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New Chapter for qte-pututie

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You were the winner, so I have to give you the new chapter of yur favourite story. But in order to do that...

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I have to have yur e-mail or something else to give u the new chapter of this story, because you were the winner that answered my really simple question lol. And I know that's unfaitr for everyone else so I'll always put up more questions on Class of the Tiatns Minis! Until I can actually write the lil series of my own about them when they are younger!



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(c'mon ppl! even if u dont have ficwad account u can still review! Just say yur name's somethng or whatever i dnt care i want to know how u think of my stories!)



For those of u that arents qte-pututie and Always A Lengend sorry! caz I only meant for them caz they answered the questions first that i wrote on Class of the Titans minis! But if u do answer the future questions! I will sent u the next chapter that u requested!! THX!!
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