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Chapter Seven

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Well, one problem down, and another bigger, more inevitable one has just come around...

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Hi all! Happy New Year! I love this time of year. Everyone coming together to celebrate and experience the creation of a new year. I hope everyone is having fun out there! Sorry about the wait. I feel so bad about it. Thanks everyone for being so patient! You're all amazing!

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/Chapter 7:/

"Archie!" I hear Odie's voice from somewhere behind me. The darkness is making it really hard to see anything. "What's going on, man?"

"Is she with you?" Wasting time getting to the point could be potentially dangerous right now. "Atlanta! Is she with you guys?"

The others have caught up, and, thankfully, Jay was bright enough to turn the flashlight feature on his PMR. They're all looking a bit confused. Crap. That keys it for me. And I notice that Echo isn't clinging to Neil like a leech, which means she must have gone to do a bit of eavesdropping.

"No," Jay answers. "She was with you last time I saw - hey!" I don't want to hear the rest of what he has to say. I don't even want to think on it. There's only one explanation I have on my mind; that...thing!...has Atlanta.

Running through the hall towards the direction I figure it went, a bobbing light at my back signals Jay and the others are following. Suddenly Jay's flashlight picks up something on the floor. Something wet...

"Blood." I've never been happier to see the red liquid in my entire life. The others still haven't caught up yet, but the light manages to pick up more in front of me. A nice little trail.

The gang finally reaches me, and our leader looks like he's about to take the lead...but not before he catches the state of my shoulder. Taking my arm, he spins me around to face him and shines the light on me. I have to close me eyes fast, but even then little balls of light are blinding my vision through the black.

"Archie," Jay's voice is dead serious. I must look a mess; my chest is aching, bare and bandaged, and I can feel my new wound bleeding down my arm. I hate my life right now. "What is going on?"

"I woke up, Atlanta was gone. Long story short, I went looking for her, then got attacked by...something! It must have her if she isn't with you!" I wave my arms around for emphasis, only managing to look like an idiot. Pointing at the trail, which I suppose the others had yet to notice from the intake of breath. "I managed to hit it with one of my stars." Taking my own PMR out, I turn on the built-in flashlight, and shine it onto the floor. The light reflects ominously off the wet trail of blood.

No one's saying anything, so I begin following the little pools through the hallway. The others follow, still silent. I would really like to know how it got inside. Campe didn't seem to have much of a problem either, which is a bit unnerving. Creatures like those, able to just walk into the secret home of the Gods? I know that the area is protected against Cronus, but why would he need to when he can send in his minions? Makes you afraid to go to sleep at night, huh?

After a moment we find ourselves in the main hallway, the magic gateway about two dozen feet ahead, when I spot something shiny on the floor. No, it isn't blood; I know that's there already. It's silver, with a touch of gold and a heap of hemoglobin. It's my throwing star if you couldn't guess. Walking over, I pick it up. I have to hold it away as it drips.

"Ewww!" Neil whines. "That's just gross! Arch, you really should take better care of your stuff!"

I roll my eyes. Some days..."I'll keep that in mind, Neil. Thanks for the amazing bit of advice." If he didn't catch the sarcasm in that, he truly is as brain dead as I think he is. Using a stray bandage, I wipe the weapon clean before I pocket it. There's no time to worry about something like cleaning.

Continuing, my worst fears are answered as the little trail leads to the only entryway in the hall. The little trail ends at the shimmering blue wall. Apparently it's always there, but it only appears to you on the other side once you've used the medallion and pulled the light cord in the janitors closet.

"It got in through the closet?" Theresa ponders just behind me as I shine the light on the trail. "How is that possible?"

Jay looks troubled. I really don't blame him. "Your guess is as good as mine, T."

"Let's go." I don't want to wait anymore. If the winged thing really has Atlanta, I want to hunt it down as soon as possible. I'm going to kill it, too, if it even scratched her. It, then Robert, then Cronus. And Neil thinks my priorities are out of order. Please.

I don't take more than one step before Jay's got my arm again. "I don't think so. It's too dangerous for you to be outside with your...with Robert on the loose." I glare at him. I can take care of myself, thank you! He gives me a stern look, probably because I look rebellious. You would be too!

"Look!" I swipe his hand away. I have a right to be mad, okay? "Atlanta is out there somewhere, in God knows what type of condition, and it's my fault! I was in the same fucking room and I couldn't help her! It's my responsibility to get her back, and I intend to! And I don't need you babysitting me just because of my dad. I put up with him for years, and I can do it now!"

