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Secret revealed??

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Is it really them? Is it really Jays' friends?!! FIND OUT!!

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Jay quickly ran out of his room when he heard the yell of Archie's voice. It really was them!

Odie flung his door right open when he heard Archie's voice call out Quotes is online.

Neil did the same. Archie ran downstairs to their rooms and found them all in the halls after they had called out stripes gameboy and lookin-good. Neil sort have said it in a funny tone as if he was looking in the mirror blinking one eye and pointing to himself in the mirror. That prabably was the case though...

"You're Quotes!"They all shouted. They all turned to the person next to them.
"You're Stripes/gameboy/Lookin-good!!!" They said.

"Oh man!" Jay said.

"So...which one of them is it that you like?" Odie said mischeviously.

"I'm not telling you!" Jay shouted.

"Neither am i!?" Archie joined in.

"For all we know you could both like the same girl..." Odie said crossing his arms.

Archie and jay turned towards each other glaring.

"Jay you said Music sounded like your girl? Well who's who? And are they really them? And they said they liked someone too! Climber said she liked a guy with blue eyes...Archie, Theresa or Atlanta could have said that...and Music likes this guy that doesn't notice her...haha or so she thinks..." Odie laughed.

"What if it's not them?" Neil said.

"I'm checking their computers!" Archie shouted, "Odie you're helping me hack into them!" Archie pulled Odie's arm.

Archie headed for Atlanta's room first.

"Hold up!" Odie stopped him. "You like Atlanta don't you?" Odie smiled.

"What!?' Archie said.

"Well you headed for her room first..."Odie raised a brow.

"Okay okay I do!!!" Archie confessed and threw his arms up in the air.

"I guess I'll take Neil, he's lucky so I'll prabably hack into Theresa's easy."Jay said.

"Jay, wait." Odie said.

"What?" Jay said almost stepping in Theresa's room with Neil's arm in his hand.

"You're always so goody-goody why you willing to hack into someone's computer now?" Odie asked.

Jay grumbled. Why did Odie have to be so smart? Or was it just obvious?

Odie had this big grin on his face, so did Neil.

Neil broke free and high fived with Odie.

"Oooh yeah! We know who you like!!!" Neil chanted.

"Neil...that's enough." Odei said to Neil. He found himself dancing and holding Odie's hand.

"Okay fine! I like Theresa! I like THERESA!!!" Jay shouted.

"I always thought so...but it just wasn't clear..." ODie said.

"Man, I always thought it was just because she was part of the group...but you really really like her! I her!" Archie said with astonishment.

"Don't act so surprised...we also just found out you like Atlanta!" Jay said back.

ill continue lata, but remeber Climber, Music and Muscles still doesnt mean its Herry Theresa and Atlanta,

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