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Almost Escaped

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Theresa and Atlanta alonst escape[wish i could say more, but i will ruin it for you guys] plz review

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here is my new chapter do enjoy....later guys!

"Atlanta....Atlanta....can you hear me?" Theresa was shaking the sleeping girl a bit hard. Since Atlanta had been beaten the most between the two and she lost a finger, she was always asleep. Theresa shook her some more.
"Lanta please wake up!" Hearing her best friend's plea, Atlanta slowly opened her eyes and saw how much worse Theresa got since she was last up. Theresa had blood coming out her in all different directions, she had huge bruises and she was as white as a sheet. Atlanta slowly got up and looked aat her friend and began to cry.
"Theresa what's happening to us? What are we going to do, I don't want to die!" She began to sob and then Theresa hugged her friend and soothed her back.
"Don't worry Lanta....I found a way to escape." Atlanta let go of her and had a bit of hope in her eyes.
"You do?! How?" Theresa looked at her and smiled weakly.
"If you look over there where that huge window is, you'll see that there is a tiny, tiny crack in it." Atlanta shrugged her shoulders.
"Will we be able to fit in that tiny tiny crack?" Theresa nodded.
"Atlanta, Cronus hasn't feed us anything for the past seven hours; I'm sure we just lost another twenty pounds off our slender figures." Atlanta giggled lightly and then they both got up and stood in front of the wall where the huge window stood above. Theresa looked at Atlanta.
"Are you strong enough the climb up there and pull me up?" Atlanta nodded.
"Yeah....I may have lost alot of blood and a finger, but I haven't lost my rock climbing skills." Theresa smiled as Atlanta began to climb up the stone wall and finally got to the window. Atlanta looked over the edge and saw how small Theresa looked from up there. She turned her head and saw a long piece of cloth, and grabbed it.
"Theresa here grab onto this and then I will reel you up." Theresa nodded and grabbed it and began to climb up, when she heard the door swing open! It was Cronus!! He saw that they were trying to escape and became furious.
"What are you two doing?!?!" Theresa got so shakin up by him screaming that she let go and fell. Atlanta heard a loud crack and Theresa screamed in pain; she broke her leg. Through her tears, she called to Atlanta.
"Atlanta! Forget about me! Run....get away from here....don't let him get you!" Atlanta felt tears falling from her eyes and she ran away, leaving Theresa behind. Theresa stayed on the floor and cried in pain and disappointment. She knew she would never make it out alive. Cronus stood in front of her and grinned evily.
"I have some different plans for you my dear." He laughed and then the dorr shut with a freightening bang.

Atlanta ran away and was looking for someone who could help. Anyone. Anyone who had a decent and caring look on their faces. But Atlanta's hope soon fell; she found no one. She wandered around Tartarus, disoriented. She felt as if she were going to pass out any minute. She was getting ready to pass out, when in the distance she saw a blurry figure coming her way. It was calling her name.
"Atlanta....Atlanta...." The voice kept calling and calling and she felt dizzier and dizzier, when the figure was about five feet in front of her, she finally passed out. She could still feel someone putting their hand behind her head and putting her up. She tried to open her eyes, but then she passed out.

Who was it that Atlanta saw? What will happen to Theresa? Will the gang save them both in time? Read and review and tell me what you think!!

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