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Jay has found a website where you can chat online. He made 6 other online friends. He's been telling him their secrets...and what might those be...

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stripes has signed into chatline

music lover has signed into chatline

Jay(stripes)- What's up music?

anonymous- nm(nothing much)

Jay- hey what about that guy you were telling me the other day?

He still doesn't notice me...i dont think he has time for me anyway i dont even think he likes me,

Jay- Well i think the guy thinks yur a great person he's just so caught up...he's afraid to like you.


Jay- no really

thanks, what about that girl you were talking about to me? Tell me more.

Jay- she's beautiful, lovely, and brings joy to everyone and her voice is like an angel. But i bet she just thinks of me as a friend tho...

how do u know?

Jay- It doesnt seem like she'd go for me...besides were just friends.

well..i'll tell u what i think

Jay- and whats that?

Its great to hear other peoples opinions, after all I am a girl too.

Jay- hehe

And i'll tell u what shes thinking

Jay- oh and what is that?

She thinks yur the most amazing thing in the world and shes afraid to like you too. But she knows she'd be crazy if she didnt go for u.

Jay- thanks music

no prob helping u out cheers me up, yur welcome

Jay- you sound just like her...

lol oh yeah? haha its prabably becaz u need someone to talk to. : )

Jay- yeah and thanks alot


muscles with an appetite has signed into chatline

Music-Hey muscles

Muscles- Hey

Jay- many burgers can u really eat anyway?

Music- yeah last time we had to guess and you wouldnt tell us and now you promised to tell us the next time.

Muscles- hehe i can eat 20 on a empty stomache and if i just need a snack mabe 3...

Music- you kidding, u sound like my friend. I thought he was the only guy like that.

Jay- yeah min too haha, maybe there are alot of guys out there that can eat like a horse. : D

Muscles- hehe so what u guys been talking about.

Jay- I was just talking about that girl...

Muscles- well spill

Jay- its nothing much really i juts dont think she feels the same way.

Muscles- but u told me she is sweet energetic beautiful and kind type of girl ur a lucky man!

Jay- hehe thanks.

Music- sounds like she could be my best friend.

Jay-well yeah she is that sweet...

Music- haha so muscles met any foreign girls lately?

Muscles- lots! :D

Music- lol

great outdoors has signed into chatline

Music- hey outdoors

Outdoors- hey, o and juts call me rockclimber if u want outdoors sound a bit...funny :D

Music- ok and how about climber for short?

Climber- fine wit me

Jay- and call love

Music- lol

Climber- lol

Muscles- lol very funny

Climber- u talking about that girl again?

Jay- yeah, it's great to talk about it wit even ppl i dont even know! haha

Music- haha, yeah same here

Muscles- Hey what about yur guy Climber?

Climber- oh...

Music- c'mon spill!

Climber- hes got wonderful blue eyes and hes my best friend...i dont think we can be even just more than that...

Music- why not? honey if hes the really first boy you feel so madly in love wit go for it!

Climber- hehe and what about u?

Music- ok i'm officially quiet.

phrases and quotes has signed into chatline

Climber- hey quotes!

Quotes- hey!

Muscles- guess what were all talking about their crushes again! How about yurs again?

Quotes- man muscles yur getting all this information when every foreign girl is yur crush! lol there aint much for u to say.

Muscles- well lets see...their beautiful...and they make my eyes into magnets

Quotes- uh huh

Jay- tell us more about yur girl

Quotes- yeah...

Climber- c'mon!

Quotes- why isnt Music talking

Music- no reason...ok now its yur turn to spill!

Quotes- my true feelings for her?

Music- oh! and if yur really good at doing quotes make one for her!

Quotes- no way!

Music- come on! ok first tell us about her

Quotes- well...she's full of life, and really cute when she pouts and most girls arent, but real sweet when she smiles, and i love to tease her.

Climber- haha and i love teasing my man! looks like we got something in common!

Quotes- : D

gameboy has signed into chatline

Gameboy- hey guys

Quotes- yo gameboy

Muscles- we were just talking about Spripes, Music, Outdoors oh yeahh were calling her Climber now, and quotes' crushes

Music- watch it muscles! So gameboy so u have any crushes yet? Or even better has anyone crushed on YOU yet?

Gameboy- haha yeah some...anonymous girl named...Callie crushed on me and I have this crush on a girl named Caroline at my school.

Music- really? cool i know a caroline as well she's in my English class at school not that that really matters.

Jay- that name sounds fimiliar but i dont think i know anyone named Caroline...

Climber- dont think i know any lol

Quotes- dunno

Muscles- whats a caroline?

Music- haha nothing

lookin-good has signed into chatline

Music- Hey lookin-good

Lookin-good- thanks!

Music- I meant yur name...

Lookin-good- oh...well i suppose my name is attractive

Music- I-- i dont know what to say...

Climber- whyd u call yurself that anyway?

Lookin-good- becaz its true

Quotes- right...

Muscles- well i have to go...i'm visiting my grandmother

Jay- cool ok

Music- bye

Climber- bye

Quotes- bye

Gameboy- bye

Lookin-good- cya lata alagata!

Muscles- right...bye

Muscles with an appetite has signed off chatline


Music- sorry guys I was just saying bye to one of my friends they had to leave the house

Jay- cool same here tho...

Gameboy- funny me too

Climber- haha same here

Quotes- weird same here, what about you lookin-good?

Lookin-good- i dont know what u guys are talkin about but anyway i was distracted by my mirror

Jay- uh huh...

Music- anyways...

Climber- I got to go too, i promised i'd hang wit my friend today talk to ya lata

Music- cool same here well bye guys

Climber- bye

Jay- lata

Gameboy- ok bye

Lookin-good- bye bye

Great Outdoors has signed off chatline

Music has signed off chatline

Quotes- Well it's juts us boys

Jay- yep

Gameboy- soo...

Jay- U know Music?

Quotes- yeahh we were just talkin to her...

Jay- no i mean like...she sounds alot like my girl...

Gameboy- what do u mean?

Jay- its freaking me out she talks like im talking to my girl...but like i can tell my feelings to her, actually u all sound like my buds

Lookin-good- well ya same wit me

Quotes- yeah me too

Gameboy- well maybe yeah but think about this, u guys sure? like its not logical! How can our own buddies be on the same website the same chatline!

Jay- i dont know maybe yur right

Quotes- ok lets settle this, how many friends do u guys have in total?

Gameboy- 6

Jay- 6

Quotes- 6 and u lookin-good

Lookin-good- I'm still counting...

Quotes- well could u hurry up!

Lookin-good- ok got it I've got a 100

Jay- ok...good enough

Gameboy- ok ok we all might have the same amount of friends...sorta..and have the same things but its still impossible.

Lookin-good- it could is not normal

Quotes- I have to agree with Lookin-good...for once

Jay- i have an idea, I know this website is our secret place to talk to other people but we could ask our we could shout out something. And if our friends dont know what were talking about then its not them, but if they respond then...we had spilled out our secrets to our very own buddies without even knowing....

Gameboy- Okay whatever happens and if u guys ARE my buddies dont ever tell the rest! got it?

Quotes- totally! caz i'd totally tell yur secret if u tell mine!

Jay- ok quotes shout out quotes is online and if we DO hear it we'll respond with our names. Like me, i'll call out Stripes.

Quotes- ok ok got it!

Lookin-good- thumbs up!

Gameboy- ok im ready quotes start yelling!!


Hope u all thought it was funny and cool. So are they actually jay's friends? Or is it just a coincidence? FIND OUT IN THE NEXT CHAPPIE!!! Oh yeah and dont forget to RATE AND REVIEW!!!!
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