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Not-So Happily Ever After

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"Nothing... Cronus is gone now... I just can't stay here anymore." He stated dryly, not daring to meet her heart wrenching face. So she wasn't a reason to stay? "What do you mean Archie?" she ple...

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So I updated again, I've been doing a lot of that lately. As to the sequel, I might not post it for a while but will do my best, I have "The Cold Side of Heart" going on now, I posted the first three chapters, and I have so many one-shots in my head. So here is chapters 32... have to say it's fluff turned angst until the end. But don't kill me, all my chapters have been like that one lately. Lol. Hope you enjoy, only two left. And before you send hate mail I tell you that you brought this on yourself! Without this there would be no sequel. And thanks to Winter-Rae for helping me out with this one. You rock! -Nuuoa Eclaire

"I'm not the same, I changed. We all change, things change... maybe it's not always for the best." -Archie


The scientists were baffled to say the least; the sky was undergoing a strange phenomenon, it was perplexing. The sky was shaded over by a veil of clear mist... and it seemed to be made of parts of people? As mentioned before, they were all beyond confused. The shapes of the fog seemed to be ghost, humans. And from all centuries! But the scientists must have been hallucinating... it couldn't have been real.

Pulling her knees close to her chest she sniffed and felt the wind blow past her red hair, ruffling it excessively. The day had been exhausting and laying under the night sky was the bet thing she could do to think. She hurt... it had become a part of her.

She brought gray eyes to the vast mist before her, it was... creepy. But she found comfort in knowing that somewhere in that long lineup of escaping dreams was her friend.

And it was true. The dreams were free. In a long colorfully silencing line to Hades. And if they could remember how to cry for joy it would've shattered the earth.

She brushed some stray tears from her eyes as she scanned the horizon hopelessly looking for Theresa. The inky waves crashed in a spray against the soggy wooden dock, reflecting the stretching faces.

She heard a clank behind her and she turned prepared for a fight, but not for this. She stopped breathing as she saw the stern man before her. A bag slung over one side and a straight line as a mouth, dark blue eyes strewn open in terror and haunt as he watched the lapping water.
"Archie?" He jumped in surprise and ran from where she was, ripping the heartstring she had tied to him as he did. Like a bullet she turned away from the moving sky and darted after him, he was getting farther away.

"Archie what's with you?" Atlanta caught up to him and looked up at him, her moonlit eyes grew large in hurt and confusion.
"Nothing... Cronus is gone now... I just can't stay here anymore." He stated dryly, not daring to meet her heart wrenching face. So she wasn't a reason to stay?
"What do you mean Archie?" she pleaded with a nauseating feeling growing in the pit of her stomach, she didn't know if she wanted to.
"Is this about Theresa? If it is please-"
"It isn't," he growled darkly and then stopped when he noticed her hurt expression, her beautiful spark dimmed with the fog covering the moon.
"I just need to get away... ok?" he sighed as he slung a small leather bag over his shoulder, the wind blazed past him and messed his purple hair so it became a mask over his features... she wanted to cry.

Her heart and being was being trampled on and punched and beaten... but she couldn't defend herself... she didn't know how.
"I-" she chocked, she was at a loss for words... he was leaving her...
"Please don't." she felt like falling, she already was falling... never going to come back up without landing in his strong arms.
"Sorry, good luck with everything." His voice with laced with dark as he plodded down the road, the road they had traveled down so long together, raced down to get ice cream, boarded down in a race and now he was walking the same road silently and in solitude.

Time stood still in that moment, her heart pounded furiously in her chest as her world faded to nothingness. All she could she through her blurry vision was her silhouette fading into the cold dark night. In a feeble attempt she reached out her grasp and her whispered words carried slowly until they faded to a squeak.
"I-" tears took hold of her, she wouldn't cry anymore.
"I-" her feelings banged at the door of her mouth craving to feel the touch of the air.
"I- love you..." she sank to the ground with her flow of tears. He was going to leave her... and she loved him. She should've felt freed by the words... not confined.

"WAIT!" she popped like a bubble, a cry that shook the earth as she sped faster then she ever had in her life. Legs threatened to give out under her as she closed her eyes tight and felt nothing but the gush in her way.

Archie stopped silently and stared at the ground beneath him.
"What?" he muttered before the breath was crushed out of him with the taste of desperate lips against his own. He didn't have to look. It was the woman he had learned to care so deeply for.

He knew by the spice of cinnamon that was crisp in the air, he knew by the feel of her soft silk hair in his hands and the feeling of joy that swelled in him... and before he knew what he was doing, he kissed her back with a hungry passion.

And it was then since Theresa's death and his nightmare that he felt bliss. True bliss that was slowly slipping through his fingers as he thought of his past. But her skin was so nice against his, and her hair laced through his fingers... her lips the warmest thing he had ever felt against his.

She felt him roughly push her away as she savored the touch a little longer.
"I-I think I might love you." Tears welled in her eyes as she stepped away and looked up at the man before her. Her friend. Her teammate. Her love.
"Atlanta I-" he seemed to be fighting something within him, as if he was at a loss.
"Please don't go... I'll give myself to you in heart and soul; I'll do anything I-" she felt like she was losing him again as he fell farther from her grasp.
"I can't." he stopped her with regretful hard blue steel eyes. The words had the power to freeze hell.

"Why?" she cried out desperately holding on to what she had left of him. He was gone.
"I'm not the same, I changed. We all change, things change... maybe it's not always for the best." He turned away from the huntress again as she felt her strength begin to pour away from her body.
"But I thought..."
"Well you thought wrong!" he snapped at her, panting in rage.
"Please Archie! Don't go!" she whimpered in a loss of hope, wishing he could love her back, like he had before. He just stared at her in a pant biting back what he was going to say he shut his eyes furiously and he continued walking.
"I-I... Forgive me."

And the warrior was gone.

Atlanta just stood there. He was actually gone. No more laughter, no more awkward moments, no more teasing, no more dork. She cried for a while at spilling out her soul and pounded the ground until it was stained by her own blood.

In fairytales everyone got a happily ever after... where was hers? Where was her knight? And where were her two friends? Fairytales were far too overrated.
"I will never love again." She promised fiercely as a shard of ice crept into her and froze over the part of her heart that had loved him.

Khalil stepped soundlessly as he stepped beside her, allowing her to sob into his thick fur.
"Fluffy... He left." Khalil nodded slowly and brought the teen to look at him.
"No happy ending?" Yellow eyes and green sang out to her.
"No." she bit back her anger in more tears.
"I think I can try to get one for someone else... Theresa saved me once but more importantly she saved my heart from death." She looked up at him and clung to him for the longest time.
"Don't go too." She sniffed as she furiously pushed Archie out of her mind and her world.
"I'll always be with you. Always." He licked her face and tasted her salty tears.
"After all... you're my friend."

And she had a feeling that this story ended with a 'Not-so Happily Ever After'... but maybe they could do something that could make it really, really close.


Yes I made Archie leave! Now do you see why I didn't update! I'm sorry... whaa! Poor Atlanta! Oh great... now I have nothing to say. Review and rate... sorry. -Nuuoa Eclaire
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