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Chapter 7: New Armana

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A little short but there is JxT... a really big JxT moment.

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Chapter 7
Jay's pmr whant off whn thay had reached New Armana. It was Isis.
"I know you travle all this way to get Karra but I have her and She is at this moment serving punishment. Bill me your fair back to New Olympia. She will be there in a day or so. Then she will apoligize to Ares. Sorry for any incoveance." Isis voice dissapered after she said it.
"Okay... Well lets look around, now that we are here." Archie said.
"And get my new shoes muddy? Not on my life!" Neil exlamed.
"Fine, you can stay here. Looking around sounds great!" Thereasa said.
"I guess... but only for a little bit." Jay said.
"Come on Jay, it would be fun!" Atlanta said.
"Jay doesn't know the meaning of fun." Herry said.
"Like you don't know the meaning of most words?" Neil asked. Herry glaired at him and Odie laughed saying,
"Your walking on thin ice there buddy!"
"Are we going or not?" Thereasa said.
"Going." Jays said. There was a loud cheer.

"Need air, fuems to strong!" Karra said as she cleaned out Tefanue's bathroom. Tefaneu is the hippo goddess of Mist, childbirth and spit. After this Karra would have to keep her companie. The next day would be a living hell.

The team had been looking around the town for an hour now. Archie and Atlanta were racing up and down a hill. Thereasa and Jay were in a small coffie shop. Odie was with Herry and Neil... Herry was dangaling Neil over a cliff and Neil was screaming. Herry and odie were laughing.

"Jay why don't you ever loosen up?" Thereasa asked her crush.
"Well we have to be alert if Cronus ever pops in." Jay looked at HIS crush.
"Here, I'll help you." Thereasa said. She leand over and gave Jay a kiss on the lips. Jay blushed but kissed back. Thereasa broke away, smiling.
"Wow..." He said. "I never had the courge befor but... do you want to go out?"
"There is nothing I would rather do." Thereasa replyed.
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