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The Torture Room

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Theresa and Atlanta wake up....only to be found in a torture room!!

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here is my second chapter....hope it wont be crap like the first one....later guys!

Theresa felt a throbbing pain in her head like she never felt ever before. She felt as if someone who weighed over three hundred pounds had just sat on her head. She shifted at first and then she opened her eyes and was in an unfamiliar place. It was big, dark and scary looking. She sat up and saw Atlanta, laying down beside her unconcious. She crawled over to her friend and she looked horrible. She was a white as a sheet, she had many bruises on her face and she had a few scarpes on her face. Theresa didn't know if she was alive so she started to shake Atlanta.
"Atlanta....Atlanta....Atlanta it's me Theresa....please wake up....I don't want to be alone in this place." Atlanta groaned and then she finally opened her eyes and saw her best friend over her. Atlanta sat up and put her hand on her forehead.
"Ugh my head hurts so much." Theresa put an arm around her and nodded.
"Same feels like a fat man sat on my head." Atlanta giggled lightly and then looked at Theresa and nearly scaremed when she saw her face. Theresa looked at her confused.
"What are you looking at?" Atlanta still had wide eyes and finally told her.
"Have you seen your face lately?! You have all of the cuts, bruises, slap marks and I dunno if you noticed this but there is blood coming out of your head!" Theresa put her hand on her head and she looked at her hand and saw dark red blood. She looked at her best friend and nearly screamed.
"Cronus must have done this to us." Just then Cronus entered through the chamber with an evil glare in his face.
"Did you call my name?" Atlanta gave him an angry stare.
"What are you doing with us?!" Cronus walked towards her and had an evil grin on his face.
"It's not about what I'm doing with you's more about what my giants will be doing to your guys." He let out and evil laugh and Theresa got up and she kicked Cronus in the groin(a/n: dont ask!) She had a hateful look in her eyes.
"You sick cow! Why are you just kidnapping us out of the blue?! It's not like we have any special powers!" Cronus stopped his look in pain and looked at her, with an 'as a matter of fact' look in his eyes.
"That is where you are wrong Theresa." Atlanta came beside her best friend and looked confused.
"What are you talking about Cronus?" Cronus looked at her and then at the both of them. He grabbed his scythe and made two figures; one of Jay and one of Archie. He looked at them and smirked.
"What have you two noticed about these two boys?" The two girls were confused and shrugged their shoulders.
"It's Jay and Archie." Atlanta answered softly. Cronus rolled his eyes and then made a portal like figure and showed them all the romantic and herois things that Jay and Archie have ever done for them. When Cronus finsihed, he looked at them both and raised an eyebrow.
"Jay is in love with Theresa and Archie is in love with Atlanta. Every bad guy knows to attacks the persons heart before physically attacking them. As long as I have you two, they will do anything I ask." He let ou and evil laugh and the two girl held onto each other in fear. Cronus was about to walk out and then he called Agnon and another giant.
"Agnon! Hurry up, these two girls need to be tortured." He left and Agnon and another giant entered. They both laughed an evil laugh and Theresa and Atlanta cried in fear as they began to feel searing pain.

Well there it is....hope you guys liked it and that you read and review....bye guys!
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