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Chapter 6: Snakes no were near a plane

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More stuff leading up to the big event. Keep holdign your breath.

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Chapter 6
Isis sighed. New Armana was a small town on the cost, how hard was it to find some one? Very aparently. She looked everywere downtown, that didn't take long, then she whent around to the more resadental areas. She finaly found Karra. She was sitting with her feet dangling into the water, reading a book. Isis sat down beside her. Karra looked sheepishly at her.
"I guess I'm in a lot of trouble..."
"Thats right. Ares might be a pig but it is still and insult to say it to his face... or behind his back."
"He had it comming."
"You still will be puneshed. You should know what I mean..."
"Would you inflict such toucher on me?"
"Yes. You will also have to apolgize."
"Alright alright, lets get this over with." Karra got up.

The team was on a plane... there were no snakes! Neil had go into the bathroom. He was looking at him self, naturaly, whan another guy came in. He was bigger than Neil adn had green hiar in a mohawk. He had multiple persings and a black tee-shirt and pants. Black motercylcling boots. Neil turned to him and said,
"You really do something with that hair..."
"Watch it kid or I will give you a purple nurple."
"Um... Whats a purple nerple?"
"Painful." Neil walked out of the bathroom.

"Wow, I thought you'd spend more time in there!" Atlanta asked, mockingly. Every one laughed. Neil was tyered of being a good subject for jokes, so he said to Atlanta,
"Watch it or I will give you a purple nurple." Atlanta looked tolaly violated, Archie was sputtering with anger, Odie had figered out Neil had no idea what a purple nurple was and was laughing really hard, every one esle looked shocked. Jay walked over and wispered what a purple nurple was. Neils eyes widend and his fance droped.
"Oh god, sorry! I am soooooooooo sorry, I, uh, have to go do that... thing. Bye!" Neil ran away befor Atlanta came bake to her sences.

Hi peoples! I have been bissy and this is all I can post! I also had writers block for the longest time. I just relaize something, I didn't put a disclamer on any fanfic... this is for all fanfics I have, or ever will write:

I DON'T OWN CLASS OF THE TITANS! If I did I would Call it cotp.
"Class of the Pharos!"
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