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The Call

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The five boys get a call from Cronus ont their PMR and see what Cronus has done to Theresa and Atlanta....maybe a tiny gory so dont read if you don't like it.

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here is my third chappie[OMG!!] lol well enjoy, maybe a bit gory and a bit depressing but w/e enjoy.

"Jay, stop worrying. We'll find them don't blame yourself." Herry sat on the couch, while trying t calm down a pacing Jay. Jay shook his head rapidly.
"Herry you don't understand, I told them to go, I didn't even pay attention to them....It's all my fault." Archie came up and put an arm around his friend. He felt just as bad.
"Jay....It's my fault too." Jay looked at him confused.
"Why what did you do Archie?" Archie looked down at his feet and looked as if he were about to cry.
"I didn't bother to go and help them. I knew that they weren't strong enough, but I was selfish and thought only about myself. I'm sorry Jay." Jay looked at him and forced a smile.
"It's okay was both of our faults." Neil came between them and had a somewhat angered look in his eyes.
"Can we stop playing the blame game already?!" Everyone looekd at Neil confused.
"HUH?!" Neil rolled his eyes and explained.
"If we play the blame game, we will never fins Theresa and Atlanta in time. Do you want to find them dead?" Everyone shook their heads and Neil smiled.
"Okay I'm glad I finalized that....c'mon let's go and find out where Atlanta and Theresa are." They all smiled and they were about to leave, but then they heard Odie's PMR ringing. Odie stopped and answered it. It said it was from Atlanta.
"Atlanta?! Where are you?" It was silent on the other end, and then they all heard a harsh coarse voice. It was Cronus.
"Hello are you?" Odie couldn't say anything, but Archie grabbed the PMR and had an angered look in his eyes.
"WHERE IS ATLANTA AND THERESA?!?!?!" Archie screamed into the PMR. Jay came beside him and had a pleading look in his eyes.
"Please don't hurt them Cronus. I'll give you anything just don't hurt them." Cronus laughed for a moment and then he finally said something.
"Would you all like to see them? Thye are doing really well if you were wondering." Before anyone could say anything, Cronus turned the screen towards the two girls. Everyone gasped at what they saw. They were both tortured badly. Atlanta had blood pouring out of her head, stomach, mouth, from her finger that had been cut off and from her back. She had marks on her back that showed that she was whipped. She had more bruises on her face, she had cuts on her face and she was unconcious. Theresa was half awake, half asleep. She was bleeding also in her head, her back and her legs. Her arms had bruises the size of watermelons, from the giants grabbing her arm. When she saw that the PMR was being faced at her and Atlanta, she shot up and tried to run to the PMR, but her legs were in pain. She crawled over and was screaming to them.
"Jay! Guys help! Atlanta is on the verge of death please hurry! Cronus has us hostage in Tartarus....please get Hera to get us! Jay please if this is the last time I ever see you, please know that I-" Cronus interuppted.
"Agnon shut her up." Agnon walked behind her and got his whip and whipped her back. She screamed in pain and she finally passed out. Cronus put the screen back on him and had a dark evil look in his eyes.
"You guys better figure out how you are to get here in Tartarus....because of you don't get here in 24 hours, say the next 24 hours, then that's when we finally kill them." Cronus laughed and lost connection woth them. After an awkward silence, Jay fell to his knees and began to cry.
"This is my fault! Theresa and Atlanta are dying....oh what are we going to do?" He keot crying and soon everyone began to cry. They knew it wouldn't help, but they couldn't help themselves.

omg depressing and gory! lol well please review you guys i really want some ideas for my next chapter....and i want some opinions and positive feedback! love ya guys
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