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Mr. Suez's Wise Advice

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After talking with Hera, the boys have no hope in getting to Tartarus....until their janitor a.k.a the mighty Zeus helps them. will update chapter later

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here is my newest chappie....enjoy you guys!! Warning, I made Hera a bit moody and pissed off so expect a vir of attitude from her!

Hera was in her office talking to Hermes about decorating it.
"Hermes should I put some silk cloak hanging from the ceiling or should I put velvet?" Hermes shrugged his shoulders.
"I don't know....which do you prefer?" Hera raised both eyebrows.
"That's what I was asking you....were you not listening Hermes?" Hermes saw how pissed off she looked and quickly picked.
"The silk one! It's perfect....oh would you look at that I have to go and check some emails....bye Hera!!" Hera flew out of her office and then the five boys came in. Herasaw them all and smiled.
"Hello boys....what are you all doing here?" Herry looked at her, with panicked eyes.
"Theresa and Atlanta have been kidnapped by Cronus and are in Tartarus!!" She looked at him with wide eyes.
"They are in Tartarus?!?! Why the hell did he bring them to Tartarus?!" Neil shrugged his shoulders.
"I don't know....he was torturing them pretty bad. Atlanta even lost a finger....ew that's gross! Oh and we even saw Theresa get whipped....ew nasty we even saw the blood splatter all over." Herry looked like he was about to throw up.
"Neil did you have to go into details? I think I'm going to be sick!" Odie rolled his eyes and he then smacked both Herry and Odie across the face. Odie looked angry.
"Guys we are wasting time! Hera please we need you to take us down to's the only way that we can save them; they'll die if we don't help them." Hera shook her head.
"I'm not sending you down to Tartarus." Archie shot her an angered and shocked look.
"Why the hell not?! This is Theresa and Atlanta that we are talking about! The prophency will be broken if they both die." Hera gave her an angry glance.
"DON'T YOU DARE TALK BACK TO ME ARCHIE!!!!" Archie was shocked by Hera screaming at him and then Jay came and tried to calm her down.
"Hera calm down Archie didn't mean to question you, but we want to know why you won't send us to Tartarus." She gave him her own angry stare.
"Mortals who go to Tartarus, never come out of there alive! You are not going there and that is final!" Hera turned away and began to put up her cloaks and the boys got her point and walked out. This was going to be harder than they thought.

"So....what do we do now?" Odie asked as they all thought of what to do on the stone steps outside the school. Herry shrugged his shoulders.
"We could always beg Hermes to take us there." Odie shook his head.
"Hermes is afraid of that place....he won't even look at a picture of that place without screaming." Everyone thought a little more and then Neil came up with an idea.
"Why don't we ask Mr. Suez?" Herry shook his head.
"No that's not such a-" Archie interuppted.
"That's a great idea!!" Herry looked at Archie confused.
"It is?" Neil did too.
"It is?" Jay sat up and nodded.
"Yeah Mr. Suez, a.k.a Zeus knows Tartarus better than anyone so he will have to take us there. C'mon let's go find him!" The five teenage boys ran in the school and searched for him. this was probably their first time in a long time, that they were looking for a janitor who was really a greek god.

"MR.SUEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!" The five boys screamed when they saw him cleaning the boys bathroom. He looked at them all confused.
"What do you boys need? And where are the two pretty girls in the group?" Archie bit his lip.
"That's why we kind of need you." Mr. Suez raised an eyebrow.
"Go on....I'm listening." Neil pushed Archie out of the way and told him.
"Cronus has kidnapped Atlanta and Theresa and has them in Tartarus and is torturing them and Atlanta even lost a finger and we witnessed Theresa getting whipped and we asked Hera to take us, but she was in a pissy mood and didn't take us and we need to get there within 24 hours or else they die....any questions?" Mr. Suez's eye were widened. He couldn't believe the news either. Finally after a very awkward silence, he said something.
"Hera isn't allowing you to go to Tartarus?" Odie shook his head.
"She was yelling at us for no reason too." Mr. Suez nodded.
"Well just a little secret, she's like this because she is going through that time of the month." The five boys made gagging noises and then Herry looked at him distgusted.
"Why did you have to tell us that? I never knew that goddess' xould have their periods too." Mr. Suez laughed and then he had a serious look in his eyes.
"I'll take you all to Tartarus." Jay looked at him with wide eyes.
"You'll take us?!" Mr. Suez nodded.
"Yes....but you can't tell Hera or else I'll be in for a beating." Jay laughed and then asked him to take them to it.

Mr. Suez took the five boys to his little room and opened up his closet door.
"Everyone get in." Neil raised an eyebbrow and then shook his head.
"No way jose! That little space will so ruin my hair! Not always a good thing too!" Herry picked him up and threw him in. Everyone else walked in and the Mr. Suez shut the door after he got in. He looked at them all before pressing the button.
"Before we go, I must go over one very important thing with you boys." Herry nodded.
"Okay what?" Mr. Suez had a very serious face on and then he finally said what he had to say.
"Cronus has traps all over that place like no tomorrow. I will try to find Campe so she will help you put him back in prison. But in order for that, you have to show no fear, no matter how scared you are. You got that clear?" The boys nodded and then Mr. Suez pressed the button. The closet began to shake and spin and thenthe door opened. The boys gasped at what they saw. They saw fire, lava and heard painful cries and pleas; they were in tartarus.

Shall I go on or should i just leave you all hanging? Review and tell me what to do!! hehe I'm so evil
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