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Never Really the End

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His smile lit her world on fire. "Then I guess this is the end." He said gripping her firmly against his chest, better then life she was. He would never let her go. "No," she laughed through fall...

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I'm not going to threaten to stop updating, but let's stop this nonsense of Ficwad, ok? Good. Read my reviews for my full opinion on this. Well this is it... the last chapter of this story. It's been a long ride, with ups and downs... but it all leads up to this. (Excluding the sequel and the fact that I sound like a corny graduation tape.) This might shock all your expectations of the sequel. Most people think that the sequel will involve finding Archie and bringing back Theresa... well you are wrong. xD. I'm so terrible. Well... oh great, now I'm feeling too sad to update. P.S. Remember this is your last chance to review my story. ^-^ -Nuuoa Eclaire


Theresa stood in front of him for what seemed to be the millionth time, but it seemed so long ago in the forever. She looked like a wisp of something long past. Her shoulders hunched as if she was carrying a ton of led, but she looked lighter then air. Jay was almost tempted to blow out a gush of air and see if she would blow away... but then she would be gone again.

Her colorless eyes grew wide as he continued to stare straight through her- literally. All color had been drained from her features, but life remained painfully clinging to the death of her.

Jay felt his skull pound as he thought of her lifeless cold body hidden under the silk blankets. Her blue lips haunted his dreams. What were they supposed to tell her family? Would they have a funeral for someone who was right in from on him? Would he ever get over the loss? When he had decided to be a hero he knew he would have to deal with loss... but he wasn't so sure he wanted to be a part of that word anymore. She was lost right before him.

"Goodbye?" he finally managed to produce words from his mouth as she sighed and floated aimless in the night.
"That line up there is pretty long." she motioned to the sky, it's ghostly light shone desperately over the city.
"I decided to spend that time saying goodbye to all those that I- care about. I have about two weeks until I have to get back in that line... I'll go see my dad and tell him everything. I was thinking of going over to Mexico." Theresa tried to laugh, "I never got to go there when I was-" She bit the bottom of her lip. Jay felt like a sledgehammer had been driven into him.

Another blow knocked him in the chest. That line would be gone soon enough... she was really going... again. 'Don't cry Jay. Please don't.' he felt his vision blur before he regained his strength. 'Be strong for her.'
"I see."

An awkward silence hung over them, words unsaid threatening to escape with every breath. Jay knew what was unsaid, the three words that could change the threading in the fabric of a tale.

Jay didn't know what to do, Theresa was going, and he was getting another chance. His heartbeat like a wild animal in despair, she was dead, she was alive. He didn't care about the consequences anymore. It didn't matter what he said. She wasn't coming back.
"Theresa I just want you to know that I-" he blurted before she smiled sadly and motioned with a frail hand to stop.
"Please," her clear eyes welled with gripping pain, "Don't say it. I can bear the thought that you didn't better then you did. I want you to be with someone else, move on. It doesn't change anything."

The harsh world crumbled before him, and he saw how bare she felt. She wouldn't meet his brown eyes. And then he felt a strange emotion brewing in him... anger. He was angry at everything, everything but her.
"I don't care anymore!" he yelled at her, and she stared in shock.
"Don't you see," he caressed the spot where her cheek was outlined, "I don't want to be with anyone else."
"Jay please," she felt like breaking down, "I just want you to be happy, in the future-" she tried to sob, but he hushed her gently.
" For once I don't care about the future, I care about the know. And in this moment in time I'm happy just to be with you, and I say 'Damn the future, and our situation.'" He leaned in towards her face, and he swore her saw a color and life ignite in her sadness.
"You know how I feel."

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything?" Khalil smirked; his green and yellow eyes twinkled strangely. Shouldn't he be sad?
"Not really." Theresa shifted away from him; she swore her dead heart was beating.

The shadow wolf padded over to her and stared at her a long time, Theresa tried to smile at him, her back to Jay.
"Enjoying your life?" she inquired, letting her hand pass through his thick black fur.
"Not really. I'm going to end it." He stated abruptly as he ran off the building, laughing all the way.
"KHALIL!" Theresa cried out so loud that the ground shook, shocking for someone that had no lungs. Jay stood firmly in place in utter terrible shock.
"Oh Zeus! He killed himself!" she wailed attempting to pound her fists into the concrete.
"Did I now? Really?" his voice connected with her mind, they nearly fainted with shock.

"But- but you-" Jay was dumbfounded, the wolf before him looked real enough... but he couldn't be all that sure.
"Shouldn't you be dead?"
"He looks real enough to me." The voice was like warm ice... Annabelle.

And she was... dead? This was far too weird. Her face was flushed, colorless dark brown hair curled into ringlets around her porcelain face. Her now transparent black cloak trailed behind her.
"Annabelle?" Theresa scrunched her brow in perplextion, "Why are you... dead? And are you happy!" her sad eyes widened to another state of shock.
"Trevor." Was all she said, and the world expanded to all horizons.

"You're with Trevor." Theresa tried to smile despite the confusion and feeling Jay's eyes on her back.
"But I thought you couldn't die, the blood streaked tear-" Jay began, his brow furrowing logically.
"Love is powerful... nothing can stop." Ice blue eyes winked at them, and a strange feeling took hold of Theresa, her heart was racing... wait... her heart? Jay could only stare as color was splashed back into her. Her cheeks turned bright and rosy, her sunburst hair was vivid and green eyes sparkled with life.

