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Girl's Day Out

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The power went out! Will jay and them ever find out!

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Theresa and Atlanta were spending their day at the New Olympian Mall. It was time to go shopping for winter clothes, because soon december was coming.
Atlanta needed a new jacket and Theresa needed new boots.

They went to Atlanta's favourite store first, but some pit-stops for Theresa(lol), she loved checking out those little islands in the halls of the mall that sold all sorts of things like colourful watches, brand new bags, and everything!

Once they got to the store, American Eagle, Atlanta headed straight for the black jacket she saw. The hood had fuzzy things on it(haha) which most jackets are lke now...she tried it on, it fit perfectly around her body and seemed really comfy and soft. It would be perfect for this winter. While Atlanta grabbed some shirts, Theresa looked around at the scarves. Of course once you go shopping for one thing, you end up buying more things.

"Atlanta, check this top out." Theresa ordered Atlanta to come her way. She was busy checking the prices off the jeans she was holding.

Atlanta walked over and saw a shirt that was dark blue with long sleeves with the writing of A. EAGLE, The A, G and L were in blod and the E,A, L and E were normal. It was simple, but really cute.

Atlanta took it from Theresa. "Cute, you gonna get it?"

"Nah, it would look better on you. I'll get this sweater in green that says 17 ninety-six on the back."

"That's nice too."

They laughed and ended up buying 5 items instead of one.

Atlanta got a new jacket, shirt and jeans. And Theresa ended uo buying a new pink scarf and green sweater.

"I love those jeans you bought Lan, you could score Archie in them." She flickered her lashes.

Atlanta nudged her in the arm.

Theresa laughed. "What?! Is it bad to say you look really good in them!"

"Come on, let's just get your boots."


"So Theresa, are you going to ask Jay to dance this time at the winter dance again? At the Halloween Dance you guys danced to the song We Ride." Atlanta was trying to tease Theresa now.

"When are you ever going to dance with Archie?" Theresa said back.

"Why Archie? And no, I'm no dancer Theresa..."

"Why not? He was eyeing you the whole time!"

A smile was about to appear on Atlanta's face but she tried not to show it.
"He was not Theresa..."

"Yes he was, I saw him, he spent most of his time starring at you to see what you were doing. It looked alot like he was trying to ask you and when the right moment was...funny-"

Atlanta started to blush.

"He never ended up asking you anyway..." Theresa wondered.

She looked at Atlanta and grinned when she saw how she looked like a tomatoe.

"Atlanta you should ask him this time!"

"What!?" Atlanta said quickly.



Theresa was pleading.

"Come on! I know you liek him! And he totally likes you!"

"When did I ever say I liked him?"

"Never did, it's just so obvious!"

"Well you're wrong! Cause I d-don'tt"

Theresa lifted a brow.

"What? I said I don't! And I never lie..." She lied.

"Uh huh..."

"What? It's true!"


"Oh look! Your favourite store!"

"Huh? Where?" She chased after Atlanta as they entered Garage.


"Check out this top!" Theresa exclaimed. She was lifting up a blue boat neck top with flower prints on the arm. (I have that! hee hee)

"Sweet! And these two!" Atlanta was holding two halters, one turquoise/green balloon tube top and the other a grey with a beade band. She handed the turquoise one to Theresa.

"Thanks." She smiled and swung it around.

"Hey what about this blue tunic tube top with thise asembled skirt! Which one?" Theresa held the two together.

Atlanta put her funger on her chin. "Both! ANd to make it even I'll get this blue tube top with the gorgeous flower print!" They smiled.


The two left the store laughing and smiling.

"Let's the dance you should wear those jeans and the blue tube top to score Archie!" Theresa said.

"Uh! Okay then you should wear those jeans you got at Guess the other day and that blue tube top with the assembled skirt!"

"Haha, why are we deciding only the tube tops?'s winter." Theresa laughed.

"Cause we want the guys to come to us!" Atlanta laughed back.

"Haha, well it will be inside!"

"Yeah! True too!"

"Haha, so you Do like Archie?"

"Well you'll just have to see!"


"Get the brown boots." Atlanta said. As usual Theresa couldn't decide between the brown boots with the buckle or the white one.

"Why?" Theresa was second guessing.

"Well, first, you had white boots last year, make it different."


"Second, the brown ones are my favourite!" Atlanta chuckled.

Theresa giggled back.

"Okay...if you say so." Theresa said taking them off and bringing them over to the lady to buy them.

"I think we went overboard!" Atlanta laughed again.

They were so excited they just had to laugh! They felt like laughing! They were in happy mode, and that they would stay!

They were on their way out the store, the past hour they heard thunder outside the mall, but the lights started flickering.

"What's happening?"Theresa asked.

"I think it's the electricity." Atlanta said.

And all went black.


Ya i know I changed the chap title, cz then it woulnt really work. So stayed tune for more! RATE AND REVIEW PLZ!!!!
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