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Doctors arent alweys as nice as they seem!

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Jay gets sick so his "doctor" gives him a new medication. Is it going to make him feel better or just make things worst! alot of J/T and some A/A

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Ok so guys i won't be updating on my other story for a while because I have no idea what to write!! If you guys have any ideas, please send it to me at my e-mail!! Ok so here's another story! ( I got the idea from when I was sick):D ENJOY!
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The titans were all sitting down. Neil was liscening to his mp3, Atlanta and Theresa were reading a magasine, Odie was inventing something and Archie and Herry were watching t.v. Everything was quiet until...


-" Bless you" said everybody.

-" Thanks.." said Jay wiping his nose. He had been like this after that mission against Cronus, the one where he got hit with something green and slimy. He was alweys coughing,sneezing and even pucking.

-" Face it Jay, said Theresa, You're sick!"

-" I am not sick! I can't be sick! Cronus can attack anytime and I can't lie down drinking soup while he rules the world!!"

-" Sheesh forget about Cronus!, said Archie, And speaking of wich, we haven't seen him for a while!"

-" Maybe he finnaly realised how ugly he is and finnaly went to have an extreme makeover! I mean seriously! Gods don't have a sense of fashion!"

-" Ahummm" said Hera, she was liscening to every word.

-" Oh..uh.. except you miss Hera!! You have a sense of fashion! hee..hee.."
Everybody began to laugh except Jay who's face turned green and quickly ran to the bathroom. Theresa followed him up. She stood in front of the bathroom door and heard him pucking.

-" Jay? You ok?"

-" I-I'm fine..." said Jay and he got out of the bathroom.

-" Jay, if you love me, please go to the doctor!" said Theresa. They had been going out for a year now, so did Archie and Atlanta.

-" win.. i'll go" And Theresa gave him a kiss on the lips.

An Hour later, Jay came back from the doctor with medicine in his hand. Theresa ran to him and hugged him. She gave him a kiss an asked.

-" So how was the doctor?"

-" It was ok. He said I should take this medicine and i'll feel better in no time. I think it was a new doctor because I had never seen him before. Anyways, I have to go take the medicine." He took out a pill, put the container on the counter, took a glass of water and walked upstairs to his room. Odie entered the kitchen and saw Jay's medicine. He looked at it for a minute and tought. "huumm.." He took the container to his lab and analysed it.

-" The name of the medicine is Nosiop..hum...nosiop..nosiop.. That medicine doesn't exist!! Wait a minute!! Nosiop spelled backwards is..POISON!!" He quickly ran to the living room and shouted.

-" EVERYBODY FREEZE!! Everyone froze. Neil was looking in the mirror, Herry was watching t.v, Atlanta and Archie we're kissing and Theresa was meditating.

-" Where's Jay?" asked Odie.

-" He's upstairs. What's wrong??" said Theresa with a worried face.

Jay slowly walked down the stairs. His face was very pale and he looked weak.

-" What happened to you?" asked Archie.

-" I-I don't know..All I did was take my pill.." responded Jay.

-" Jay!! About the pill!! Don't drink it!! It's-"

Jay suddenly lost balance, lost consious and fell on the ground.

-" -Poison.." continued Odie.
I hope you guys enjoyed it! I wrote it for you J/T lovers out there! Rate and Review!!
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