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Chapter Eight

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Wow, what a turn of events, one that takes me all the way to the Underworld...

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Thank you for your patience on the last chapter. I decided to get this one done as soon as I could, to try and make up for lost time! I would like to send out a big thanks to Demenior, -Nixie Tot-, Neonz, frenchfish, Honeybee, libragirl93, WHAKA, twiinklestar, Emily Rae, kitkat1327, and anime09! Sorry if I missed anyone; I guess they're having problems with the review button.

Disclaimer: I think I may have forgotten to do this on my last chapter...I dunno. Oh, well. We all know who really owns COTT!

Chapter 8:

You know, I now have a deeper respect for bacteria. Yeah, bacteria; you heard me right. Poor little suckers get thrown onto a Petri dish, then shoved under a microscope, where creature a billion times bigger than they are peers at them for hours. Now situated in Hera's solarium, I have Jay, Herry, Theresa, Odie, Hera, Ares, Artemis, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Persephone, Athena, Dionysus, even Hermes and Neil all glaring down at me. Chiron had taken Galenthias down to his study to help heal her. They had decided to seat us down, then lecture me for the last few hours. The gang had even been taken out of class to yell at my 'stupid move' and I have been stripped of my pride as well as my whip. Now that they've run their vocabulary dry, they're just glaring.

After a few more minutes of feeling about an inch tall, I get a little fed up. "Can I say something?"

"Everyone, including the Gods, turns and looks at Jay. He's silent another moment, then deathly low, he says "What?"

"Uh...what's going to happen to Galenthias."

It's Hera who speaks u this time. "We shall exile her to the moon to be with Hecate."

I stand like I was stabbed in the rear. "What? You can't do that! She wants to help us!"

"A lot of help she's been so far." Theresa sneers at me. Watch it, girl, or I'll remove that sneer permanently!

"Yeah," Herry nods in agreement. "She's why Atlanta is in this mess!"

"But she's willing to right her wrong! Whatever happened to second chances?"

"In this line of work," Jay states, "there is no such thing. Forget Galenthias. You disobeyed orders, and threw yourself into danger."

Make up a lie Arch, or your ass is grass! "I thought you could use a distraction."

Oh wow. Maybe not. Now he looks more mad than ever! Wait, so do the others. Okay, plan B. The truth. "Look! You may not know it, but Atlanta means the world to me. How could I just sit around while she was missing? And how could you expect me to? This is, essentially, your own fault you know."

Oops, there goes plan B. You know the little vein in the forehead that enjoys popping up whenever someone is on the verge of a murderous act of rage? not blame the one in charge. It gets you fired.

"What I mean is I-"

Jay throws up a hand and stops me. Without a word, he turns around, and begins to walk away. Everyone else begins to follow. What am I, a criminal? They can't even stand to be in the same room? I decide to take a shot of my own.

"What if it had been Theresa, Jay?"

He stops dead, but doesn't turn around. I say again, "What if Theresa had been the one out there? What would you have done?"

Looking over his shoulder, he says, "You could have gotten yourself killed. It's a miracle Cronus did take the opportunity to do so. From now on, you'll be under strict supervision. We can't let you out of our sight." As he and the others leave, I feel my mouth go dry. Hera is the last to leave the solarium, leaving me standing alone.

"It seems you have a lack of respect for authority." Hera remarks, then closes the door with a sharp click.

Then there's another click. No way! Running over to the double doors, I give them a harsh tug. Nothing. They didn't open. Desperate, I shake the door handles. Nothing. I can't freaking believe it. They locked me in!

"Let me out!" I yell at the doors. There's no answer on the other side; instead I hear footsteps walking away. "Hey! You can't do this! I have rights you know!" I doubt they care much at this point. Taking a step back from the door, I hold my fists at my sides to help me avoid breaking anything. I guess they really do consider me a criminal.

Luckily, there's not a room built that can keep me contained...except for maybe a jail...never mind. Placing my ear to the door, I wait until I'm met with complete silence. Still, you can never be too careful around Gods, so I wait a few minutes. When I'm pretty sure there isn't anyone around, mortal or otherwise, I begin to inspect the double doors. By plain sight, I can tell that they are made with some sort of thick wood, no doubt oak. They were also made for longevity and have very fine detail. Too bad I have to break them down. After more inspection, the only weak points would have to be where the tow doors meet, just above the bolt that's keeping the doors securely shut.

