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Archie, Atlanta, Jay and Theresa are having that problem again!! Archie and Atlanta are some how are in a deep sleep. And Theresa and Jay? What will happen to them!!???

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The buzzing in her head ached with pain. The dzziness ringed in her head. She couldn't stand it one bit.

Jay felt the exact same thing. At the same time he wanted to help Theresa, but he was in his situation.

The buzzing pain slowly and painly was stopping.

"Theresa..." Jay closed his eyes trying to reduce the pain. He tried to hold Theresa's hand so she would feel comfort. Why was this happening to them? They'd immediately go see Hera and Chiron after it stopped. Odie and them would understand Jay thought.

Soon the buzzing was completely gone. Jay wanted to take a breath of sastisfaction but once he opened his eyes everything went white!!!


Jack...please...Tifanny gave desperate eyes. I'll be back Tiffany just you wait and see...I'm promised. Jack whispered as he said it slipping their hands away. Tiffany reached forward feeling his touch which could be the last...Tiffany saw her fiance run to danger. She gasped and spilled out tears as she saw him go. She had to leave him on this deserted island as she remained safe in a crash broken plane. She sobbed in one of the airplane chairs that got peeled off the floor of the plane. She was not usually a bystander she would go save him if she could...but she knew...she knew she had to keep this secret and stay here. This was the most frightful and saddest moment of her life. ANd it struck her heart cold...cold, with ice.

The ladies in the theatre were crying themselves...the men were sad too but thought mosty of what was going to happen to the man...the woman was crying her heart out and everyonne could feel the fear and pain...they were so into the movie until a white flash came.

"What!" and "Boo!" and "What's going on here!" Came from the people in the theatres. They wanted to know what was happening to the movie. They needed it to continue.

The owners and the workers at the movietheatre didn't know what was going on either.

One of the workers were about to tell everyone to remain calm and tried to explain things as best as he could but then the white flash dimmed down. The movie screen had become static. Everyone started shouting and complaining again.

Herry got up from his chair shouting till he noticed Jay and Theresa were gone!

"Where'd they go?"

"Who?" Odie asked.

"Jay and Theresa."

Neil and Odie looked over Herry's shoulder and all they found was burnt marks on their seats.

'What the- what happened here?" Odie wondered.

Ohhh what happened to them?And the screen of the TV? ANs what is Atlanta and Archie dreaming about? Why have they become sleepy anyway? RATE AND REVIEW PLZ!!! IM BEGGING U!! EVEN IF IT IS A SHORT CHAP!!! AND EVERY READER MUST REVIEW IN THE CONTINUING CHAPS! AND THIS ONE AS WELL!!!! PLZ!!! puppy pout...
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