Chocolate met green in that second, and if Khalil and Annabelle hadn't been there they would've cried out in joy.
"But how? " she struggled for words, as she let tears spill. Khalil walked over her and rubbed against her leg.
"Blood streaked tears can be transferred, the wish included... our friend Khalil will live forever, and I am 'dead'. Such a wonderful thing death is. And in that spilt second I lived, I wished for your life back Theresa." Annabelle smiled, but soon after it cracked, and she longed to be back with her love in the mist.

An overwhelming explosion was set off in Jay's heart. This all happened so fast... what on earth was going on? This changed everything!
"Khalil?" Jay stood next to him, "Why?"
"Because idiot!" he laughed with a snap, "Theresa," he turned to her and smiled with a grin full of silver, "she's my friend." Theresa took a wobbly step and put her arms around him.
"Mine too."
"I must be off... Hades wants me in the first row, apparently I'm four thousands years over due in my death." She looked her age for once, the ice melting around the edges.
"Take care Theresa, Khalil and Jay, I will always be with you. Thank you for taking me on this final journey." And she disappeared like an evaporated water droplet. And Jay picked up a pure wonderful smile, reflecting the lost love being returned... a so the tragically beautiful was transformed. And to the world her beauty shone.

"You took her wish away? So she could be with Trevor?" Theresa cried gently into his fur, he patted her back with a large paw.
"Not only that... I got her 'powers' ... and I need to do something for the world." He met her in a dead on stare.
"I don't really have anywhere to go... I know you would welcome me, but I want to do something for someone else. I will be a part of the stars, and protect the world that forgave me. Will you let me?"

Theresa was sullen for a long time before letting her mouth part into the smallest smile.
"Of course I will. And I'll never forget you."
"I'll always watch over you, I promise I'll protect you." He softly licked her smooth hand.
"And you!" he turned on Jay like a drill sergeant, "You take care of her you hear!"
"I'll miss you too buddy." He smiled at the young wolfs old attitude. And his heart truly did feel like another piece was leaving it.

And suddenly Theresa's tears turned to emerald gems by the glow that consumed the winking shadow wolf. I blazed out of his eye and carried him in the misty blackness.
"I'm important!" Khalil yelled out in triumph, his legacy would never be forgotten.

And then a silence settled in the buzzing of the sleeping city, Jay took a step towards Theresa and smiled down at her.
"Hey stranger? Enjoy you're life?" his smirk was becoming more natural; he would let these events settle in the morning.
"Well yes I do-" Theresa was briskly cut off with a passionate kiss

It was everything he imagined, he needed her more then air. She tasted of sweet jasmine, and his senses were intoxicated; her lips were like soft delicate rose petals.
"I love you Theresa." He finally felt his worries fade, Cronus was dead, and she was alive and his.
"I love you too." She fell into his strong arms, everything seemed so right. It had finally happened, and those words were all that would ever need to be said.

His smile lit her world on fire.
"Then I guess this is the end." He said gripping her firmly against his chest, better then life she was. He would never let her go.
"No," she laughed through falling tears of joy, "Never really the end... it's just the beginning. The beginning of something awfully great!" Jay proceeded to stroke her hair and kissed it lightly, resting his head on hers.
"You're right, it's never really the end. It's a wonderful beginning."

He suddenly pulled away from her, and for the first time in what seemed like a year he laughed, a full hearty bellow. And she couldn't help but laugh with him, her tears spilling from over whelming happiness. She was in love, and more alive then ever. And so it wasn't the perfect ending, but she intended to make it so. Love is a powerful thing. It has the power to defeat a god. It has the power to break hearts. It has the power to rise into the stars. It has the power to change the path of fate. It has the power to create a miracle.

"Come on lets go." He motioned down the stairs with a bright smile, "Lets make Chiron so surprised that he jumps out of that horse body." He laughed again at his lame joke, the beautiful situation taking control of him.
"Just a minute." She turned up to the sky, as he raced down the stairs like a giddy child at Christmas time.
"Guys guess what?"

She smiled again at his manner, and let it dampen as she traced her fingers over the haunted light and up to the sky, resting on a certain constellation. The single green star held a bewitching spell.
"Thank you." Her olive eyes gathered the starlight into a single tear.
"Thank you for everything Khalil... I love you my friend." She let a kiss grace her fingertips and be carried away by the wind.

And as she turned away a sudden sensation gripped her, a tendril of ice and danger swept over her. She quickly spun back to the night and stared uncertainly at the stars above. The heavens rung with an unknown force.

Her clairvoyant abilities told her something was way out of place. It felt different. And then she was sure of something.
"This isn't really the end, is it?" she breathed out to the fierce green light, imagining his two heads nodding gravely.
"No." she shook her head, long ginger hair falling over her light face. She walked towards her home, their home and realized just how tired she was; her eyelids were laced with slumber.
"I better sleep while I can," she turned to close the door on the looming darkness.
"I have a feeling that our worries have barely even started. It's more of a beginning then I'd hoped."

End of Part 1... To be continued...


Is Part One of Awake in a Dream really over? I know you're thinking I'm making a big deal of this... but this is my first long story that I've finished... and over 56 000 words! GHA!

Now onto the long thank you list (In no specific order, just me browsing through all chapters. And if you're mentioned twice, under different names... it's because you have a different name on the two sites. And if I forgot you, don't beat me with a stick... then I can't write the sequel.)

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