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The Memoirs

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I thought that this would be a one-shot, but I thought of a longer story. Enjoy!

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Sad, isn't it? The scene you just witnessed. Or, more accurately, the scene I just related for you. I remember that day well, every detail to the minute, though I wished I didn't. Unfortunately, it is not the only sour memory I've lived in New Olympia. I guess you couldn't expect a barrel of peaches, given the situation.

I mean, what did I expect? We were seven teenagers, called together to save the world, forced to live under one roof. Could we really be all that close, like a pack of insta-friends? Of course not, and as I recall my memories of the place, you will see how apparent that is.

Then again, ther were good times, too. I will tell you those as well, to break the monotone. Besides, none of us were miserable at the Brownstone, we were just faced with a challenge. No, not the threat of Cronus, but the pace of life. Romance, fighting, drama, so much that it would make you want to scream until you were hoarse. Or, you could simply vent, whether to another person, who would likely as not yell back. Or to a piece of paper, as I have done.

The following are my worst memories of the time I spent fighting Cronus. Or my best, if you prefer. I won't classify my memoirs for you, but patiently relate them for your curious entertainment. So sit back, and read the thoughts of me, Theresa Barton, teen hero and normal drama queen. Be warned, as I said before, they aren't all peaches and cream, but what in life is.


I know, it's extremely short. But this was more of a bridge than anything, the story will get better, for sure. Criticism is always welcome.

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