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Maybe things would start to look up for good now...

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Amy goes on a date with Chris and a band starts to form...

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Ooh! I love when I don't recognize a number... answering it is such a fun gamble!

Amy studied the unprogrammed number flashing across her cell's screen.


She perked up.

"Hey Chris!" (you were our only fri- okay, no one said that. nevermind.)

"Tomorrow? No, that sounds great!"

"Okay yeah! That'll work! See you then!!"

She smiled and pressed 'end' and quickly dialed Patrick's number.


She grabbed her purse and keys and was at Patrick's 5 minutes later.

Patrick came to the door and was almost plowed over by Amy's giant hug. She squealed "PATRICK I HAVN'T SEEN YOU FOR LIKE THREE DAYS!!"

Patrick picked her up off the floor in a hug and whined back "I KNOW! Let's never be apart again!!"

They laughed and sat at the stools at the counter.

"So what's up?"

Amy jumped a little and grabbed Patrick's knee the way she did when she was excited to tell him something .

"Chris called me... we actually made out last night... it wasn't awkward. I think I like him, and we're going out tomorrow!!!"

She managed to get it out all in one, overly excited breath. Patrick rolled his eyes.

She pulled her hand back off his knee "What was that for?! You hardly know Chris!"

He shook his head "No, no it's not that. I just thought you were gonna mention what happend with Andy last night. I'm happy for you and Chris, really... but I kinda wanna know what happend with my friend.

She jumped out of her Chris state of mind "Oh god! Yeah - Andy... Okay, this is what happened : I went to that girl Evie's house and it was insane. Seriously, Pete and I had never seen anything like it."

He interrupted "Oh - Pete went too? Thats good, at least you weren't alone."

"Yeah... I was at his house when you called. We were pretty much latched onto eachother from the minute we walked in the door - both of us were scared for our lives, seriously. Anyway, Andy came out of this room in a back really pissed off and screaming. Oh! And he was half naked cause I guess he was gettin his fuck on with that Evie girl, but thats besides the point. He does have a nice body, by the way..."

"AMY! Take a breath and stay focused... just tell me how things ended up."

"Ohhhh okay! geeeeeeeeeeeez! So he was yelling at me because he wanted you to go get him, not me. I guess I talked him into it because he eventually left and came home with me. We went back to my house and sat outside and talked and stared at the stars."

Patrick smiled "oooooh romantic!!"

She rolled her eyes "Yeah ... it would have been more romantic if it was dinner and look at the stars kinda date. Not a 'rescued from a crack house with a whore' and look up at the stars kinda date. He probably doesn't even remember anything..."

"So he stayed at your house then? Where is he now?"

"I dont know, he was gone when I woke up. I called him and he said he woke up early and headed home. I'm not quite sure how he got there though -- but I think that's where he is."

Patrick pressed his lips together "Hmm... alright. Well, thanks for doing that. I was stuck late at the store anyway and didn't get out until super late. I swear that'll be the last time!"

"It better be! Not that I mind doing it, I just want him to get his shit together."

Patrick changed his mood and grabbed her knee to mock her "SO!! oh my god! Tell me what you and Chris are doing!!"

She shoved his hand away "Shut up, don't make fun. We're gonna go see a movie."


Chris picked Amy up the next day and they went to the movies. They spent most of the movie making out in the back row. Classy, right?

They walked downtown of their town holding eachother close. They didn't make much conversation, they just kissed.

Amy stopped as she saw Patrick's work "Hey! Wanna go to the record store? Patrick's working tonight!"

"Yeah sure!!"

"PAAAAAAAATRICK!" Amy screamed as she walked into the tiny record shop, still latched onto Chris' arm.

She walked over to the counter, where there appeared to be no one. As she approached, Andy popped up from behind the counter, where he was putting things away.

"Hey Amy!"

She smiled at him "Heyyy Andy how's it goin?"

"Good, good. Listen - once again, I'm really sorry about-" He stopped when he noticed Chris standing there and politely reached out his hand.

"Hey I'm Andy..."

Chris returned the handshake "Chris."

Amy sat on the counter "Where's Patrick?"

Andy nodded his head to the right. Patrick was standing there, arms gesturing, in serious conversation with a taller, curly haired boy. Amy could tell they were in deep conversation about some band, the only thing Patrick really does get that serious about, and decided not to interrupt them.

Chris spoke up in a manly way and pointed at Amy and Andy "So how do you guys know eachother?"

Andy laughed and Amy raised her eyebrows "Uh... Patrick works here."

Chris realized the stupidity of his question and looked down "Oh yeah... I guess that would make sense."


Patrick ran over to Amy, the curly haired boy in toe.

"Hey Amy!! Hey Chris... did you guys have fun?"

"Yeah." They both said in unison and Chris pulled Amy in for a long kiss and held her close. Patrick, Andy, and the fro'd kid stood there looking uncomfortable by the PDA.

Patrick adjusted his had "Yeah okay.... so guys, this is Joe. He plays guitar apparently and also has kick ass taste in music." He looked over at Amy "He's gonna come over and jam later! I was thinking I can invite Pete too."

Amy smiled "Oh that sounds fun! When do you get off work?"


Chris leaned into Amy "Hey... i thought maybe we can go back to my place for the night."

Patrick raised his eyes and looked at him. He didn't want this guy taking his best friend back to his house and doing god knows what to her.

"Uhm... I'm not sure what's going on yet, we'll talk about it later." She whispered back to Chris. Patrick smiled, he knew she'd get out of it.

She turned to Andy "Andy don't you play the drums?"

He shifted uncomfortably "Uh yeah buut not for a while. I'm a little rusty I guess..."

"Well it might be a good side project for you to do, you know -- to hang around other people." She accentuated the words side project and /other people/.

He smiled at her : his knight[ress] in shining uh - mini skirt? Coming to his rescue... again. "Yeah, actually that sounds cool. You guys can come over my place since I have a drum set. I was supposed to go to a party tonight, but that sounds a lot better."

He smiled at Amy and she winked at him, knowing that she had once again, in her own little way, saved him from another night of disaster. Maybe things would start to look up for good now...
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