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Chapter 5 1/2: Morning.

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This is a tiny chapter.

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Chapter 5 1/2
Karra felt gilt in the morning. She new every one was looking for her. She went a cheacked her pmr and found that Harry and Odie had been yeling into it for 1 1/2 hours. She had put it on mute. She walked up stairs and saw John eating Froot loops. She pured her self a owl.
"Hey, good morning Karra."
"Very nice..."
"Not a morning person."
"I know. Apple cider?"
"Right." John porred Karra saome coffing and they both sat nd ate their breakfast in scilence.

Well hello! Sorry I haven't updated, I had to write a school story. I also was grounded last night. Good to be back. Randome breakfast scen. T will get the other half soon. Bye!
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