can I say? "Not very good if t takes five hours to kick in."

Now we're both laughing. The once quiet halls are echoing loudly with the sound, meaning the nymph hasn't left yet. Turning a corner, the laughing stops momentarily as Atlanta trips over her own feet. Uh-oh! I don't want her breaking something else!

Reflexes as fast as ever, I manage to grab Atlanta around the waist before he falls over. Bringing her in close, I nearly stumble as she tries to find her feet. Wait. I have Atlanta around the waist. SCORE! Better yet, she's too high on meds to even care that I haven't let her go yet. She's laughing at herself, calling herself clumsy. Deciding it best in the long run, and the short run as well, I don't let her go. Her body is so warm. Her small frame at first glace seems just that; small and frail, but under her shirt I can feel her hardened muscles. Years of hard training has defiantly paid off for her, and I think she has a better six-pack that I do. Who am I kidding? I don't have muscles. Too skinny.

"Now whose turn is it to catch who?" I ask her smiling. She's laughing so hard she's practically crying. I can't help but share in her good mood.

"Some side effects may include dizziness, nausea and loss of bodily functions." she laughs, throwing an arm around my shoulder for support. Now it's not the meds that she has to fight against. It's gravity.

Reaching Chiron's study, Atlanta still in my arms - which, as you can tell, I am LOVING! - I swing the doors open. The room is dark, lit only by a single sconce in the wall by his books. Is that really a safe idea? All that paper? Chiron himself isn't anywhere in sight. No doubt he's gone to bed somewhere. Where does the guy sleep? The thought is driven from my mind as I place all my attention back onto the redhead beside me.

Playing along, I manage to say between laughs, "Other side effects may include shortness of breath, heart failure and death." Why they never say death in those commercials is beyond me. With all the symptoms they name off, your better off dead in some cases.

Atlanta's roaring with laughter. "In rare cases, patients have experienced mutant body growths such as gigantic warts and fur."

Laying the giggling girl on her bed, I sit down next to her and laugh with her. I'm sure if Chiron were to hear any of this, he may become offended. "Ask your doctor if the little green pills are right for you."

Her face is red and tears are in her eyes as she giggles her heart out. I remember the last time we shared a moment like this in Chiron's study...then she began throwing books at me. "Archie, if you experience an erection for more then five hours, see you physician immediately."

Oh. My. God. She did not just say that! I can feel my cheeks burning like a wildfire. I think I could challenge the sun with all the heat coming off my face. I think maybe we should end this before it gets too awkward, though I think it just passed that stage. I hope to the Gods it's the med's.

Getting up off her couch/bed/chair thing, I spot my hoodie on the floor next to her. She's still laughing like a madwoman, but at least she's calmed down a bit. Picking it up off the floor, I lay it over her before I can stop myself. Wanting to care for her seems to be second nature. Making sure not to bump her arm, I tuck her in as well as I can. She snuggles into the warm material. It's great for that. That's why I wear it all the time; I get cold easily.

Silence descends on the room for the first time as Atlanta's laughing stops. She's still wearing a huge grin, though, and she has her eyes closed in weariness.

"Thank you Archie."

It's almost a whisper, and I barely catch it. Taking a seat next to her, I watch as her breathing quickly becomes shallower as sleep takes her. "You're welcome, 'Lan." Then I do something that wasn't in my script. Leaning over her, I lay a soft kiss on her forehead. Her skin is so soft, I have trouble breaking contact, but I know I have to. Bringing my head back, I see she hasn't moved. She must already be asleep. Huh. That'll be the second kiss I've ever given her, and the second kiss she'll probably never remember. How could she when she's far away and dreaming? And those dreams are something I don't want t disturb.

Standing, I walk over to my own couch. Damn, I have christened them as couches. If they aren't, they have no say in the matter. Neither does Chiron. Laying back into the cushy material, exhaustion hits me like a ton of bricks. I really hope Atlanta remembers tonight when she wakes up...


My morning is announced by my head hitting the floor as I roll out of bed. Ow...I think I'd take the annoying squawks of the alarm clock to that any day.

I slowly pull myself off the floor into a sitting position, and rub my arms. It is really cold in here. I forgot to tell Chiron about it, and I'll be damned if I forget again! Reaching into my pocket, I pull out my PMR to check the time. The god's don't believe in clocks, it seems. The room is still darkened, and the sconce is still the only means of light. Odd. Oh, well now I know why. The digital reading on my clock is saying it's only two thirty in the morning. Darn restless nights.

A sliver of blue from the corner of my eye catches my attention. It's my hoodie again. Man this thing has seen a lot of the floor lately. Hold up, something's clicking into place. Looking up from the floor, I glace towards Atlanta. She isn't in her bed.

Picking myself off the floor entirely, wary of my heel, I glance around. She isn't in the room. That's weird. She was really tired when she went to bed; a whole four and a half hours ago. She shouldn't be up already.

Walking out of the room, I look down the hallways. The shadows in the space is eerie, and I feel a pang of wariness as I walk down it. "Atlanta." I whisper, loud enough for anyone awake in the din to hear. "You here?"

No answer. This is really starting to freak me out. It's not like we have a kitchen in the school. Only a cafeteria, and the cooks are all at home, asleep like any sane person at this hour. Let's try again. "Atlanta." This time it's a bit louder. Still nothing.

I search for what seems to be forever, covering the entire God's wing, including the gym. She hadn't been in there, and no one else had been wakened. Just as well. Now I'm scared. She wouldn't have left the wing for all it's worth. Maybe she just managed to get around me and is now back in the study, sleeping. Oh, Lord let it be so.

The trip back scares the crap out of me. In the dark, I get lost three times, and once I swear I felt something touch me! Finally back at where I began, I close the doors behind me quickly, sending me into complete darkness. Aw, jeez! The sconce must have burned out!

I turn around in the complete darkness...and am greeted with a pair of glowing yellow eyes hanging in what appears to be a black veil! The thing then grins, it's white fangs now visible as well!

"HOLY FU-" A pair of small hands pushes me through the doors, and I land hard on the marble hallway floor. What feel like daggers are digging into my shoulders, pulling at me and dragging me along the floor. I cry out in pain, hoping it's loud enough to wake the others. One hand on my assailant arm, I reach into my back pocket and thankfully find a throwing star. Whisking it apart, I grab it carefully through it's center and stab down into my opponents body. The daggers leave me immediately as the thing cried out in pain, and I feel myself stop. It's screech is like a thousand harpies and I have to cover my ears. I suddenly feel a gust of wind on me, and whatever it was is now gone.

Clutching my shoulder, I jump to my feet. Atlanta missing, that thing roaming around in the study...! Oh, God.


So sorry about the wait! Argh, I feel terrible! Last minute cramming, projects, you name it, I did it. I am also sorry to say that I am unsure of when the next chapter will be because I have finals coming up! Eek! If I don't get the next one up in time, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza, and all those holiday greetings!
-Clandestine Fire
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