Then Jay does something I didn't expect. He gets right up into my face, with a look of fury on his features. His voice is a low whisper, but his tone sends shivers down my spine. "Your father never had powers before, just his fists. If you go out there and die, then the world dies with you. You will stay here."

My feet refuse to move, and I'm left speechless as he turns around and walks towards the gateway. I am finally able to overcome my shock about a minute too late. Jay's already barked out his orders and they've disappeared through the shimmering blue wall. Without the light of Jay's PMR, the hallway has been thrust into darkness. My shock explodes into anger. Who the hell does he think he is? Needing a release before I explode, I grab the nearest thing I have. The bloodstained steel of my throwing star flashes as I throw it with all my might into the oblivion, not caring where it goes or what it hits. As I scream at the roof, I hear it strike stone, then it clatters to the floor. My hands are shaking, and I'm pretty sure I've chipped a few teeth as I grind them in frustration. Who is he to tell me to stay put? That man killed my mother, my sister, and now the girl of my dreams has been taken away from me by a monster I'm damned sure is connected with Robert and Cronus, and he tells me to stay here? Fuck that!

My mind made up, I dash to Chiron's Study, grabbing my weapon off the floor on my way by. Don't ask me how I managed that in the dark! There, I relight the sconces and dig about for my stuff. With all these books around, it doesn't take me long to spot my shirt and whip sitting on a shelf. Whipping on my t-shirt, I pocket my whip, and am about to run out when I spot my hoddie. An image of Atlanta snuggled underneath it flashes through my mind as I bend down and gently pick it up. Feeling the soft material between my thumb and pointer finger, I fight back a tear. What if she's hurt? I was no more then five feet away from her when she must have been taken, and I was useless to her... No. I can't think that way. If I do, I'm no good to anyone! Throwing it over my shoulders, which causes my chest to ache horribly, I zip it up. My shoulders have stopped bleeding at least, but the dried blood along my arms flakes as it rubs against the blue material. I can feel the same on my shoulders as well. Who cares though? Leaving the study, I make my way back to the blue gateway and leave.

Oh, crap! What if the gangs still around? Cracking the janitors door open just so, I peer into the deserted hallway. Good. No ones around. I guess they can really move when motivated. It's still dark, though...what time is it anyway? Again, I could care less. I can use the darkness to sneak around. Walking out, I head for the front doors instead of the side entrance to the school, which would have led me to the field and the parking lot. The front doors will lead me straight onto the street; the building will block me from view if the others are still around. Again peering out to make sure the coast is clear, I dash from the school as fast as I can. Crossing the street in about seven wide steps, I run into the nearest alley. Good thing too; I just heard a vehicle pass by. I can only guess, by the rumble of the engine, that it was Herry's 'tank', as Atlanta would put it. Close call!

Leaning back on a dumpster, I have to sit for a moment. Don't get me wrong, I'm not tired. It's just running without my brace is awkward. I never knew how much I'd miss the damned thing. The loss of weight on my right foot is just annoying, really. I hope that maybe I can get the original back; I had it broken in nicely! Pisses me off...No respect for peoples crap anymore.

Standing, and stretching, I flip open my PMR. No doubt that's how the guy's will be tracking Atlanta. Sure enough, there's a tiny dot racing towards another tiny dot. Good. I just hope she's okay. Hitting a button, the thing beeps at me, then turns off. No reason for them to know I'm wandering the streets. But there's a problem now...with it off, I can't go after Atlanta. Wait...I can't go after her anyway because the gang will be there! Way to think ahead, idiot! I now have two options left to me, I suppose. One, I could go back to the school and do nothing while I wait for the others to return, all the while drowning in self pity and worry...OR I could go track down that freaky monster thing that attacked us and exact a little revenge. Which one to choose? Man, I hate tough decisions.

Heading back across the street, watching for cars of course, I go back into the school. Again, don't get me wrong. With the light from the street lamps outside coming in through the windows, there's just enough light to see and I am soon able to find the blood trail. I really, really love sharp objects. They just make the world a better place, don't they? I had a firm thought that it wouldn't be with Atlanta anymore; it wasn't when it attacked me.

Following it back outside - I feel like a yo-yo right now - I follow it around to the back of the school and past the track field. It's so weird not seeing anyone on it; I still have to find out the time. Through the parking lot, and down the street, it's still a solid trail. I must have got it good for it not to have flown away. It could be a trap, but I don't really care at the moment. I can deal with that when it comes. I have to vent somehow, and it'll rue the day it ever worked for Cronus...who the hell says rue these days? Only me, I guess.