Standing straight, I close my eyes and relax myself, just as my kickboxing teacher taught me to help avoid injuring myself. I have to plan out my attack in my mind before I can accomplish the real thing. I can't help but get a bit worried. I'll have to use my non-dominant foot, as I no longer have my brace on.

Steeling myself, I open my eyes and stare hard at the doors, taking an offensive stance. Alright, doors, get ready to get your butts kicked! With a feral yell, I step forward with my right, then using the momentum, swing my left leg out at a ninety degree angle. The hit is solid, but slightly off the mark. Instead of just above the door jamb, I hit the bronze lock. The shock runs up my leg, and rattles my teeth. Of course, it doesn't move, but I do and wind up on my butt. Oh, Arch, if Mr. Pavok could see you now...

Getting up, and saving my pride by not tending to my pained backside, I try again, taking my stance and kicking the door with everything I have. This time I manage to hit my mark, but I barely manage to scuff the finish. Crap, this may take a bit longer than I had hoped. I try it again. Nothing. Again. Nothing. Again. Nothing. Again...

I go on like this for what feels like hours. Hera's pet peacock has come over to watch me, and has sat in the same spot for quite a while, staring at me with it's dark eyes. It's a bit unnerving. My foot is starting to hurt. I think it's a good thing that I didn't use my right one, but then again, it's starting to annoy me too. Must be the exertion. After a bit, I decide to try switching things up, and use my fists. One hit, and I realize how dumb that idea was! As my fist connects with the now-dented wood, I hear a series of loud cracks.

Hissing in pain, which scares away the peacock, I fall back onto the floor, clutching my hand. Not really wanting to look, do anyway. Two of my fingers are bent at odd angles as the knuckles have been dislocated. The areas are already beginning to swell and turn dark. Oh, Gods it hurts! And what I'm going to have to do next is going to hurt a lot more! I know I have to relocate my joints before they swell too much, or the muscles will become stiff and I won't be able to pop them back in place until the swelling goes down. Aw, man, why me? Okay. If I waste anymore time, I'll be screwed. Throwing off my sandals, I grip my two fingers between my heels and holds them securely in place with my good hand. Alright, think good thoughts...get distracted. Argh, I can't! Okay, count down from three then. One...two...three!

With a desperate tug, I pull as hard as I can. Crying out as the twin pops sound my success, I can't stop a tear from spilling out as the twinge carries through my body. Laying back onto my back, I use the cold floor to relax myself. It seems to be working as the ebb of pain slowly goes away. I lay there, wondering many things, including why no one has come back to the room. What with all the racket I've caused, you think they would have come to check on me. Oh, well. All the better for me.

Turning my head to locate the peacock, hoping I hadn't scared it too much, I find him on a nearby potted plant, cocking it's head at me. Another thing I spot is one of it's elegant tail feathers laying next to me. It's odd it fell out; maybe it's shedding...there's a certain word used for when birds shed, but I can't recall it right now. Sitting up, the pain in my hand reduce to a horrid throb, I gently pick it up with my good hand. It really is quite beautiful, the greens slowly turning to shades of blue and visa versa. The large decorative orb that dominates the tip of the feather looks just like an eye, staring at me. Unfortunately, the colors seem a little duller than those still on the bird. Maybe it just fell out because of age.

Hold on, I have an idea. The core of the feather is long and fairly stiff. Maybe...Carefully jumping up, I rush over to the door. The stupid jamb that's managed to elude my efforts is a two way lock, which can be locked from the inside or the outside. It certainly looks like Heph's work. By the look of it, my throwing star wouldn't have fit, but the feather will. Snapping the feather in half, I use one of my stars to shave the colorful fibers off the stalk, then jam them into the door jam. Maybe if I can pick the lock, I won't have to destroy the door. The work is long and difficult, as my fingers are throbbing and I'm a bit clumsy.

"Come on!" The damn thing just...doesn'



Throwing the feather pieces aside, I carefully grasp the doors handles and pull them open. The damaged doors give way without so much as a squeak. Poking my head outside to make sure it's all clear, I'm surprised to find that it is. The gang must have gone back to class. I am so out of here! But, there's a few things I have to do before I do...

One more fast glance, and I take off as fast as I can. Hiding behind a pillar, then dashing back and forth through the halls, I manage to make it all the way to Chiron's study without being caught. Wow, sneakier than a God. That's a title to be proud of. Creeping up to the door, I place an ear on the wood, perking my ears for any noise. Nothing. I guess I can take a chance.

