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Tied up in love: Welcome to paradise

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Secks, part II. (But not very explicit one. :P) Combined with references to Green Day songs. (These are explicit.)

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31. Tied up in love: Welcome to paradise *

After we had gotten rid of our tops Andy kissed me on the lips and said, "Sheena... I was wondering if we could try out something new?"

I smiled at him, trying to give him a seductive look, "Why not? What do you have in mind?"

He jumped off the bed and rushed to his walk-in closet. "That´s great that you´re so open-minded. You´ll like it, I´m sure."

I propped myself up on my elbows. Geez, what was he getting so excited about? And geez, what was in the giant bag he was carrying over to the bed now? And geez, why did I keep saying ´geez´ in my head?

He sat down next to me and placed the bag onto the mattress.

"I haven´t told you yet but I... have a thing for bondage."

I watched him pull several ropes and handcuffs out of the bag. I swallowed. I wanted my Mom. What the heck was that net-like thing?

Andy noticed me starting at his... toys?

"Oh, Sheena, don´t look so shocked."

I forced a smile, "I think I´ve seen stuff like that on TV before."

He laughed lightly, "You watch porn?"

I shook my head, "No. It was actually a documentation on climbing... This looks just as dangerous."

"Oh, it´s not dangerous if you have a safeword. If one of us says it the other one has to stop whatever they´re doing."

I picked up a set of handcuffs and eyed them suspiciously, "I really trust you and all but this just came pretty much outta the blue. If you wanna tie me up and-"

"Oh, no, Sheena. I wanna be the bottom."

I looked at him in puzzlement, "What´s that mean?"

"The bottom is the person who´s being dominated."*

I snorted, "You want ME to dominate you?" Ah, hello? In case we haven´t met before, I´m Sheena Scully, middlename: Timidity.

He started kissing my neck, "Yeah... It´s a real thrill to me." I moaned softly.

"But I wouldn´t really know what to do, Andy."

He kissed my ear. "Don´t worry about that, we´ll do ´topping from the bottom´ for starters. That´s when I tell you what I want you to do to me."

Even though I had my doubts abot this thing, I still found his last utterance extremely sexy for some reason.

I started to consider the situation, "And you´ve done this before?" Judging from his vast collection he had done nothing but this.

He stopped kissing me and looked me in the eyes, "Oh yeah... Don´t worry I know what I´m doing. I don´t wanna make you feel uncomfortable." Got a time machine? "It´s just... I really enjoy this kind of stuff and I want to share this with you. We´ve grown so close over the past few weeks...." He leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips, letting his hand slide down my bare back. "If this freaks you out, then you just gotta tell me it´s outta the question, ok?"

"No, Andy. It´s just... I´m kinda scared," I grabbed his hand, "but I wanna give this a try." At least I wanted sex again. The one week I had been on tour with the band we had managed to go at it one time. One single time. And you know, I really had to catch up in that department. Think of the two weeks of abstinence that I spent back here while Andy was still on tour.

"You´re the best!"

I smiled, "So what do I do?"

"Well, first of all, we´ll decide on the safeword... It should be something you wouldn´t usually say in bed, you know."

Something like ´uptight´, ´panic´ or ´I hate you´?

After a five minute discussion (my effort at procrastinating the unavoidable) it ended up being ´pot roast´.**

So now it was time for Andy to be my dominated love slave.* The dominated love slave who told me what to do. What a _ _ _ _ing contradiction.

Wishing I was 2,000 light years away, I started tying Andy´s hands to the bed posts and hoped that I was gonna like this. I was sure that if I actually went to church on Sunday this would at least make for something interesting to confess.

_ _ _ _ _

After band practice the boys and I went into Andy´s kitchen where Joyce was sitting with her laptop, staring at the screen as if she was under hypnosis.

"What´s up, sis?" Andy asked cheerfully. "Can you lend me a hand for a second? We need to take the garbage out. Garbage truck´s coming around tomorrow morning to pick it up."

"How about a finger instead?" Joyce flipped him off.

Ok, so someone was obviously PatrickMartinStumping around here.

Her brother was irritated, "What´s your problem?"

She ignored him, staring back at the screen.

"I´ll help you," Patrick volunteered and left the room with Andy and three big bags of trash.

Sometimes it was really annoying how he always jumped when she didn´t even say a word. To tell you the truth, I think she was not treating him all that right. She knew that Patrick would do just about anything to keep her and she used that to her advantage every now and then.

"Bad day at college?" I tried to shrug off my thoughts on their relationship. If Patrick was happy with that, what business was it of me to tell him what to do?

"Well," Joyce sighed demonstratively loudly, "I gotta hold this presentation... Say, what´s that guy´s name again who wrote Holden Caulfield?"

"J. D. Salinger," Joe was faster than me. "That´s a pretty good book." **

Joyce and I blinked in puzzlement and glanced first at him then at each other.

"What?" the guy shrugged. "You think I don´t have an elementary knowledge of American classics because I repair cars for a living?"

"Sorry," I apologized, mumbling.

"Nah, well..." Joyce trailed off. "I gotta present that guy´s life to the class. And I just don´t know how to start."

Remembering his name would probably be a good thing for starters.

Andy and Patrick returned and the latter sat down next to Joyce, placing his hand on her thigh. "Hey," he said softly and smiled at her.

"Hey," she replied, kissed him on the lips and smiled back. Ok, so they were an adorable couple when she didn´t boss him around. "When I´m done here we can do something fun. Too bad my professor´s such an idiot, scumbag, basketcase, chump and jackass."

"Whoa," Joe commented. "That was really redundant."

"Yeah," Andy nodded. "Don´t be such a grouch, Joyce. Just get your ass in gear and get it over with, you brat."

Joyce stuck her tongue out to him, "I need a holiday. School´s killing me."


* That´s definitely the most insightful research I´ve carried out to write this story up to now.

** Ach, the last few chapters have been like Lent without the Dish of the Cool Kids on Ficwad. Help yourself to a nice serving but please don´t leave the dirty plate in the sink like my apartment-sharing sister. And Mr. Meatball.

* My first action as the self-appointed president of the Bandgeekfreak Fanclub for the Aficionados and Aficionadas of Offensive Humor, Rhyming Usernames & Using Capital Letters in Proper Names (BFAAOHRUUCLPN) is constituting that song as the club anthem. My second action is challenging you to find all the references to Green Day songs in this chapter. How many? Third action: Find a club name that results in a more attractive acronym. Fourth action: Look up "acronym".

** Wow, what a surprise. Somebody who thinks The Catcher in the Rye is a good book.
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