Damn, I think I must have been following this trail for an hour! The sky to the east has started to get lighter, so I'm guessing the time is around...oh, six? Maybe a little later than that, but it's nice to get a time frame. The added light is also a nice bonus. Continuing down the street, the trail has started to get a little thin; I guess there's only so much something can bleed. Ugh, that was kind of a gross thought. Nice, Arch. Real nice.

As the streets start to get a little sparser, and a little busier, I can see the edge of town coming into view. It's amazing that that thing could get way out here, injured even. Walking by the last few blocks of houses, they abruptly end, and I'm greeted by the countryside. I forget myself for a moment, and just stare. I always enjoyed the country; no traffic, few people and lots of room to just do what you want. I envy Herry for growing up on a farm. Even the small town I came from is still nothing like this. I wonder how my grandparents are?

Shaking my head, I continue. I am not surprised in the least as the trail veers of the road suddenly, and takes a detour through some guy's field. Won't he be mad. Even with the tall crops blocking my view of the ground, there's an easy trail of ruined wheat to follow. I have to be getting close by now. A little armed protection will probably be best. Grabbing my whip, I follow slowly. It could be hiding in the field, and an ambush could come from anywhere. Crossing the field, without trouble thank the Gods, I find myself in what looks like a pasture. I can only guess, seeing as there's a horse grazing in the distance. The scene would be nice if there wasn't what looked like a huge dead crow some feet away. Cautiously, I approach the thing. Upon closer inspection, I see it obviously isn't a crow. And I can't tell if it's really dead or not. Laying on it's stomach, I can't see it breathing, so I do what any normal human being would do: I poke it with a stick. Actually, it's a long grain stalk, but it does the job well enough. I prod it a few times, but it doesn't seem to be moving. Taking my chances, I kneel next to it, and turn it over onto it's back.

Whoa, creepy! Get this. It has the body of a woman, but it's covered from head to toe with soft black fur. The long dress it's wearing looks more like a robe than anything, and a long, sinewy tail is poking out from the bottom of the hem. The oddest feature is the beings face. It has the proportion and shape of a human head, but the features of a cat. Long whiskers extend from a small nose, and I can see the end of fangs over it's bottom lip. It's hands and feet are also feline as well, with long black claws extending from stub fingers and toes. The pair of black wings extending from her back marks her as my attacker. If this isn't Galenthias, I'll eat my whip...since I don't have a hat, that is.

Hold the phone! Echo said she stole my brace, but I don't see anywhere she'd be able to keep it. I search anyway; there may be hidden pockets in her robes. After a fruitful search, I find nothing except the spot I hit her. The small, but deep gash hit her leg, and by the looks of it, hit an artery. The robe is drenched with liquid life and I'm guessing she must have bled to death. I can't see her breathing now either. Placing a hand above her nose, I feel nothing. Feeling for a pulse, I'm surprised to find a beat under my fingers. She is an immortal, right? I feel a little dumb for thinking she might have been dead. Then again, she was once only human. Maybe she really can die...I'm confusing myself. Be realistic there Arch. If she wasn't immortal, she would clock in at an amazing 4200 years old.

I give her a shake, hoping to maybe wake her up. I feel like that may be a death sentence, but I might be able to get some information out of her. Immortal or not, nothing can put up a good fight when they're hurt. My mind travels to my chest; I just hope she's hurt worse than I am. When she doesn't wake up, I give her another, then check in on her breathing. Do they even need to breathe? Nothing yet, and I am not giving her mouth-to-mouth! Wait, I have an idea. Winding up, I drive a fist hard into her gut, estimating where her diaphragm would be. Man, that felt good! On impact, Galenthias' eyes snapped open, and a gasp ripped through her lips. I sit back on my heels as she grasps her stomach, breathing hard. I give her a minute, then hit her with the meanest glare I can manage. It doesn't really seem to phase her, though.

"Alright, lady! Start talking! I know you're working for Cronus!"

She just looks at me, calm as can be. "I would never work for Cronus, not after he tricked my master in such a fashion!"

She must be talking about Hecate, and the Halloween excursion. That still doesn't mean she's not lying. "Give me a break! Why else would you sneak into our school and attack us like that? Not to mention stealing my brace!"

It was her turn to start glaring. "I am not lying to you! Hecate sent me to cause you all trouble."

"It seems you've been giving me a lot more than the others!"