"Galenthias!" I whisper harshly at the door. I have no idea if she's still even in there, but I have to know. She is not going to be exiled because of me! "Galenthias, you in there?"

There's silence for a few more seconds before I finally hear something on the other side. It sounds like claws against the tiles. My heart leaps in my throat. Crap, what if it's Chiron? I am so screwed! There's a scraping sound, like fingernails on a blackboard, then the doorknob clatters to the floor. I jump back, surprised, as well as to avoid it hitting my toes. The door then swings open, and Galenthias stalks out, looking as proud as a queen. Her old eyes flash as she looks at me. "What took you so long?"


She's practically laughing at me. "When the Gods turned me into this, they made two big mistakes. One, they left me with my previous intelligence, and two, they gave me claws of steel. It's easy to cut through most anything." Sort of like my whip. Speaking of which...

Stepping forward, I take her and use the door for cover against any eyes. "Where are the Gods? And do you know where they took my whip?"

"I know not where your whip is, but the Gods have gone elsewhere."

Shit. No whip could mean trouble. And everyone's gone? They're making this too easy. "What do you mean elsewhere?"

"I'm not sure, but they aren't in the building. They have gone to speak of my...exile." She looks sad. Again, it's my fault.

"Listen," I look her dead in the eyes. "This is all because of me. You're being punished because I'm stupid, and-"

"Well, if we leave now, that won't have to happen. And it is not your fault. I chose to stay with you." Grabbing my arm, she drags me from the study foyer, and starts through the hallways. She seems to know her way around, which is kinda freaking me out.

"Okay," Man, she has a killer grip! And watch the claws! "By the way, how did you get in here the first time? As far as I know, there's only one way in."

"I will show you." Dragging me along, which in my opinion is getting old fast, we pass the main hall, the giant statue of Zeus, and down a few more hallways. I have no idea where we're-


Walking down a hall, she stops at one very known doorway. Stepping inside the room, which is eerily quiet, the deco is very earthy and well watered. If you get my meaning, then you would know I just stepped into the solarium of Hades' wife. Persephone's plants almost seem to stiffen at Galenthias' presence as she takes me into the back of the room where the Seasons are cast in time. With a wave of her hand, they come to life in a burst of magic. With a few blinks and a yawn from Spring, and they realize what's going. Have you ever heard a sprite scream? Bring earplugs!

"Soooo..." I must sound like a moron, "You got in here...through the underworld? How is that even possible?"

"I am the head priestess for the Goddess of the Dead. I can do many things in the underworld."

Okay... "And how does Hades feel about that?"

"Archie! What are you doing with her?" Summer yells at me, ending our conversation.

"She's on our side." Wait... "Uh, if she came through the portal from the underworld, wouldn't you four know about it?"

"Cerberus guards the exits to the Underworld, as well as the main gateway before the River Styx." Winter explains. "No one can leave unless he lets them. Thus, we only guard the entrance here, that's permeable from the Underworld. We are only aware of people going in, not out." All the while, the four are glaring at Galenthias.

"We were asleep when she showed up, obviously." Spring pipes in with her nasally voice. "If you think we're letting you into the Underworld, you have another thing coming! You might set the dead loose again for Hecate."

"She's on our side" I repeat calmly. The Seasons have a right to be mad, and I really don't want to be on the bad side of anyone else right now. "Listen, I have to get out of here before the Gods get back!"

"We know what's been going on with you, young man. You think Persephone leaves us in the dark?" Aw, common! "Besides, the world of the dead is no place for you, especially with your...disability."

"My what?" I'm...disabled? "Since when?"

"Since birth."

"Oh." Alright, my heel has been many things to me, a pain more often than not, but I've never thought of myself the others think of me like that? "I can take care of myself down there, thank you."

"Without your brace, your at risk. And we're not letting you go anywhere with her." Fall glares as she speaks.

"For the last freaking time, she's on our side! As in, me, you four, and the rest of us!"

As the Seasons begin to bicker at me, Galenthias walks over and mutters, "/Anadein/." With a chorus of shriek, the Seasons are pulled together by an unseen force and held together. They're struggling, but it just looks plain weird not seeing anything. What...

"Galenthias, what did you do?"

"A minor restraining spell. Nothing to worry about." With a wave of her hand, and the word "Kinesthai", the sprites were tossed aside like rubbish, and the entrance to the Underworld was revealed. I look over at the Seasons, who look scared. I feel like some sort of criminal.

As the priestess heads inside, I'm stunned. "Wait! You can't leave them like this! You had no right to do that to them anyway. We could have used the front door."

