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Prologue (The Crash)

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Delilah becomes traumatized after a dramatic event in her life.

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Julius and me finally got a break. Julius and me...a break! We both couldn't believe it! We decided to go to Hawaii. Julius was driving the plane, as I sat in the passanger seat.

"Hey, De, wanna drive?" Julius asked me.

"I don't know," I replied. "What if I mess up?"

"Nonsense," Julius said, smiling. "I'll help you."


Julius let me sit down on down on the pilot seat. We had to switch quickly. Julius was by my side, telling me all the controls and stuff. It was so confusing!

"Julius, I'm not comfortable doing this, I might mess up..." I moaned.

"Not a chance," Julius said smirking. "You're doing fine."

I bit my lip. It's nerve wracking doing something new. Julius leaned over and put his hands over mine to help me steer the steering wheel. I blushed as I felt his breath hit the back of my neck. Julius' face was so close to mine, which I loved. When everything was fine, you guessed it. Something always goes wrong. The plane soon began to beep.

"What did I do?!?" I cried out.

"I don't know," Replied Julius, with fear in his voice. "You did nothing wrong."

I moved so Julius could take control. But it failed.

"Julius, we have to bail!" I cried out.

Julius shook his head yes. "Let's go!"

"Crap!" I cried out.


"We only have one parachute left."

"All well, it has to do. Just hold on to me, ok? I'll protect you."


Julius quickly buckled himself in. Then I grabbed onto his chest for dear life.

"Let's kick it!" Julius cried out as he jumped out of the plane with me.

I watched in fear as the plane continued to go down. We were more than lucky we were heading for land. Julius held me protectively. I could feel his heartbeat and his hot breath on me.

"Oh no!" Cried out Julius.


"We're going to hit that tree!"

My eyes got big. I saw it. We were about to hit a tree. Julius curled up basicly in a ball, so I was basicly all covered, sheilded by his body. He held my head tightly to his chest.

"Hang on, De," He whispered to me.

Then he silently became quiet. "De, now's the time to tell you something."


"...I love you."

That was the last thing Julius said before Julius and myself hit the tree. Well, basicly Julius. I screamed when I heard Julius scream. I closed my eyes. I couldn't stand seeing Julius in pain. When we finally hit ground, both Julius and me were covered in blood. Ohhhh, my head...

I got off of Julius. He was being awfully still. I screamed. I slapped his cheeks. "Julius, Julius, wake up! Please!"

Julius didn't reply. His face and body were covered with wounds that were bleeding. I cradled him like a little baby. He got hurt, just to protect me. I cried, as I called Al on the black berry.

"Al, we need help, now!" I screamed. "Julius is hurt!"

"Helps on the way, kiddo," Al said uncalmly. "We got your location."

I fell into tears. I didn't let go of Julius. I checked his pulse. Very faint. Then his heart beat. Also faint. Then, I checked his breathing. He wasn't breathing!

I quickly put my mouth onto Julius' mouth, and blew. I put my hand under his nose. Thank God, he's breathing again. I looked at Julius' wounds. He had a bad one at his head, and one bad one on his left arm. I ripped the sleeves off my shirt, and used them as tourniquets on his two band wounds. I wanted to just kiss those wounds better. Then it hit me what Julius had said before we crashed...

"...I love you" You had told me.

"I love you too, Julius." I said to Julius' unconscious body.

But it was too late. He couldn't hear me. Julius was unconscious. Hopefully, still in this world with us...

xxDarkness' Kidxx
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