"I was ordered to track down the red haired woman and cause her torment. It was to be retribution for defeating my master in such an embarrassing fashion." Galenthias sat up, still clutching her stomach. I shuffle back a bit, out of range of her claws. I keep my whip at the ready. "I found her and yourself in that room, and I took your brace so you would be slowed down. I then took her to a remote area and dumped her. It will be a long time before she reaches the city again." Her smile looks like it should belong to a six year old trouble maker.

Wait...woman with red hair. "You took the wrong girl, idiot!" I can't believe this! "You meant to cause Theresa grief! You took Atlanta! Didn't Hecate mention the length of her hair?!?"

"Just that it was red like fire-"

"Hecate is a moron!" I yell at the sky. Argh! This is insane! How wrong could the timing be? Why did she wait months before exacting her revenge? If she had started bugging us a month ago, I couldn't have cared! Now is another story. Glaring down at the cat/woman/thing, I see she's glaring viciously. I guess I should have waited to call Hecate stupid. "Do you realize what you've done? Not only is Cronus after us now, but a guy named Robert too! She's drugged up, tired, and you stuck her in the wilderness alone? You might as well have handed her to them!" In my anger, I kick out at a rock in the grass. It goes flying out into the crops and lands with a dull thud. "Stupid immortals!"

"It seems I have messed up on my mission."

"You think?"

Gasping with pain, Galenthias gets to her feet. Leaning on her good leg, she uses her wings for balance. "I owe you a great debt. I will help you get your red haired girl back."

I can sincerely say I'm stunned. "Why the sudden change of heart? Don't screw around with me!"

"I am not lying to you."

"How much can I trust someone who worships the Goddess of the Dead and Witchcraft?"

She looks surprised for only a moment before going on. "It seems you know me more than I though. Do not judge me by my choices. And it's true I owe you. Blood I can go without for a small while, but I cannot go without air for too long, such as you. You may think I am immortal, but I am not. I was once human like yourself. I cannot age, true, but I can die. The power used to turn me into this has rendered me able to go beyond human limits."

"I see." No I don't. She lost me way back! "so, you're serious? You want to help me?"

"You saved my life, even if you were the one to stab me. I am in your debt."

Aw, man. What I get for being a nice guy. Well, the least I could do is get her to Chiron. And how do I hide her from the others? Won't Jay be pleased...wait. I don't care! He can go to hell for all I care at the moment. I give a long sigh. My life is totally screwed. "Fine, you can help. But what is Hecate going to say about this?"

"She's on the moon. There's nothing she can do to stop me." she grins at me.

I can't help but grin back. I may actually be starting to like her. She kinda reminds me of Atlanta, in a very, very small amount. She has an attitude. "You have to promise not to screw with my friends minds, alright? And can I have my brace back?"

"Sorry, I don't have it with me. I left it with the girl."

Great! She was drugged up so good the last time I saw her, she might think I dumped her there! "Thanks a lot." I say with as much sarcasm as I can muster. "Let's go." As she starts to hobble towards me, I sigh. Me and my nice guy attributes. Going to her, I swing her arm around my shoulders to give her some support. "No clawing, got it?"

"Yes, master."

"...Don't ever call me that again, alright?"

"What should I call you then?"

"I'm Archie."

"It's an unusual name. I've never heard it before."

Come on! Say your going to help me, then make fun of my name? I can't help but roll my eyes. I can see a whole lot of fun conversations to come in the future. One I can see in my very near future. Trying to explain to everyone why she'll be with me in the first place. I'm sure Ares will have a few choice words for me. My thoughts are suddenly interrupted by a low rumble coming from Galenthias. Please don't tell me...Oh good! She's not purring, only humming to herself. I don't think I would have been able to handle her purring next to my ear.

I gasp as a lightning quick pain flashes through my upper right arm, and I am forced to stop with Galenthias. The sudden ache almost made me drop her. Man, it hurts like hell! If any part of me should be hurting, it's my shoulders. Hmm. Maybe I pulled something. Or maybe not! I bite my lower lip and my legs nearly give out as my stomach knots suddenly and painfully. It hurts as I try to breathe.

"Are you alright?" Galenthias is giving me an odd look

I wait a moment before answering her. "Yeah," I finally manage. "Never better. Let's get out of here."


How long has it been since we left the field? Hours probably. It's slow going with Galenthias. It's now really light out, and I can see the school from here, but we have to keep ducking into alleys so she doesn't get spotted. You have no idea how grateful I am to get back. All through the journey back, I never thought about Robert once, but now that my sanctuary back in sight, he's the main topic of my thoughts right now.

