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It's movie night and what will happen DURING it?

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Archie and Atlanta were to meet all their friends at the movies. They waited outside on the steps for the others to arrive. They got a call earlier in the day that Theresa and Jay were feeling a bit sick but they'd be coming. Herry, Odie and Neil were ready for another movie. They had a bet to see if they could watch every single movie in theatres today, even the chick-flicks. The rules were that they could not sleep during a movie, get sick of the movies and leave or say no to a movie they think is boring or even it's a horror. During the chick-flick movie, Herry had slept through the whole thing so he lost the bet, and Neil was wouldn't be quiet throughout the whole thing...he kept saying things like "That dude totally has to work on his exits." And "That could so totally be me." And "I can do a better job than that guy, like just look at him..." Odie spent 2 hours through this. Thankfully Neil had left right after to go shopping so the rest of the day had been good for him, plus Odie had won the bet.

Archie had spent the whole entire day with Atlanta, but after the game boy she acted a bit weird for a was probably just experiencing the first try of that game...but he could swear Atlanta called him...

"Hey Arch! Lan!" Herry called out running towards the two with Odie and Neil behind him.

"Hey!" Archie and Atlanta replied.

"Where are Theresa and Jay? The movie starts in 20 minutes..." Odie looked at his watch.

"Not sick of movies yet?" Atlanta asked with a cheesy smile.

"I've got 15 bucks and I'm not going to give up yet! I'm waiting for that sweet number 20 calling my name." Odie announced ready for more money from the bet.

"Hey it's not my fault that movie was so damn boring..." Herry grumbled.

"Nothing's worth staying there all day, plus I got this sweet new jacket!" Neil turned around.

"That's just great Neil." Archie said.

"There they are!' Atlanta called pointing to Theresa and Jay.

Theresa came in her red corvette with Jay in the passenger seat, of course. Theresa would never let him drive her car. And she always loved to tease him about it, so she walked home her in Jay's arms. It was sort of an advantage by being dizzy and sick.

"Sorry guys, you know I won't let Jay drive so I had to pick up my car at the school." Theresa grinned getting out of the car.

"Well let's go before we get bad seats." Jay said.

Atlanta and Archie walked beside each other holding everybody's tickets with the rest following behind them. Jay and Theresa were in the middle side-by-side laughing about something Theresa had pointed out.

"Look! There are 7 good seats there! Perfect!" Theresa pointed out to the team.

Everyone walked up the stairs to the perfect seats in the middle. Everyone followed Archie. He sat down in the soft comfy seat with Atlanta beside him. Theresa and Jay sat in the very middle of the group.

Okay this is how it is to make it easy for you all:

Archie Atlanta Theresa Jay Odie Herry Neil

The movie was action/adventure/romance and a bit of a comedy.

"I'll go get popcorn." Herry said.

"Hurry, it's starts in 10 minutes." Atlanta said.

"Does anyone here like it with butter?" Herry asked

"I do." Theresa and Jay said at the same time.

"No thanks," Atlanta and Archie said as Odie and Neil said "don't care."

Neil added on saying no on the salt. Herry rolled his eyes.

"Okay I'll get 3 buttered ones and 2 plain one." Of course the extra buttered one was going to be for Herry himself, and a super sized one.

And he left.

No one had said a word, though they were all thinking about the same thing.

Theresa and Jay having the same taste, Archie and Atlanta not liking the same thing; it was probably one thing they finally agreed on, and Herry...just as long as he had something to eat he was good.

Theresa and Jay's eyes looked at each other without turning their heads...they turned their eyes. Once they caught each other's faces they looked away FAST!

Neil and Odie were chatting about something and Atlanta and Archie were arguing...AGAIN.

Suddenly the lights turned low and Herry came back. Atlanta stuck her tongue out at Archie and he did it back. Herry took a seat and passed the popcorn.

Every second they could hear crunching noises from Herry, he had gotten the super deluxe size of popcorn.

Everyone else ate his or hers silently. Neil ate very slowly and looking at every piece making sure it's not too salty. If you sat beside him it would be quite funny really.
That's why I feel so sorry for Herry. Yet a very loud guy and a pretty picky person eating popcorn doing the exact opposite thing were quite strange. And I don't think they bothered each other. I'd most likely be sorry for Odie and whoever sat next to Neil and the seats above and below them. It was one interesting group I'd have to tell you that.

Odie sat trying his best to watch the movie without being distracted, but it'd probably be worth it for the money.

Jay sat with suspense through the movie. Both Theresa and Jay were about to grab popcorn and they touched each other's hands instead.

They bushed in the darkness.

"Sorry," Theresa said. Jay tried not to look at her, " too."

Atlanta sat limply in her chair not eating much popcorn; she changed position to putting her elbow on the armchair and her head in her hand. Archie was doing the same thing. He decided he wanted some popcorn so he stuffed his mouth. He had seen many action/adventure/romance movies he could predict everything he was half asleep.

Atlanta's head and Archie's head got dizzy again. Atlanta put two hands on her forehead.

"Uhh..." Atlanta moaned.

The dizziness woke Archie up.

"Wha?" he said.

"Shhh!!!" They heard behind them.

"Atlanta? Archie you okay?" Theresa asked quietly putting one hand on Atlanta's shoulders.

"Yeah...fine." She put her head back up. Archie tried to shake it off.

"Yeah, same here." Archie replied.

After 5 minutes their headaches went away.

Atlanta felt woozy, she felt...different...

She didn't feel like herself at all.

She yawned, and lay her head on Archie' shoulder.

Archie got surprised he moved sideways almost hitting the person beside him.

"Atlanta?" he asked quietly.

She was asleep.

Archie slowly moved back to normal position.
He just starred at her peaceful sleeping face. Archie blushed through the darkness of the theatre. Theresa looked their way and started to smile.

Archie and Atlanta were resting on each other's shoulders sleeping silently smiling.

Theresa elbowed Jay gently to point it out.

Jay looked and smiled as well; he let out a small chuckle. He nodded Odie, which got Herry's, and Neil's attention as well. They all glanced over one another's shoulders to see what was the commotion was about. Once they all saw they smiled and went back to the movie.

"Tiffany, you have to wait's the only way I know your safe." The man said from the movie. He was holding the woman's hands, as she cried not wanting to let go of her love to leave her to danger. "Jack, please! Don't go!" She sobbed heavily. "Shh..." The man cried as well he smoothed her long dirty brown hair, so straight and silky when he hushed her gently. The woman calm down a little and rubbed his dark brown hair. She starred into his blue eyes as he starred into her brown ones, so hazel and soft. She leaned in for a kiss that could be their last.

Theresa started to have a tear come out of her eyes. Then her head started to get all woozy again. She felt dizzy...she held her head trying to steady it. She thought she would faint.

"Theresa, you oka...ah!" Jay tried to whisper to see what the matter with her was. But suddenly he felt the same headache.

A really good part was happening in the movie. Odie, Herry and Neil didn't even notice the two were incautious. Herry ate his popcorn at full speed. Neil sat up on his chair. Odie froze his two eyes stiff on the movie screen. Archie and Atlanta were still both asleep, as Jay and Theresa shut eyes in pain from their head. Why was this all of a sudden happening to them? Theresa and Jay couldn't figure this all out.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next!!

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