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Everybody's Fool

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You know you've got everybody fooled. (was a one shot, but continued)

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Perfect by nature
Icons of self-indulgence
Just what we all need
More lies about a world

I welcomed the cool rain upon my skin. It was a relief, as I cried on the roof of the Brownstone. I tried to calm myself, saying that I should be used to it by now, but it still stung me. What had I done to anger him so? Did he hate me, just because I'm me? I felt no hatred for him, just pity for his coolness.

That never was and
Never will be
Have you know shame
Don't you see
You know you've got
Everybody fooled

Why did I hate her, and when did that hate turn to fierce love? I had always teased her, bothering her for no reason, being my harsh and cruel self. Now that she had finally taken it to heart, I felt horrible. Why do I care suddenly? Was it really so suddenly?

Look, here she comes now
Bow down and stare in wonder
Oh, how we love you
No flaws when you're pretending

I had never asked for his friendship, never expected his respect. But did he have to insult me when I was only trying to help? I can see where the insults come from, I grew up rich and with everything I could ever want. But I am not heartless, nor do I seek to be the center of attention. I don't know why he sees it so.

But now I know she

I'm making my way up to the roof, where I kno she went. After I insulted her, made a fool out of her for no reason. None she knows of, anyway.

Never was
And never will be
You don't know her
You're decieved
Somehow you've got
Everybody fooled

I used to hate her, despise where she came from and all that she stood for. But then I got to know her. How sweet and kind she was, how she cared, how she'd never give up on anything or anyone. Until now, until me. I spoiled her, not her father. She looks so vulnerable, crying now.

Without the mask
Where would you hide
Can't find yourself
Lost in your mind

I hear footsteps beind me, and I know it's him. Come to apologise, or pretend to. To clear his conscious, or pressured to by our friends. Why he bothers, I don't know. He'll just yell at me again later.

I know the truth now
I know who you are

I call out her name, and she doesn't look at me. How do I start? How do I tell her how sorry I am, how wrong I was, how I deserve to fall off the face of the earth for what I did? Most importantly, how do I tell her why I did it? I go on my instinct, hardly thinking.

"I love you, Drama Queen."

She looks up, tears flooding her eyes.

It never was
And never will be
You don't know her
You're decieved
Somehow you've got
Everybody fooled

I was stunned. Had he really just said that? It wasn't an apology, it was much more. Did I dare believe him? Could I ever cared about him in that way?

Never was
And never will be
You aren't real
And you can't see me
Somehow now you're
Everybody's fool

Through everything, I had never given up on him, always believed there was some good in him. But I was a fool, and I had made up my mind.

"I'm sorry, Archie, but I don't love you."

Author's note: Just a random song fic I thought of, while listening to Everybody's Fool by Evanesance. Some drama between Archie and Theresa, but no fluff.


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