Leaving the alley, my heart sinks as I spot Herry's truck in the parking lot...which means they're back...which means I have to walk in on a very pissed group of teens...and Gods...with swords and a variety of other weapons that can cause considerable pain... Is it too late to head back? Damn. Well, at least crossing the field looks simple enough. By the angle of the sun, and the length of the shadows of the bleachers...I now know I am not an astronomer. It's late anyway. Classes might have started already...God, I don't ask a lot from you, but please let the others be in class!

Dashing - if you can even call it that - across the field, we make it unseen to the side entrance. Pulling the door open, I peer inside and spot a clock. YES! It's 10:43 am, which mean they won't be getting out for another...seventeen minutes. Maybe I should do that math homework. I can barely subtract anymore. Anyway, that should give me enough time to stash Galenthias and run to English. And I though the day was going ba-



"Where the hell have you been man?" Oh, thank god, it's just Neil! He'll have forgotten even seeing me in about ten minutes. "Everyone's been looking for you! Jay is livid." He does his hand talking as well, so now you can make a mental image, can't you? "He just started freaking out. I told him stress will make you look older, and get wrinkles, but no! No one listens to me!" I think it's quite obvious that the blonde has yet to see the cat demon hanging off my shoulder. I think the door must be blocking his view.

"What are you doing out of class Neil?" I pin him with the accusation. He just shrugs, uncaring. Oh, right. Models don't need to be intelligent. How could I have forgotten?

"I just hit the bathroom. My hair got messed up in the fight. You?"

Without a suitable answer for him, I change the subject. "That's not important! What fight? What about Atlanta? Where is she? Is she safe?"

Neil's face grows serious. "Sorry, man. We were about to reach her location, when we lost her signal. When we did get there, she wasn't anywhere. It's like she vanished into thin air!"

Cronus is the only one I know who can disappear into thin air!

"Oh, and we also ran into your da-"

"Never refer to him as my 'father'!" I can't help but yell at him. Closing my eyes, I take a breath. "Sorry Neil. I didn't mean to snap. Go on."

"Dude, you snapped a long time ago." Again with the eye roll, my favorite move. "Anyway, it was freaky. One second he's not there, the next he is! We tried to fight him, but he's too tough. Jay managed to get him on the arm with his sword, and Herry got a nice punch in, but that was it. Everyone's bruised and busted up, and Atlanta could be anywhere."

You know that whistling sound bombs make when they're heading towards the ground? Yeah, imagine boom! My stomach didn't just sink, it fell right through the floor! I can only stare at the ground while I can feel two sets of eyes on me; Neil and Galenthias. This is all her fault! All Hecate's fault, all Robert's fault...all my fault. I should take all the blame. I guess I'm not strong enough to protect anyone. Not my family, and now Atlanta. A sudden realization sweeps over me, gripping my stomach like a fist. What if she dies because of me? What if I never get a chance to tell her how I feel about her? She's more precious to me than life itself. My mind goes back to the new prophesy. One shall fall...

Then another thought abruptly shoves it's way in. "Neil, you said Jay caught Robert with his you remember which one?"

The teen looks thoughtful for a minute, then snaps his fingers. "I'm pretty sure it was the right one."

I was kinda afraid of that. Slipping my arm away from Galenthias, whose still hidden behind the door, I unzip my hoodie and swing my burning arm out of the sleeve. A long red mark mares my skin from my shoulder to just above my elbow.

"What did you do to yourself?" Neil ponders looking at my arm. "Looks a lot like the gash Jay gave you fa-"


"Sorry! Robert! Geez. Maybe you caught on a branch or something."

My mind isn't listening as he goes on about watching for trees, but my brain seems to be. "Neil, I was wearing a jacket!" Back to my mind now. It's spinning as I think of a million different possibilities of what this could mean. "You said Herry punched him. Where?"

"In the stomach. Dude can take a beating! He was still able to stay standing afterwards!"

I'm a jumbled mess of emotions and thoughts as Neil gives me an odd look. Roberts gash matches my mark, he was punched in the stomach, and mine hurt as though it was rammed by a charging bull! What the hell is going on?

'The bitch is right you know. I don't know you. I am you!'

Like a satanic slap in the face, it all comes together as the memory flashes by. This time my knees do give out, and I can't focus on anything. I can't even feel the cement on my legs. What has my life become?


Gods! I hate technology a lot sometimes. Oh well; it keeps my writing legible at least. Thanks to Honeybee, Knight-light, Paradox-Barbarian-Princess, anime09, kara, divachick34, kitkat, JessieLD 746, Cookie90, book-worm, lovely_. I hope I don't have any other problems like that in the future. Till next time.

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