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Cruel Reality

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Cruel reality

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In anticipation, I bit my lip so hard that it bled. Julius was in the Academy hospital. They asked me to wait outside as the helped him. Soon, a doctor came up to me. A male doctor, who's name was Dr.Nair. I stood up immidently.

"The tests are done," Dr.Nair concluded.

"...and?" I said with no patience.

"He's in a coma."

It's what I feared. A coma. God, comas. That means he might never wake up...

"But his mind...I never saw such saw brain activity when someones in a coma."

My heart began to hurt. I tried to speak, but I couldn't. I just fell down, and bursted into tears. Poor Julius...all my fault, it's all my fault...

"Miss.Devonshire!" Cried out the doctor. "You ok?"

He helped me up. I tried to speak, I wanted to yell, "NO! I'm not ok!" I opened my mouth, no words came out.

"Miss.Devonshire, you're hepiventalating," Warned Dr.Nair. "I think you're traumatized. It means you can't speak because such an emotional and shocking event happened. I understand your partners condition is very shocking and hard to accept. Please, sit down. We're doing the best we can. The only way to beat your trama and your fear of losing Julius, you must face it."

Dr.Nair guided me to the couch. I only fell down on the couch, and just cried out my eyes. How was I supposed to face my fear? It'll only make me worse. I guess I should go see Julius now. Dr.Nair probley will let me go see him...




Huh? I opened my eyes to hear what that beeping noise was. I gasped. It was a heart moniter. I watched the red line go up and down, up and down, measuring my heart beat. But that's not what scared me. What scared me was I was...out of my body? I saw standing beside myself.

"OH MY GOD..." I whispered.

I didn't recanize myself anymore. This was just plain creepy. I was hooked up to a whole bunch of wires, and so many wounds. I had an oxygen mask over my...well, my bodies...mouth and nose. I shivered, as I saw doctors all around my unconscious body. I was so pale, and looked...dead. Holy crap, I must be dreaming...

"Scary, isn't it?" Said a voice.

I turned around to see a person in a black cloak.

"Who are you?" I asked her.

All I knew was it was a lady, for her voice.

"That's non of importance," She replied.

"Well, where am I, then?" I asked her.

She took a deep breath. "My, my, this always happens. All these darn questions. You're between life and death. We call this the Soul Zone. It designs your fate, and where you soul will go after death. You're still being held here for one purpose. Your soul's conscience is being troubled. It can't be put to rest when it's this troubled."

"And what's my purpose of being here? And why is my soul troubled?" I asked in curiousity.

"Your love...Delilah, she's tramtized by your coma. That's one of your purposes." The women told me. "Your soul is being troubled because you think that Delilah loves you back. You must face your fear Those are your two purposes."

"How'd you know I loved her?" I demanded.

"Honey, I know everything about you." She said, and gave a little laugh.

I shivered. That's creepy. But I didn't care at the moment. I was more worried about Delilah.

"You mean...she was so shocked by me being in a coma that she can't speak?"

"Her heart is broken, and it's more than she can take," The women told me. "You must save her. From her fear of losing you."

"Please, let me see her..." I whispered.

"Sorry. I can't allow that. You see, right now you're your soul form. Like a ghost. You can't touch anyone, and I'm the only one who can hear you."

"Then how am I supposed to help her?"

"You'll find out. This is a quest for you soul, hon. You must go on it alone. Then we will see what happens to your soul."

"Are you saying...after I help her, I'm going to...die?"

"Maybe. Whatever the future brings, we all must accept. No one should know their future."

And with those words, she left me speechless and confused. Then, I saw her. It was Delilah. She came towards my unconscious body, crying, her eyes blood shot red.

Oh, no, how am I supposed to take her crying? I don't think my heart can take it...


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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