"And take the chance that someone would have seen us? Besides, you wanted answers. The spell is a weak one that feeds off my spiritual energy. When I leave, it will break. Now come on!"

Despite my better - no, better make that my best - judgment, I follow her into the dark cavern. A soft rustling behind me signals the gateway closing, and the only light now is the soft, hazy purple glow before us. The walk doesn't take long, and we soon find ourselves on the edge of a cliff. Below us, as far as the eye can see, is the Underworld. The kingdom of Hades himself, the weirdo. I swear the guy's gay, but since he literally dragged Persephone off to be his wife, my mind's arguing with itself. Not that gay is a problem, but I wish I knew exactly. Maybe I can ask while I'm here.

As I look on, I spot a familiar building in the distance, surrounded by a wide, empty expanse. "That's the Plain of Judgment, right?"

"That's right." Galenthias nods. "We must travel through the Plain to get to the Gates of Hades. I understand you've met Minos, correct?"

I shiver as I remember the time we were almost sent to Tartarus. "Yeah, we're acquainted. Hey, I feel dumb for asking, but why do we have to get through Hades?"

"Hades himself has a strong magic over this area, which negates all others. Once we cross the Styx, I will be able to create a gateway to the living world. Until then, I am powerless." Damn, what I'll go through to get away from my friends...

We start on our way in silence, and after a long while, the Plain of Judgment appears. It's still a ways off, but much closer than it had been. Just a few more hills away. Then, Galenthias pipes up, "When we top that next rise, if you look far to the right, you will be able to see the Elysian Fields."

Elysian Fields! I didn't even think about that! Wow! Taking off as fast as my feet can take me, I reach the hill and look out to my right. Sure enough, far away, just barely viewable, is a soft golden light among the haze. The Elysian Fields, resting place of my ancestor Achilles. As well as Odysseus, Jason, Theseus, and the rest of the gangs ancient blood. I would give anything to meet day. Not today, but one day.

"Come." Galenthias' voice makes me jump. I didn't hear her approach. "We have a long way to go yet."

Nodding, I take one last look at the hero's sanctuary, and follow her down towards the Plain. After about a half hour, we start up the stairs of Minos' court, and go inside. A few souls walk past in the opposite direction as we go, having been judged and passed into Hades. The building itself is really nice, but I've seen it before, so it's no big deal. A moment passes before I hear a loud crack. Minos is having fun with his gavel, by the sounds of it. Sure enough, the old judge is seated at his desk, pounding away and passing judgment for the long line of souls that never stops entering his court.

We pass by his desk, trying to seem nonchalant, and we almost make it before a commotion makes me turn my head. Some soul has become distraught, for which I don't blame him. The guy is young, and looks to be in good health. Of course, it is a soul. You can't physically harm a soul.

"I can't be dead!" The guy's yelling, walking up to Minos' desk. "This is impossible!"

"It's quite possible." Minos glares at him. "Please keep your voice down!"

"No! You're lying!" Without warning, the guy reaches up, and grabs Minos by the front of his robes. Yanking him from his desk, the man throws Minos to the floor. "Don't lie to me!"

"I'm not lying to you! Can't you see? This is-"

"No!" Grabbing the judge, the man lifts a fist. I suppose the hero in me never sleeps because, my soul possibly on the line, I run over. Before the punch can land, I tear the man off Minos. Recognition runs through the judges face, but instead he faces the man.

"For attacking a Judge, I sentence your soul to an eternity in Tartarus Prison!" A smash of his gavel later, the man disappears like dust in the wind. I like that song...Focus Archie!

"You!" My attention is drawn back to the old judge. "I remember you!"

I gulp as Minos stands and dusts himself off, his eyes never leaving me. Walking up to me, the guy has to be a head shorter than I am, but I feel about an inch tall in his presence. This man could send me to an eternity of torture!

Clapping a hand on my shoulder, Minos bursts out laughing. Oh. My. God. I'm about to die, aren't I? "Ah, my boy, it seems I am in your debt."

Come again? "I'm sorry?"

"Without your help, he may have overtaken me." You think? "I am in your debt now."

"But my friend fought with you!"

"Yes. When he gets back here, I have a lot to say to him!" Poor Herry. Just can't get a break. "Now, may I ask why you're coming through the back?"

"We're heading towards the Styx." Galenthias explains. "We're using the Underworld as a shortcut, you could say."

