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Will Jay and Archie succeed by hacking into their computers? ANd is it really them???

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"Man I'm never letting you guys forget this!!!" Neil laughed histerically.

"Shut it Neil!" Archie spat.
But Neil was still laughing. "Okay shall we start?" Odie asked, waiting for commandment to hack into their computers. They were all still a little uneasy about invading the girl's privacy.

"Okay...wait!" Jay stopped.

"What?" Odie asked.

"Where's Archie?"

"Right ahead of ya!" Archie called.

He was already in Atlanta's room.

"Hey!" Jay shouted and headed for Theresa's room.


Click...Welcome Atlanta! The computer had started up now.

Password please

"Odie start hacking!!!" Archie ordered.

Odie stretched out his fingers and started typing.

"tada!" Odie exclaimed.

Password accepted

"Cool! Now what's her password?" Archie asked.

"I'm not telling you!!" Odie replied.

Archie grumbled.

"Okay I'm checking her address bar to see if she came to this site or not." Archie said clicking around the computer.

The background screen had a picture of Atlanta and Archie. Theresa had taken that picture herself. Archie and Atlanta were laughing while they had another race.

"Man she likes to rub it in, she won that time too!" Archie said.

"You should get use to it now Arch, she wins ALL the time." Odie answered.

"Yeah, too true too."

Archie clicked the internet symbol and a window popped up.

The home page was Archie clicked the address bar and scrolled down to find the website he had been chatting on.

"Look there it is!" Archie said. "She has the site!"

"Well did she sign up?"

Archie clicked a few things.

"Yeah! She did!"

"Well check which chatline."

Archie scrolled down the page. Atlanta had joined a many chatlines.
Suddenly they heard thunder.


Welcome! Theresa! Please type in your pasword.
Theresa's computer asked.

"Okay Neil it's all yours."

Neil streched and took one more glance into hsi mirror.

Jay rolled his eyes.

"Anytime now..."

"Oh yes, right...nowlet's see..." Neil thought.

Neil bent over Jay to type in some keys.

password accepted, welcome back, you have no new messages

"Cool! She has an addition to her computer!"

"I soo need that!" Neil opened his eyes wide along with his mouth.

Jay lifted up one hand to close it. Luckily he closed it before a drooled appeared on his hand.

Theresa's computer screen had an additional borders around her screen. And she had added a picture for her background. On her background was a picture of her and Jay at the island(espisode Many Happy returns) where the 7 heroes had defeated talos and were sitting on the beach just talking. Odie had taken that picture and sent it to Theresa and Jay. That was Jay's background as well.

"Good thing i was here toi save the day!" Neil winked an eye and nudged Jay.

"Ow...uhh yeah, good job Neil." Jay rubbed his soar arm.

"Who's the the man!" Neil said pointing to hiself in Theresa's giant mirror.

"That would be a better user though...lucky." Jay said.

"Yeah! Lucky...and lookin-good! Thanks Jay!"

"No...I meant...just, lucky." Jay rolled his eyes and faced the computer again.

Jay gt up from the chair. "Where should we look first?" Jay asked.

Neil walked towards the computer and sat down.

"How about...her favourites maybe she put the website as one of her favourites."

"For once you actually have a good idea!" Jay said standing next to Neil.

"Thanks, it's all about the looks!"

"I guess your looks is your brain!" Jay mumbled to himself.

Neil looked at himslef through the reflection of the computer screen.

"It is, isn't it." Neil overheard him.

"Okay shove over." Jay said.

"Hey! Watch it! Watch the hair! just wasted a perfectly good time to spot for spinach stuck in my teeth! Plus the light was real good too!"

"Neil! I'm in a crisis here, no more fooling around!"

"Okay, okay. So is it in her favorites?"Neil aksed.


"Check her online diary'll prabably find some goods in there." Neil said combing his silky blonde hair.

"We need a password again." Jay said.

"Okay it's time for the master to do his trick..."

And then they heard thunder...

"What was that?" Jay asked.

Neil and Jay stood up.

Suddeny the lights started flickering and the power went out!

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