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Beware The Dragon

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Atlanta gives the boys her own piece of helpful advice. Will it help them? Will it help them find Theresa? Will it help them defeat Cronus? Read and review to find out! [ohh I even have cliffhanger...

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heyy here is my new chapter....sorry it took me so long to update, I have bbe pretty busy with a few of my plays....but anywho here it is and enjoy and please review!

Atlanta woke up, an hour later, and still felt the burning fires from tartarus. She still wondered who that blurry figure was. She still wondered if she was alive! She slowly began to open her eyes and she saw the blurry figure again in front of her eyes, but then as her eyes opened wider, she saw a familiar face; Archie! He had a hopeful smile on his face.
"Atlanta! You're alive!" Atlanta jumped up off the ground and she hugged Archie as tight as she could. She was happy to see that she had lived to see his face again. She let go of him and then she saw the rest of the gang behind them. She ran towards them and she hugged them all. She even hugged Mr. Suez! After she hugged them all Herry looked at her curiously.
"What happened to you? You look like you just rose from the dead." Atlanta raised an eyebrow. Why couldn't Herry use proper words for once?
"Well let's see, I was beaten to death by Cronus!" Atlanta ran her hand through her hair and still felt dried blood in her hair. When she did that, Neil saw her missing finger and made gagging noises.
"EW!!!! That's so gross!! You don't have half of a finger! Girl i guess that means that you can't have a manicure with me anymore!" Atlanta looked at him angrily. Odie whacked Neil's arm. Neil winced in pain.
"OW!! What was that for?!" Odie shot him an glance and then Neil walked away. Odie went into his pocket and handed her a kleenex. She took it and raised an eyebrow.
"Why are you giving me this Odie?"
"There is some blood under your nose." Atlanta giggled with embarassment and wiped it away. Odie looked at her finger as well and had a questiononing look on his face.
"What exactly happened to your finger?" Atlanta looked at her missing finger. She still remembers how she lost it.


Agnon and his giants were beating up Theresa and Atlanta. Agnon was whipping Theresa and Atlanta saw this. she still had enough energy to get him away from Theresa. She ran and kicked Agnon in the back of the leg. Agnon screamed in pain and Atlanta tried to run away but the others giants caught her. Agnon got a table and he put her arm on it and he got a knife and then....he chopped it off! She screamed in pain as the blood started to squirt out. Agnon grabbed the inger that had been cut off and ate it. He then grabbed her hand and got a bag of salt and put her finger in there. She screamed in pain since it stung her finger really badly. After her torture time, Agnon grabbed her and threw her to the ground. She cried to herself as Theresa came to her side and soothed her back. Agnon sneered at Theresa.
"You two behave yourself or else I will feed you both to the dragon!" Then he stormed out. Theresa laid down beside Atlanta and cried as well.
"Atlanta I'm so sorry....this is all my fault." And for hours they stayed there and cried....


All the guys were horrified when Atlanta told them about about her finger. They had never heard anything so disgusting in their whole life. Archie came to her and bear hugged her again.
"I'll get back at Cronus for you....I promise." Atlanta smiled and hugged him back.
"Thanks Archie...but you guys go! Theresa may be dead!" Jay nodded in agreement.
"Agreed. The boys and I will go find Theresa. Atlanta you go with Mr. Suez and find Campe." Atlanta nodded and then had a look of worry in her eyes.
"Guys....listen to what I have to say....beware of the dragon." Archie raised an eyebrow.
"Beware of the dragon?" Atlanta nodded.
"Yes....beware of the dragon. It's Cronus' pet as he likes to call it. It is the most dangerous thing you could ever see. Please be careful you guys." They nodded and they went their separate ways. They were all looking desperaetly and had no hope....until they heard a scream.

who could have been screaming? Will Theresa make it out alive? Will Atlanta have the strength to live? Wait for my next chapter to find out!! You think I WOULDN'T PUT A LITTLE CLIFFHANGER IN THERE?!?! LoL jks jks well cya guys
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