"Ah. Galenthias, it's good to see you again." These two are buddies? Odd pairing. Walking over to his desk, Minos takes a seat. "Galenthias, as a friend, allow me to help the two of you. What can I do?"

"If it isn't too much trouble, could you send us across the Styx to the opposite bank?"

"Why there?" Minos looks confused. "You know who lives there, don't you? Grief, Anxiety, Disease, Fear, Hunger, Agony, and so on."

"It's a matter of great importance that we avoid Cerberus and Eris at the main gates."

"Eris?" I know the name. "The Goddess of Discord?"

"Yes. She lives there with War and the Erinyes. Also near the entranceway lies an Elm, and false dreams cling under every one of its leaves."

Just out of curiosity, I have to ask, "And who are the Erinyes?"

"The Erinyes are Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone 1. These spirits are detectors and avengers of crime and wickedness. They are also called goddesses of vengeance, ready to stab fear into the hearts of mortals. They pursue and punish those who are guilty of bloodshed, defilement or impiety. They work alongside the Moerae."

"And they are?"

"You would know them best as the Fates, the three sisters Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropus"

"Oh. Okay." Huh. That was a nice little tidbit of info. Doesn't sound like a very nice place, the gateway. Before I can ask if there's another way around, of course, Galenthias nods at Minos. He then announces, "Then I send you to the Land of Fear and Grief!"

Lucky me. As Minos bangs his gavel, I start to feel weird. Lightheaded doesn't even begins to describe it! It's like my body and mind are being separated, and my soul doesn't know which to follow. My vision goes foggy for a moment, then clears up. As I look around, I see a very different landscape around me than the stuffy court I was just in. The Styx is but a few feet away, it's green water rushing by. I take a step back...just in case, you know? Never trust a river bank!

"So," I mumble, "that was...weird."

"Thanks to Minos, I have enough strength against Hades' magic to form a gateway."

"Great!" Hear my enthusiasm! "Let's go then!"

"Stand back then." Spreading her ink black wings, as well as her clawed hands, she closed her eyes and muttered "Cede tele cosm!" A harsh wind suddenly forms, and I have to shield my eyes from the gale as it seems to collect before Galenthias. Man, a tornado has nothing on this! Looking around, in case something solid might be flying towards us, I spot Charon, the ferryman. The wind has made the river choppy, and he looks afraid of capsizing. Looking back, I see the wind seems to have solidified, and is now visible. It's made a swirling vortex, like a black hole. I've heard what happens to things that get sucked into black holes, and it isn't pretty! Grabbing my hand, she starts dragging me towards the vortex, the wind still as powerful as before. When we hit the black gateway, the wind swaps direction and sucks the two of us in.

You know those hillbillies you see on TV, describing how a tornado sounds like? 'It's like a freight train, Earl!'. Yeah, well, they aren't crazy. It really does. The wind rushing by my ears sounds like a train wreck. I have to cover my ears with my hands to avoid my eardrums exploding. I close my stinging eyes too. It feels like forever, and I don't know how long I can-


Oh, Gods! My battered pride! Excuse me while I recover my spleen. Like a cannon, the vortex chewed us up, and just spit us out...right on a rock! Augh, I feel like I'd be better off dead right now! The world is'm just upside down. Galenthias is on her feet. I guess she has better landing skills.

Pulling myself off the sharp rocks, I look around. There isn't much to see, considering it's now pitch black outside. I guess time passes differently down there. We're on the edge of a hill it seems, in a wide field. The city, which is alight with a million lights, is glowing not too far off to the north. Right now, the rock has blurred my vision, and I couldn't give a flying hoot!

"Are you alright?" Galenthias looks concerned, but not as much as I would hope. My side feels like it's on fire, as well as my chest, which also seems to have taken a beating from said rock. I am never going to heal at this rate.

"I'll live." I grunt, pulling myself to my feet. Holy Jesus! I feel like I'm dying. Why the hell do I always get the crappy end of the stick! "You'll have to teach me how to land!"

"You would have been able to if you had your eyes open." Ouch. Now I'm an idiot. "Now, where do we go?"

That is a really good question. "Well, everyone's probably looking for us in the city, so lets stay away from there. There's a small town down to the south, and we can probably get a hotel room. Then we can figure out what to do then."

"Do about what?"

That isn't Galenthias' voice, for those who can't tell. I don't even want to turn around, because if I see his face, I won't be able to control myself. I hear the disgusting, rotting sound of his dead wings, and Galenthias gives a low hiss.

