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An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

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Jay got poisened and the only way to save him is with the apple of a thousand tear.

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-" JAY!!!!" screamed Theresa and ran next to him.

-"'t..let" said Jay and closed his eyes.

-" Don't worry Jay! I won't, she said with tears in her eyes. Then she turned to the others and said, "Quick guys! We have to take him to Chiron!!"

Herry took Jay and they all rushed to Chiron. He was taking his beaty sleep when suddenly the 6 heros barged right in.

-" Chiron! Chiron! Help!! Jay has been poisened!!" screamed Theresa.

-" WHAT?, exclaimed Chiron, "But how?"

-" It was his medication, answered Odie,"I analysed it and saw that it was poison!"

-" But I thought doctors we're supposed to cure you, not kill you!" said Neil.

-" I'm thinking Cronus had to do something with this.." said Archie.
- - - - - - - - - -
Meanwhile Cronus was watching this from his pool thingy.(I don't realy know what the name is! sorry!)

-" Good guess Archie. But you're all too late! Now that I completed my mission and finnaly got rid of Jay, the prophesy is now broken! I can rule the world!! MUHAHAHA!"
- - - - - - - - - -

Chiron told Herry to put Jay on a sofa. Theresa sat down next to him and held his hand.

-" Don't worry Jay, we won't let you down.. I promise!"

-" Chiron, Is there any way we can save Jay?" asked Atlanta.

-" I'm afraid not.." answered Chiron.

-" What about the apple of a thousand tear?" asked Odie.

-" The what?" said Neil.

-" The apple of a thousand tear, said Odie. "It is said to cure any poison or desease. But the only place we can find it is...Hades"

-" Ok then, Hades here we come!" said Archie.

-" I'm afraid not" said Hera as she walked inside.

-" But miss Hera, It's the only way to save Jay!!!" spoke Theresa.

-" I'm sorry children but Hades is a dangerous place for mortals."

-" But we've alwredi been there and nothing happened to us!!" said Archie.

-" I SAID NO! AND THAT'S MY FINAL ANSWER!" yelled Hera and walked out of the room.

-" Someone's grumpy today..." whispered Neil.

-" Well I don't care what miss Hera says!, said Theresa, "We're going to Hades nomather what! You will help us right Chiron?"

-" If it is that important, I guess I should" said Chiron. He walked to Persephone's room and said: "follow me". The titans all followed him. He waved his hand and the 4 seasons opened the door to Hades.

-" Now before you enter children, there is something I must tell you. To find the apple, you must get past 3 obstacles. First, you must pass trough King Minos."

-" I had bad souvenirs with that guy! " said Herry.

-" Second of all, continued Chiron, " You must pass the arena of fighting. One of you must fight for all of you to get through. And finnaly, the garden of light. Over there you must find the apple of a thousand tear. And don't forget to follow the track and don't get off of it!"

-" Ya Neil, don't get off the track!" said Archie remembering what happened last time they we're in Hades.

-" Ok children, you are free to go now. Good luck and may the gods be with you."

-" Thanks" they all said together.

-" Don't worry Jay, tought Theresa, We won't let you down.." and they all entered the doors to Hades..

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