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Her Story

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The naked light burned as he hesitated, wondering if he should look, it was his last true way too her. Jay clutched it too himself for a moment before casting it into the misty dark sky and yanking...

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Sorry it took me so long to update... oops... Well anyway it's really time for an update... wait this is the second last one? -Nuuoa Eclaire

Jay stood solemnly on the brownstone rooftop, a roof of so many memories. Battles, laughs, cries and love. She had been here with him almost all of those times. Funny how two people could share on space, and then one remained in that spot to watch the other in a line of sky.

Like a blaze ghostly bright fog, it lingered in a stretch of sky. Months would pass until it would disappear... hopefully some kid wouldn't think it was a rainbow and try to find a pot of gold at the other end. Jay didn't think that Hades could handle a little kid. He wasn't a people person to begin with.

Wind brushed past his face as he turned away from the sight and touched his jean pocket. Feeling the heat rise in his hands he rested on the thought of Theresa and let his memories become reality. It took over him as he tried to smile. For a second he wished to stop time, like when Cronus had caught Theresa. But without his blood-streaked tears he couldn't wish for that, or for her back. Wishing was futile.

As the warmth continued to spread through his body and up his arm, he glanced down at the street and watched Archie run by. The male's ankle brace clinking down the pavement barely muffled his sobs and cries. Jay wondered if he was crying about Theresa, and where he was going... but Archie could be as stubborn as a mule. Not even Atlanta could stop him.

Theresa's face burned beyond his desire to go after Archie. She wished to kill the beast. She wished to save the world. She wished to kill herself. She wished to kill his heart.
"But sadness can't exist beyond my pain."

He pulled out the source of the heat and ignored the light that blinded his brown eyes. Theresa's star. Her story.

The naked light burned as he hesitated, wondering if he should look, it was his last true way too her. Jay clutched it to himself for a moment before casting it into the misty dark sky and yanking one more of her cords on his heart. The bleeding would subside with time. The time she gave them.
"Be free. Some stories should never be told, but be seen forever and guard, captivate a million hearts that were saved. The story of the women who was a hero, a person trapped by fate, never trapped... the women I loved. Theresa."

And the sky burst into brighter light, millions of seemingly small fireflies exploded in the night. The stories of all the dead could see the world. It was more beautiful then you could ever imagine. But to him, nothing could be as beautiful as her.

And her story rang out unheard through the night, her inaudible voice capturing. Parts of her life could almost be seen rolling in the new stars; hers was still the brightest to him. And then her whispered voice stopped and she never continued continued.

"Dead. Am I really dead? Is this a dream? The voice of the stars seems to think so... so I'll finish with this. I don't expect any of my friends to hear this, but after I left a different message for my family in another 'section' I don't know what to think.

"Herry and Odie, I don't think I'll get my feelings right after what I've been through, so I'll make it short. You know how I felt about you. You were my brothers. So lovable and supportive and funny... Please don't change because I'm gone, please? I really don't have time to say all I feel so I need to make this short.

"Archie... well I have to say you fit in with the previous category. I don't hate you. So don't you ever think that... you are an amazing person. I pray to Zeus that you didn't think I hated you when I died... Oh, and ask her out already!

"Atlanta, you we're one of the best friends I could've asked for. You're fast, smart, funny and beautiful... sometimes I found myself envying you're attitude. But contrary to saying I never want you too change... maybe be a bit less oblivious... Wait a minute I'm crying...

"Neil, you have yourself and everything... but... I can't believe I'm saying this, keep him. Yes, never lose yourself... please? Just find someone else to fill your heart too, and stop using all the hot water.

"And Jay I... look how stupid of me, I'm actually crying to no one! I guess you'll never see my tears, rolling down my cheeks. Do you know what I'm crying for? My tears are not for joy nor happiness... No it's for the forbidden word. The word you'll never know. Unless you heard me. When I died. Or you thought I did.

"L-look more tears. Wait; this time it's only one. A small and simple tear. Simple. Wish my feelings were that easy. Simple. I see it glimmering on my delicate fingertip, I see your eyes. You true rich brown eyes. It's singing my song of sadness and pain. Like a dagger through my soul. And I have to say Jay... that it's spitting out the truth! Unlike your hurting words... or the three you'll never say. I'll never hear.

"It can be a million glances. It can be a thousand thoughts. It can be a hundred emotions. But today it's one word. The word that burns me... I... I dead. So heck with it! Love. I love you! But I want you to move on... and be h-happy... cause that's love. But I still feel myself needing you! And now I wonder what I've done wrong! Why me! Why do I suffer! Why did our two paths collide, or each seven? I'm dead but I love you! I can't stop and I don't know if this hurts even more... never seeing you again.

"But I need to face it... you don't love me... you've probably changed. I wanted you to love me, like I said I still do. Now I'm babbling, you always made me do that. I don't know where you are now... P-probably in the warm embrace of another woman. One you, you can see. In life and death. Please don't p-pull away from her! All I want is for you to be happy. And that's why love hurts. I want to make you love me! Force you too! But then, well, it wouldn't be true, as true as I love you.

"So I still feel sorrow after everything I've said. Life does that. ... Did that. It didn't go my way. Hopefully yours will. If so, then cherish your moments. Take the risks for once you fool. Love another... or love your first. S-sorry I'm crying again. Because you never know when anything will be ripped away. Goodbye... m-my friend."

And as the unheard words ignited his soul true words met him from behind.
"I came to say goodbye."


As you can see this is more of a little snippet, not really a chapter. So the mystery of what was in Theresa's star has finally been answered. Understand that her feelings are even more complex and strange then this, this is from the aftermath of chapter 7... So I hope you enjoyed it and hope it wasn't too sad. I'm happy because out basketball team placed second in the entire district... wait this is the second last chapter... One more update... but remember the sequel! And I also have 'Cold Side of Heart' going on too... need to update too... opps. -Nuuoa Eclaire
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