"What do you want?" Let him play my game for once. I begin to walk away, still not looking behind me. How he even found us so fast is annoying, let alone his face. Oh, yea. He's bloody psychic. There's a moment of silence, then I hear the flap of wings. Robert flies in front of me and lands, blocking my path. Yeah, you come to me.

"No, I think it's what you want that's an issue." I glare at him. I think I know what he's playing at. Galenthias is at my side, eyes silted and claws bared.

"So, what? Aren't you going to attack me? Or do I have to get things rolling?" Pulling one of my throwing stars from my pocket, I start spinning it on my finger. The momentum of the sharp weapon makes a whizzing sound in the air.

The man starts to laugh. "If you value your life, you won't do anything stupid. And don't worry, I am going to attack, but not your body."

Sorry? Looking as smug as ever, all he does is snap his fingers. A flash of light appears at his feet, so blinding, I think we just outdid the city. Blinking back the spots in front of my eyes, it takes a moment to spot a small figure at his feet.

It's Atlanta.

Bound hand and foot, as well as gagged, I've never seen her so...vulnerable. I almost want to cry as she looks at me with pleading, frightened eyes. She's been beaten badly, and bruises cover her face and arms. When she spots Galenthias, her look becomes confused. As Robert leans down and grabs a handful of her flaming hair, I snap as she cries out.

With a feral scream that scares even me, I propel myself at the monster with everything I have. Bringing my arm back, I throw my star with a fast snap of my wrist. The weapon flies straight towards the bastards face, while a aim a well placed kick. All I have to do is get Atlanta...

With reflexes as fast as...Atlanta's, he catches the star between his fingers, and deflects my kick with Herry's strength. Catching me in the chest, I fall to the ground gasping. Atlanta screams from behind the gag, her words muffled as I get back up, ignoring my injuries. All I can see is him, and I want my hands around his neck! he wincing?

I have to dodge my throwing star as he tosses it back at me, but it doesn't slow me down as I try again. Throwing a punch, he blocks it, and throws it own. Using my own speed, I dodge his, and send an uppercut to his chin. Again, it's parried, and I'm sent to the ground again with a solid kick. As I hit the grass, Galenthias flies over me at Robert. She doesn't get far, and soon she's on the ground next to me.

"Enough!" Robert yells, obviously annoyed. Gripping Atlanta around the waist, he pulls her close. If I only had my whip, I could cleave his eyes out! "I have an ultimatum for you." As he says this, his grip on Atlanta tightens. I can see her wince, and it pains me as well.

"Before you say anything, I have something to show you." This is going to hurt, but it'll be so worth it! Taking my remaining star from my pocket, I unfurl the tips...and jam the sharpest tip deep into my thigh.

I bite my lip to stop myself from screaming. Atlanta looks horrified. Robert on the other hand, looks pale and sick. He drops Atlanta to the ground as he grabs his leg. So there is something here..."What the hell is going on, Robert?"

"He tricked me...that son of a bitch..."

"What is going on?" I ask again, low and menacing.

He laughs at me, even after I've caused him, and myself, immense pain. "You want to know why I found you so fast? We have a connection."

"It's pretty damn obvious, isn't it?"

"Our ties are more than physical. We have a blood tie, which we share with Cronus. He enhanced it so I can sense your presence up to ten miles away. So can he."


"Who would have thought that our family was descendant from Gods." There's an odd glint in his eyes, one I don't quite like. "We are superior to humanity!"

"We are superior to no one!" I really hate this guy. "Achilles was fathered by Zeus, yes, but we've diluted our bloodline over the centuries. And Cronus will never be family! You destroyed mine when I was eight."

"I'm not the one who killed them. You did." I don't think so! "You're the one who couldn't get them out of the car, right? All I did was shoot a tire."

...He's lying. He's lying, Arch. Don't believe him...He's...but he has a point. I was there...I could have saved them if I had been faster, stronger.

"Meet me alone on the roof of the tallest building in New Olympia in three days. We'll end everything then, and you may just get her back." Shouldering Atlanta, Robert takes off into the night, leaving me on my knees in the empty field. I can hear her screaming for me...Atlanta, Angela, my mom...they're all screaming my name, but I know I can only save one...


Yeah, that was lengthy! I got so interested in the Underworld, I may have gone a bit overboard, but it's all so interesting! Oh, and Galenthias' spells are 100% Greek. Anadein means to restrain, Kinesthai means to set aside, and Cede tele cosm quite literally means 'go to a distant world'. Hope you liked it! By the way, Mr. Pavok is my gym teacher!

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