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i have to aska question....

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What does one-shot mean?

And what are your favourite pairings? Caz theres many stories with different pairings

Jay and Theresa(my favourite!!!!ya go J/T!!!)
Atlanta and Archie
Theresa and Neil(noooo!!!!!)
Atlanta and Herry(nnooo!!!!)
Atlanta and Jay(nnooo!!!!)
Theresa and Archie(nooo!!!!sorry hehe)

Id feel bad for Theresa if Atlanta went with Jay
And id feel bad for Jay if she went wit Neil
And bad for Atlanta and Jay if Archie went for Theresa!
and bad for Archie and theresa if Atlanta went for Jay!!!!.....

Why does Atlanta have so many pairings? Well Herry and Theresa??i dunt think anyone wants that...but if u do plz tell me.

But Sorry for the people who DO like those pairings...

But tell me what you think! thanks! by reviewing!
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